No more wheelchair transport operations for now

Today is my last day of service in ABC Company. Before I go in peace, I would like to give my 2 cents’ worth. Let me share my thoughts on wheelchair operations.

On 1 Dec 22, I was deployed to XYZ Elderly Centre for wheelchair shuttle service fetching and sending the elderly. As with XYZ Elderly Centre at Serangoon North, I was the first to be deployed there. I was happily working there until 9 Dec (Fri), when I was shocked to receive a call from Andy that evening. I was told that XYZ Elderly Centre threatened to terminate ABC Company contracts in all their centres due to me. They were not happy with my performance and alleged that I made mistakes. Andy straightaway said sorry to them and said to them to give Alan (me) a chance. The complaint went right up to our top management at ABC Company.

Andy did not investigate or bother to check back with me. He did not hear my side of the story. He assumed what XYZ Elderly Centre said was the whole truth. He did not tell them I was the most experienced ABC Company pioneer in wheelchair transport operations. I started MOT wheelchair from 26/2/22(Sat) to 3/4/22(Sun) sending and fetching Covid positive elderly for dialysis treatment. I was the first person deployed at XYZ Elderly Centre Serangoon North from 13/6/22 till 16/8/22. I took the job without any guidance. No understudy for me. That was ABC Company’s first wheelchair contract with XYZ Elderly Centre.

In between when XYZ Elderly Centre needed last minute driver, I was deployed to XYZ Elderly Centre Telok Blangah for 3 days from 6-8/7/22 with Denis taking over Serangoon North when their driver was on MC. I was ever attached to XYZ Elderly Centre Yishun East for a day on last minute notice. From 17/8/22 till 15/11/22, I was attached to XYZ Elderly Centre Yishun.

Prior to joining ABC Company, I spent 6 months (full time) studying Healthcare with site internships at XYZ Elderly Centre Hougang, ECON old folks home at 452 Upp East Coast Rd and also First Ambulance at 340C King George’s Ave. I was awarded Higher Certificate in Healthcare by HMI Institute of Health Sciences.

I shall not go into the nitty gritty details of what actually happened on that fateful day ie 9 Dec at XYZ Elderly Centre when the staff cried and made a big hoo-ha to their management. Suffice for me to say that whatever I was doing at XYZ Elderly Centre from 1 Dec to 9 Dec is the same as what I had done in all the previous XYZ Elderly Centres I ever worked before. I did not deviate from what I was taught and trained by HMI to deal with the elderly. I am as qualified as any of the XYZ Elderly Centre staff if not better.

Until today I did not know exactly what mistake(s) I committed at XYZ Elderly Centre. When the latter threatened to terminate all ABC Company contracts, Andy – as the person in charge of wheelchair operations panicked and shitted in his pants. He did not speak out for me and hear my side of the story. He did not rescue me but left me defenceless waiting to be slaughtered when he told them to give me a “chance”! I was so pissed off that I told him straightaway I would resign after CNY. I’ve lost confidence in his leadership. I felt deeply wronged. My reputation is ruined.

It reminds me of a prison setting where the seniors would bully fresh inmates to show them who is in charge. It’s using raw barbaric force to force newbies into absolute submission and kowtow to the seniors. Likewise, the staff at XYZ Elderly Centre is no different. They tried to show their authority and colour when I was newly posted there on 1 Dec. When they could not get their way, they resorted to malicious allegations and complaints against me escalating to their highest management.

Even though I was taken out of XYZ Elderly Centre after I trained Sono for a week to take over, I still got deployed to XYZ Elderly Centre every now and then eg XYZ Elderly Centre Tampines few times and also since 6 Feb 23 back to XYZ Elderly Centre till 17 Feb 23 when Sono suddenly got warded. I was tasked to train Teo to take over this route eventually. Uncle James offered me night shift work in order for me to get away from wheelchair operations. But my family objected saying night shift could be quite damaging to the body and I’m no longer young.

The only avenue is to leave ABC Company and help my son. My son told me that I could go over to his F&B business any time I wish and there’s always plenty of work to be done!

I shall be leaving with a clear conscience knowing that I’ve done my best for the company and never let ABC Company down on every task assigned to me especially the few ad hoc wheelchair jobs I did. I’m proud of my impeccable record in ABC Company. The best part of my short stay in the company is that I have made new friends such as Denis, Teo, Sono, Hussein(s), Raymond, Victor, Kenny, Richard, Murphy, Loke, Alan Pinoy, old Tan etc etc. Do contact me if you need any help and let’s keep in touch. I’m always there for all of you.

Take care and goodbye for now.

Written on 21 Feb 2023 – last day in ABC Company

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I'm a Chinese Singaporean living in the Eastern part of Singapore. I tweet on current affairs & inspirational quotes. I blog on issues or events if they interest me. I write for pleasure. I also write mainly for my family and friends.
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6 Responses to No more wheelchair transport operations for now

  1. Chao Zhouzi says:

    There is only one elderly care provider in Singapore with so many elderly centres and that is St Luke.
    St Andrew’s only have 5 and their locations deviate.


  2. Seng Lim says:

    Bro. Why not drive Taxi part time like me until 75.

    Liked by 1 person

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