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My Speech at RSIS – NTU

Reflections on My Termination

Singapore Blog Awards 2012

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  1. Hi Gintai,

    I just read on TRE about your departure from blogosphere. Those who read Singapore blogs will know that you are among the more articulate bloggers here. Unlike most socio-commentators, you have chosen to reveal your real identity. 明人不做暗事. It is honorable of you to do so and I definitely respect it.

    If your departure is somehow related to your identity being out in the open, you may consider assuming an anonymous identity to make responsible comments as if your real identity is known.

    I enjoy your online commentary. By the way, do you have an email address? I cannot find it on your blog. If it is private and you do not wish to reveal it, would you mind exchanging email with me? I have entered my email in your form. Thank you.


  2. Would like to know where you do the pvc flooring . Thanks in advance.


  3. liewnamngen says:

    Hi there!
    Where did you get the PVC wrap for the floorboard. I intend to purchase. Pls advise. Thanks.


  4. liewnamngen says:

    Hi there,
    I too would like to purchase the PVC wrap & the bumper protector. Pls advise. Thanks a lot.


  5. flicks says:

    Hi sir. I stumble upon your blog when i was googling “MRT station manager” Like yourself, I’m an IO who is now experiencing extreme pressure and stress at work. Currently waiting an offer as an Assistant Station Manager. But i am quite reluctant to make the leap, feaaring that i will regret my decision one day. Just sharing this with you


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