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The Seven-step Verse [七步诗]

煮豆燃豆萁, zhu dou ran dou qi 豆在釜中泣, dou zai fu zhong qi 本是同根生, ben shi tong gen sheng 相煎何太急? xiang jian he tai ji English translation … Boiling beans to make soup filtering them to extract juice. The beanstalks were … Continue reading

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Don’t be greedy and act stupidly!

A Stupid Fox One day, a hungry fox was looking for food when he saw a rabbit. At once it ran after the rabbit. The rabbit ran into a small hole. The fox tried to follow the rabbit but the … Continue reading

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Passenger got burnt in train?

天有不测风云,人有旦夕祸福! [tiān yǒu bù cè fēng yún,rén yǒu dàn xī huò fú] 不测:料想不到。比喻有些灾祸的发生,事先是无法预料的。 Click here for English translation. The above Chinese idiom which is commonly used to suggest that human misfortune just like the weather is unpredictable. When you leave … Continue reading

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Chief Controller talking to Yard Master

Overheard a recent conversation between the Chief Controller (CC) in OCC and the Yard Master (YM) in the train depot. CC: ‘I need to slot in a train now. It’s urgent.’ YM: ‘I’ve only got one spare (manpower) and he … Continue reading

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The Tao of Living [放弃这些,才能更快乐]

放弃这些,才能更快乐 发怒 是用别人的错误惩罚自己; 烦恼 是用自己的过失折磨自己; 后悔 是用无奈的往事摧残自己; 忧虑 是用虚拟的风险惊吓自己; 孤独 是用自制的牢房禁锢自己; 自卑 是用别人的长处抵毁自己。 放弃这些,自己才能更快乐。 Click here for the English translation.

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