My dining experience at Joji’s Diner

☝️Receipt dated 12/12/21. I take feedback appreciated seriously 😐

This is what we ordered for 2 adults and 2 kids. Even though I knew this is too much for the family but being a foodie, I wanted to taste as many items as possible.

☝️American style dining experience

My younger son who is 7 yrs had got a Principal Award so I told him there is a surprise treat for him. He has gone on me. We both enjoyed our food. Needless to say the food was amazing. And that’s an understatement. Words fail me.

I asked my elder son who is 13 yrs and a very choosy eater how much rating he will give out of 10? I asked him after we had finished the food and sat in the car. He said it was 11/10! And he qualified his statement to say that this expression meant it was too good!

I also asked my younger son the same question who had thoroughly enjoyed his chicken waffle. And he said it’s the best and then said he rank it 1000/10. I said that’s no ranking and then he said it’s sooo good that I can’t rank it.

So that’s the genuine feedback. My wife and I both loved it. My wife is the pickiest eater and she generally doesn’t eat most of the things but she enjoyed her burger because our kids enjoyed it.

Next I would like to share my two personal observations. I don’t mince my words even with frens.

First – The Menu, which is the introduction to the restaurant, is atrocious.

☝️Unimpressive menu

Sorry to use this word but any other word would not justify what I felt as a marketing man. There is no photo of the food item on the menu. This is the basics of marketing when setting up a restaurant because EYE is first sense we use when we eat food.

A well-known adage among chefs and the first thing taught in Culinary Academy is, “You eat with your eyes first.”

Yes, I understand that youngsters look at smart phone for menu and they can go to Instagram to look at pictures. That’s what I did evenutally and reluctantly because I didn’t even want to use my phone on the table and wanted to just absorb the things around.

Believe me, still the mobile phone access can’t replace the sense of seeing the picture of the dish on the menu. Maybe not all the pictures but at least some good quality pictures on the menu or even digital menu with scan code on the table would have done the trick.

Second – There is not much option for vegetarians. Yes, I know it’s an American Menu of 60ies etc but an intelligent chef will add a Vegetarian American dish.

There is Veg Rosti which is very welcome and there is Mushroom Burger which was very tasty. But I know of many vegetarians who don’t eat mushrooms.

Going forward you will see lots of people turning vegetarians including ang mohs or you may add a Healthy Option under which you can add American Salad and many such things.

I would like to recommend Vegetarian Burger made of Potato Patties. I realised Joji already making Potato Bites and it’s not much different. Potato Patties are damn tasty you know.

Overall experience at Joji’s Diner was enjoyable. I’ll definitely come back again despite waiting for about 15 mins before getting a table.

Written by Manish dated 12/12/21

PS: I’ve known Manish for more than 12 years. He’s originally from Punjab, India. He’s happily settled in Singapore with 2 young kids growing up in our local school. He’s more Singaporean than some of us having lived here for more than 18 years. There is a family photo of him here

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