The Breakfast Club @Kovan

This quiet looking young guy, George Tang is a maestro when it come to preparing and cooking “ Breakfast” dishes. (Perhaps, cuisine would be a better word to describe the selection of items listed in the menu, which are all ‘best sellers’, so I was told.) To put “his money where his mouth is”, George ordered his four kitchen staff to prepare his three “best” sellers for me to sample:

1)Premium Pork Sausage with Fried Egg, Fresh Cream and Rosti;

2)Creamy Sphagetti, topped with Soft Egg;

3)Fried Chicken Cutlet with premium Russel Potato Chips.

The BreakFast Club☝️

After taking a few mouthful of each, my senses ‘were blown away’. I immediately knew I would become a staunch member of this “Breakfast Club.”

I seldom use the word ‘delicious’ (which is very personal and highly subjective) to describe the food I review, but in this particular sampling session, all three dishes tasted so good ie delicious, that I didn’t need nor want to add any of the packet sauces accompanying each dish for fear of ruining either the taste, flavour or aroma.

George at work☝️

In great Italian or French restaurants, the chef would consider it an insult, an affront to his culinary skill if you dare ask for tomato, chilly, tartar etc sauces to accompany his well prepared and passionately cooked dishes.

I can’t comment on the other items in the menu, but the three dishes I sampled could well fit into this narrative except that this 22 year old owner of the “Breakfast Club“ eatery (incidentally, the label itself is a misnomer as all the items in the menu are available between 9 am to 9 pm daily) is too young, too nice, too humble, too eager to establish himself to be offended by ‘pedestrian’ customers asking for tomato or chilly sauce to eat with the delicious ‘cuisine’ his dedicated kitchen team prepares in the well equipped, newly established eatery, located inside the refurbished Yaowarat Coffeeshop at the junction of Simon Rd and Upper Serangoon Road.

But wait till he becomes a MasterChef, which I predict he would, then it will be a far different story!

George is so motivated by his instant fame and success in his first food ventutre, he recently signed up to open a western deli Link which will have more seating capacity, in a building further down the road towards Kovan MRT station. I suggested, in recognition of his culinary skill and personal preference for certain western food, a catchy brand name : “George’s“ would be most fitting. What’s more it is embedded with imagery of quality, customised and personalised cuisine.

Written by Chua Seng Chwee DD 15/5/21

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  1. Loo Hock says:

    Great to have such inspiration stories for those in the F&B industries.

    Hope it inspires others who may wish to go into this industry.


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