WSQ security courses and our competent civil service?

I have completed 14 WSQ Security modules between 27 July 2020 to 3 Dec 2020. I also took First Aid Course (CPR & AED) at St John. Together with my previous courses taken at Certis Academy, I’ve completed a total of 23 courses to date. I’m left with 7 WSQ Security modules (3 SSS and 4 CSO modules). If I were to continue with the remaining 7 courses, I would have completed all the WSQ Security modules. I did not. I’ve decided to switch career. That’s another blog post.

The rule says that the last training centre ie APRO has to submit the relevant 6 courses transcript to Skills-future to get Advanced Security Certificate comprising 6 WSQ modules. Accordingly, I submitted my 6 SOAs (Statement of Attainment) to APRO requesting them to do so. APRO training side referred to their Admin. Someone in Admin replied she was on leave and the matter was forgotten. I asked for updates but to no avail.

The 6 WSQ security modules qualify for Advanced Certificate in Security. ☝️ I’ve done the highlighted modules.

I decided to write directly to Skills-future to highlight the matter. The Advanced Security Certificate is important cuz I could get $200 cash award and security agency sometimes asks for it. Likewise I submitted my 6 WSQ Security modules to Skills-future to qualify me for the certificate.

When the reply dated 4 Feb came I got a shock. They did not read carefully my request. Until today there is no follow up after I pointed out their careless mistake. The whole matter is forgotten.

This is my Higher Cert in Armed Security Ops ☝️

On 9 Feb 2021, I brought AT to KT to register for Basic WSQ Security courses. I highlighted the issue to KT admin staff. The young Malay admin officer was kind enough to assist by contacting APRO. KT told me that since APRO was my last training provider, the latter had to submit my 6 WSQ modules transcript to Skills-future even though all the courses except the last were taken at KT.

On the same day, I received an email from APRO that they had submitted my transcript to Skills-future. I had to take their word since there was no cc to me when they did the submission.

Fact is it’s coming to the end of Feb 2021. I’ve completed the required 6 WSQ Security modules (which qualify me for the Advanced Security Certificate) on 3 Dec 2020 and yet no updates forthcoming from the relevant parties. It can be frustrating dealing with these government agencies. That is how efficient our civil service is.

In the meantime, what could I do?

When will the cow come home?

Nobody knows!

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