Five types of Flat or Sole fish

☝️Generally known as Flat or Sole fish (唯一的鱼)

In Singapore, there are 5 main species – Turbot, Halibut, Flounder, Tongue and Dover. The last is the above picture.

During the colonial era in the 50s and 60s, the Dover sole is the most costly. Why? It is known as an English (Ang Moh) fish. The English posted here probably recognized it and was much sought after by them.

Normal fishes including most of the flat fish species has a tail that is Y or scissor in shape. Just like the eel, the Dover sole and Tongue sole do not have this. The dorsal fin and anal fin meet at the end to form part of a short oval tail. When it’s still a fry, the flat fish looks like a normal fish with its belly which is usually white where the sexual organ and anus are located. The darker and colourful top is facing skyward. It then metamorphoses to become flat. The eyes, jaws, stomach, anus and sexual organ metamorphose to one side of the body. Let’s say there is a left and right side. It is a surprise the shift can be either L or R. So, when we place two fishes side by side, you may find that the other has organs that are laterally inverted.

Let’s have this Dover sole for dinner tonight. I am also bringing some other types of fish. Total weight for both is around 1.6kg. It should be good enough for 6 dinners.

Written by Freddie Tan

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