2 weeks into Circuit Breaker

We have passed 2 weeks of CIrcuit Breaker with another 2 more weeks to go! It started on 7/4/20 and expect to end on 4/5/20. (hopefully)

We all have to be careful because I read that people are facing *mental health* issues from being isolated for so long. They are short circuited and gone haywire.

In fact, I have been discussing with the *microwave* and *toaster* during coffee break and we all agreed that things are getting bad.

I didn’t mention anything to the *washing machine* as she puts a different *spin* on everything. Certainly not to the *fridge* as he has been acting very *cold* and distant.

The *toilet* looked a bit *flushed* when I asked for his opinion. He didn’t say anything but the *doorknob* told me to get a *grip*. The *front door* said I was *unhinged* and so the *curtains* told me to *pull* myself together.

The *vacuum* was very unsympathetic and told me to just *suck* it up, but the *fan* was more optimistic and hoped it would all soon *blow* over.

In the end, the iron straightened me out. She said everything will be fine and no situation is too pressing!

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  1. Steven Wee says:

    Hi. Gintai,

    I have been following your post for some time and I enjoyed reading it.
    I have just taken up cycling and i read you are a very keen cyclist too. Also you organised cycling tour overseas which I am very interested.

    Can you kindly include me in your next cycling tour, thank you and best Regards
    Steve ..

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