Unbecoming conduct of SingTel. SingTel mobile sucks!

I’ve been with SingTel mobile for more than 20 years. I was with SingTel when it monopolised the mobile phone market before Starhub or M1 came in. During those days, Motorola, Ericsson and Nokia dominated the mobile phone market. I ever used each of those vintage phones. That era is gone but SingTel still surviving. Hopefully it will continue to survive.

Last June I decided to cut costs by getting only the SIM card without buying any discounted handset from SingTel. I still prefer my trusty iPhone 5SE. The mobile package was quite a good deal.

SingTel SIM only
8499 XXXX WEF: 01/6/18
30GB, 150 mins, 500 sms
5GB + 25GB = 30GB
Caller ID $5
$20 for SIM only with one yr contract for 5GB
$25 for 25GB bundle
Total $52 (With GST)

As such I’m paying $52 on my SingTel line for the above package with 30GB of data. Even though it pales in comparison to M1’s recent offer at $25 SIM only monthly subscription with 30GB, 1000 mins talktime, 1000 sms and free data on weekends etc., I still don’t mind at all since I’ve been with SingTel for such a long time! We’ve committed ourselves to each other for more than 20 years!

As a loyal die-hard customer for more than 20 years did SingTel take good care of me?

Over the past few days I kept receiving sms messages from SingTel on my mobile phone reminding me to renew my contract with them as my one year contract with them just ended. When I checked with the SingTel app, I noticed that I’ve got only 8GB of data instead of 30GB even though I had to pay the same $52 for my mobile line. It should be 3GB for the SIM card with another 5GB which I added on.

I’ve received so many of such sms on my hp since my contract ended. Is this not entrapment? It stinks!

Thus, I simply logged in to My SingTel app to renew my mobile line. After the renewal process, I got a shock of my life! The data is increased to only 10GB – an increment of only 2GB for another one year of contract at the same price of $52. KNN! WTF?

I’m now stuck with another year with SingTel for only 10GB at $52 monthly subscription when I could have got much better offer at M1 with NO Contract to boot! I tried to call them but to avail. Very difficult to get thru their answering machine asking to press 1,2,3 etc etc only to tell you to call back since all their customer officers were engaged. They are a great Tai-chi master practitioner indeed!

I tried to chat with an animated pretty lady logo online on the SingTel app but only ended up talking to an idiot who kept repeating answers like a parrot or responding like a retard! Sigh!

I wouldn’t mind if the status quo remains the same as I renew the contract for another year. I know that M1 offers a much better package but I just can’t imagine jumping ship cuz I’m so used to SingTel especially if my hp number is tied up to so many organisations such as banks, SingPass, hospitals, library etc not to mention all my friends and contacts. I never tried number porting before. I’ll have try it after the one year contract with SingTel is over. No choice lah.

Exasperated, I just grabbed the M1 offer online paying $25 for 30GB, unlimited calls to 3 M1 lines, weekend unlimited data, 1000 minutes, 1000 sms etc etc. The best part there is no contract at all. They even give me one month free subscription and deliver the SIM card to my place free of charge cuz I did it online. Can big bad SingTel beat that?

To SingTel I’ll have this to say. I’ll never forget and forgive how I was “conned” into signing an unfair sales contract. Sending misleading sms messages to my mobile line to renew with imaginary offers is simply despicable and low class. It’s tantamount to entrapment! I don’t understand why SingTel stood so low to ambush and entrap unsuspecting trusting long standing customers?

I used to tell my friends that like those incumbents in power I’ll continue to support them even though they are not perfect and langgar prone!

Not anymore! No more SingTel for life!

I’ll ditch SingTel just like I did to SingNet Mio TV broadband 8 years ago when M1 offered me only $29 for a basic fibre broadband! All my family members’ SingTel mobile lines which I’m paying will migrate to M1 in due course. Whenever I meet every mother’s son, I’ll provide free publicity for M1 at the expense of the incumbent!

I’ve decided to remove the 5GB add-on at $25. I’ll just keep the SingTel SIM only at $20 plus another $5 for Caller ID (M1 is giving free Caller ID). That’s $25 for SingTel SIM only one year contract at a miserable 5GB! Am I not “tulan?”

The $25 saved might as well get an M1 line. The best part is that when I cut off the $25 for the extra 5GB, SingTel warned me that if I exceeded my 5GB quota I’ll be charged $10 per GB! Fuck them lah!

With M1 30GB data bundle (at only $25), I now have 2 lines at about the same price ie $52 before I was “conned” by SingTel. That’s the only consolation. Indeed it’s a blessing in disguise! $50 for two lines instead of one with so much more talk-time and other perks! 😆

Once upon a time in parliament someone mentioned that SingTel always Sing its own praises and Tel tall tales. After all these years they still do and I just had a taste of it. I’m sure there are others in a similar predicament got hoodwinked by their devious marketing way of rewarding loyal customers. If my bitter after sales experience is multiplied by the tens and thousands SingTel may have to go the path of those vintage phones.

I really wish they do! I pray they do!

SingTel really sucks!

SingTel stinks at the mention of it!

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4 Responses to Unbecoming conduct of SingTel. SingTel mobile sucks!

  1. JB Cheong says:

    I hear your frustration. I dislike Singtel so much I switched to M1 four years ago. Regretfully my experience with M1’s 4G services is getting from poor to embarrassing. I’ll be sucking on my thumb and switching back to Singtel soon. Do some research on 4G coverage; don’t just look at pricing or on how Singtel tries to con you.


    • Of course I agree that SingTel network is much better. What I’m not happy is their unethical business practices. Why sent me so many misleading sms to renew contract when my one yr ended? Only to find out it’s not true. Also I’m willing to pay much more at $52 for the 30GB (before contract ended) when M1 is only half the price at $25? It’s their business conduct I’m pissed off. Hope you got the picture. Anyway, there are tens and thousands on M1. The latter is not totally hopeless.


  2. Michael Ozaki says:

    I switch to Starhub 5 years ago, I was with Singtel since 1979 from Line phone to pager to HP to Internet, to Data plan. I also patient for years, when they have the senior citizen plan, yet I kena cheated. At last, I plan my payment date and time, go to Starhub, switch line asap, they still bill me for 3 years, send me lawyer letter, and so on, I just ignore. Because I pay only Starhub bill, the reason is Starhub told me, they act blur. And best thing, everything pay cash, When I was with Singtel, also pay cash, so they cannot deduct your Giro money.


  3. Anonymous says:

    As I read your article further, I know, same as me, all friends have my HP no, retain the HP no, change to M1 or Starhub, just like a injection, one time pain only, better than pay a big businessman then no bonus.


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