Greetings from retired Train Captain Che Mat

Last Sun I published retired “Train Captain Che Mat’s Heart-wrenching Note” Link on my blog with a short write-up. That note could have been his last farewell message to all his family, relatives, friends and colleagues as he was due for a major heart by-pass operation the next day. He was sickly and he knew that his life was hanging precariously on the balance which could tip either way.

Exactly one week later, Che Mat is well and good. He’s going home today! What a relief!

Just like all those who know Che Mat, I was worried and anxious whether he could pull thru that traumatic and life threatening major operation. On the eve of the operation, I text Che Mat to drop me a message after the operation once he’s conscious. I waited anxiously for 3 days before our indefatigable Che Mat messaged on Thur that he’s out of ICU, transferred to a normal ward. Indeed, the operation was a tremendous success. Che Mat will be going home today.

Frankly, when I heard from him that he was about to go for the major heart by-pass operation I was quite worried. I was worried cuz he’s already 70 years. The older you are, the chances of a successful operation are reduced correspondingly. That’s a fact. Like so many of his friends, I cheered him on with words of encouragement assuring him of our first class medical facilities able to perform miracles!

Indeed, the NUS medical team has done a remarkable job saving Che Mat’s life – a 70 year old patient. Notwithstanding the cutting edge medical facilities in NUH, we found our trust in divine providence to be a source of immense comfort and hopes when our prayers were duly answered. That’s the power of combined prayers!

Wonder no more why all our major heads of religion denominations pray at our MRT train network every now and then. For without their combined prayers, more might have been killed on the tracks, more ponding or langgar cases!

I could even say that nearly 14,000 prayers (based on my blog viewership figures) have managed to invoke the pantheon’s compassion and benevolence to grant Che Mat a reprieve. Now that he’s earned it, I’m sure he will live till a ripe old age.

Thus, just yesterday, Che Mat beseeched me to write an after note to thank each and everyone for their prayers and well wishes.

For someone who had the rare opportunity to have turned around at the gate of the netherworld, the perspectives, attitudes, mindset etc in life hitherto will have a complete turnabout! Henceforth, Che Mat is given a fresh leaf to start his life again. I’m sure he’ll treasure every moment of his life!

Nothing better describes Che Mat’s present state of mood than this apt Chinese saying, “真正的鬼门关走了一圈。。。你们有没有过如此惊险的经历?”

Che Mat fought his last life threatening battle and won. I wish him a fulfilling and rewarding journey on the final lap of his life. May all the gods in the firmament grant him that wish! All the best to you Che Mat!

PS: This blog post is published with Che Mat’s permission.


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