Soccer Hooliganism In KL

The Lee–Lin rivalry is between two legendary badminton players, Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia and Lin Dan of China. The rivalry is considered to be one of, if not, the greatest rivalry in badminton history. They have played a total of 38 times.

Below is the letter supposedly written by China’s Lin Dan to Lee Chong Wei after he lost the game in the semi finals. We take it as genuine.

“The 37th time I meet you opposite the net, it’s already gone a whole round since our first. Truthfully, when I slipped and lost to you, I had no regrets. You are my greatest rival, I am willing to lose to you, without regrets. When I hugged you, I really felt as if the past ten years with you, had been but a dream. I will take your jersey to my future child and tell him: ‘There is an uncle known as Lee Chong Wei, your dad’s greatest rival, and also best friend.’ To meet you in my best years is my luck. Good luck in the finals.”

Some claim that the letter is faked. But the fact remains that they are still friends even though they were bitter rivals (competitors) in badminton. Thru the game, they met each other. Also thru the game they gained respect of each other. A lasting friendship is forged even though they represented their own respective countries, were arch rivals fighting savagely for glory and honour.

That is what true sportsmanship is all about. Did they humiliate or jeer at each other? They set good examples for their supporters and fans.

Sadly, it is not the case in the recent football match between Singapore and Malaysia held in KL. The soccer fans were chanting anti Singapore slogans calling Singapore dogs etc… Such soccer hooliganism which is quite common in Europe & UK leading to riots, vandalism and loss of lives & property.

It’s supposed to be part of SEA games promoting understanding and friendship across different countries with different cultures. So much time, effort, money and resources allocated to organise these games destroyed by a small number of hooligans! What should we do to them? That Fatty from North Korea would have gladly shot them and finish them off. We don’t need such hooligans to exist in this world already full of challenges and problems.

Out of this murky episode, one silver lining appears. My Malay friends such as Che Mat, Norman and many others expressed indignation and condemned those soccer hooligans chanting anti Singapore slogans when they forwarded me the viral video clip.

My Malay friends identify themselves as Singaporeans first and stood up against them. Their sense of loyalty and identity lies with Singapore even though they are senior citizens whom have close kinship ties across the other side. But reasons and fair play made them speak up against those shit head soccer hooligans.

Yes, we are a multi-racial society and we belong to Singapore. Singapore also belongs to all of us irrespective of race, language or religion when we stand up against such uncivilised barbaric behaviour akin to savages and animals when they chanted “Singapore dogs” and humiliated a close neighbour coming over only for a friendly soccer game.

We may have lost the game but we stood tall in character, honour and dignity. We did not behave like animals even though they taunted us and called us dogs. Even though they won the game but they have lost much more. In the eyes of the world and the sporting community, they are the real losers!

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