Taoist Oracle aka Kau Cim (求签)

Beginning of the Lunar New Year, the women folks went to a Taoist temple to seek blessings for the family from the gods. It’s a yearly ritual commonly practised by some Chinese. Usually I would just follow my mother to the temple to please her. Just go through the motion and “wayang” only. I don’t really believe in the mumbo jumbo of Taoist stuff.

But on that particular occasion – the last Lunar New Year, I was quite impressed with the oracle aka as Kau Cim (求签) or picking a fortune stick. The details on the procedural practice could be found on this link. I’m not going into the details.

The following 4 lines of beautifully written verse are the main predications of the oracle.


When I copy and paste on google for the English translation, the following incoherent rubbish came out.

“Was proud of lost
Today is in danger
If connected with your entry
Another example is dead wood in the raw branches.”

After analysing the 4 lines of verses, I formed my own interpretation as per my destiny.

“When I got the job I was happy and proud but it turned out to be unsuccessful (failure ).
Presently there is a crisis (danger) but still not totally gone case.
If, only if I chanced to meet a savior – 贵人, he’ll lead me out of the predicament
just like the deadwood of the tree branch suddenly sprouting shoots or leaves (giving new hope and lease of life).’

My HK friend’s husband interpreted in another way.

“In the past when you were proud of your achievements, in contrary, it turns out to be a lost in your life!
Today when in confrontation of a crisis, in fact it’s a blessing in disguise.
You can expect a white warrior to come to your rescue,
And every situation in your life, which appeared deadly previously, will come alive!”

Based on the above oracle result, there are 3 sets of interpretations. I think the last one set is the best. I was impressed by this piece of oracle only because it exhibited an uncanny semblance on my destiny. I’m still wondering if I’ve become a believer from a non believer as far as this oracle forecast is concerned.

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