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Date issued : 31 Dec 2014
At this year’s Committee of Supply (COS), Minister for National Development Khaw Boon Wan announced that the Government will provide greater help to individuals who rely on motorcycles for their work.

2. In July, per-minute parking for motorcycles was implemented in the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) car parks with the Electronic Parking System (EPS).

3. On 1 Jan 2015, HDB and URA will introduce a Concessionary Season Parking Ticket for Motorcycles (CSPT), which allows short-term parking at motorcycle lots in HDB and URA car parks island-wide1, for a flat monthly fee.

4. The CSPT will make parking more affordable for motorcyclists, especially despatch and delivery riders who need to frequent several car parks daily during the course of their work. At $20 per month, the CSPT allows holders to park at all HDB and URA1 car parks for the whole day. Motorcyclists with an existing HDB Season Parking Ticket (SPT) will have the option of topping up their existing ticket by $3 or $52. 

5. To be eligible for the CSPT, motorcyclists must meet the following criteria:

a) Be an HDB resident (i.e. owner, authorised occupier or approved subtenant of an HDB flat; or subtenant of room; or owner/tenant of an HDB shop with living quarters);

b) Hold a valid HDB motorcycle SPT for their HDB flat/HDB shop with living quarters;

c) The motorcycle is Singapore-registered;

d) The motorcycle is owned by the CSPT holder, or in the case of a company-registered motorcycle, be assigned to the CSPT holder; and

e) Each eligible motorcyclist can only hold one CSPT at a time.

6. To ensure that residents’ parking needs continue to be met, CSPT holders will only be allowed to park in the white lots of HDB car parks which they are not registered in. CSPT holders will still be able to park in the reserved red lots at their registered car park. As the motorcycle lots in URA car parks are limited and well used, CSPT holders will have to share the use of the lots with short-term users on a first-come-first-serve basis.

7. The CSPT can be purchased via HDB e-Services or at HDB Branches from 1 Jan 2015.

1 Two URA car parks at Bayfront Avenue and URA Centre East Wing, which do not carry the usual charge of $0.65 per session, as well as other car parks which URA manages for other government agencies, such as Sport Singapore and JTC Corporation, will be excluded from the CSPT scheme.

2 The prevailing motorcycle monthly season parking charges is $15 for surface car park and $17 for covered car park. Link

According to HDB’s calculation, an average saving of $492 per year for each motorcyclist. This is a god-send gift indeed. In my more than 30 yrs of riding motorcycles, I’ve never enjoyed such good news except bad news such as motorcycle COE kept increasing from a base price of only $2! I’ll elaborate more later.

When I purchased a HDB/URA parking coupon in the good old days, I could use it to park in any of their carparks from 7.00am to 10.00pm (albeit unofficially). That was abruptly stopped when they started introducing EPS gradually in the carparks. Imagine $0.65 per entry deducted from cash card for each of the EPS carpark. 10 times you enter, you need to pay $6.50! Unlike cars, no per minute charges then. Lots of noise was made but they just can’t be bothered at all! After all, what’s wrong with “collecting more money” from the poor?  The poor bikers especially those using their bikes to earn a decent earning suffer the most financially. After so many years (decades), finally in July last year, they suddenly became very magnanimous and decided to implement per minute charges for motorcyclists. Pls refer to para : 2 of the above HDB press statement. I ever blogged about it here praising their sudden compassion! Click here to read related article.

The new year started with a bang for the poor bikers. Now it’s even better than the good old days! Assuming that you purchase one HDB/URA coupon at $0.65 each day, it’s $19.50 per month which allows a biker to park from 7.00am to 10.00pm in any of the HDB/URA carparks on top of the $17 season HDB parking. Even if the biker doesn’t buy season parking, he will still need to buy 2 HDB/URA coupons at $1.30 per day (24 hrs parking for Day and Night at  $0 65) which adds to $39! With the latest parking concessionary scheme introduced by HDB, it costs only $20 ($17+$3) for the biker to park in his own HDB carpark and in any of the HDB/URA carparks except for the few URA carparks mentioned in the press statement! It’s only an extra $0.10 cts per day lah! Is it not the best ever news for all motorcyclists? In my case, it is definitely the best ever news in my more than 30 yrs of riding motorcycles!

As I’m blogging this at Elias Mall coffeeshop enjoying my beer and music from the powerful JBL portable speaker, Douglas commented that if I talk so much, they might just as well change it to only ‘Day’ parking instead of Day & Night concession parking meaning that the extra $3 changed it to only ‘Day’ instead of night parking in other HDB/URA  carparks! We replied that it’s up to them to decide. We are at their mercy since they own all the carparks and they could do whatever they like as they are the government of the day! Anyway, we are so used to their nonsense. Nothing to worry about! Let them do whatever they like lah!

Just yesterday, at the void deck, my neighbor Loh was asking why this scheme is not extended to car owners. He said maybe car owners pay an extra of $30 ( since motorcyclists pay extra $3) and adopt the similar scheme? My other taxi friend Pop Ong says that only the rich drive cars lah! Anyway, the latest scheme will translate to many more votes for them. My relief Alan Taxi says that if it is extended to taxis (since taxi is a public transport), then nearly 30,000 taxis in Singapore will definitely be grateful and will support them. The poor taxi driver doesn’t have CPF, annual leave or sick leave. He drives everyday and the taxi rental need to pay if the taxi is left idle in the carpark!

I think all motorcyclists welcome such a scheme which I received it with much disbelief. Lao Si and some of us were discussing if the scheme refers to ‘Day’ only parking? It’s silent in the press statement and on HDB website. The very next day, Lao Si went down personally to Pasir Ris HDB area office to check and it’s confirmed that it allows 24 hrs parking except in those red lots meant for residents with season parking. Straightaway, he applied for the scheme. I also did so on the same day online even though now I hardly ride my bike. It’s always parked in the carpark especially now it’s the raining season I avoid riding my bike for safety reason. I still recall in my earlier days as a relief driver, I used to ride my bike to other carparks in the estate having to purchase two HDB/URA coupons at $1.30 for parking since I worked from 4pm to 4am!

Maybe, they feel guilty conscious with COE for motorcycles hitting more than $4,403! Imagine a small typical bike costs about $3,000. The COE is even more than the machine price. The cheapest bike on the market is at least about $8,000! I pity those despatch riders, the shift workers (where taxi is expensive in the wee hours or past midnight so they need a bike to commute to work). What about those delivery riders? Wonder no more why there are tons of Malaysian bikes on our streets delivering fast food in the neighborhood. Slowly in no time those jobs may even be taken by those cheaper bikers from across the causeway. I ever blogged about motorcycle having 2 different category COEs for motorcycles – below 200cc for the average poor bikers and above 200cc for the well-off bikers. But sadly, it falls on deaf frogs since they don’t ride bikes and they will never understand our grievances! 

In all my life span of more than 50 yrs, I’m conditioned to the fact that they are always bent on making money out of the population with all kinds of schemes and pretext. Otherwise, they just couldn’t sleep lah! Even scarce land is thrown to the open market for bidding to build religious premises! Think ‘Fernvale-gate’. Everything is subject to market pricing and nothing is spared from the ruthless market forces in this market driven 1st world economy. Hence, after more than 30 years of riding bike, I must say that this latest scheme is the best ever policy. It definitely is a revenue loss for them yet they are prepared to lose so much money to win back some goodwill from the poor bikers. Hopefully, they will keep it this way and look into other ways to implement more such scheme to help the poor bikers struggling to survive in this most expensive city in the world.

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  1. Just1more says:

    This is definately a right direction. Hopefully this is the beginning of a long waited change of heart from PAP. I do wish that other social issues like PEMT’s plights and CPF could be handled with compassion and empathy.

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