Per-min parking charges is good news for m/cyclists


WEF : 1st July 2014, all motorcycles will be charged on a per-minute basis for all Housing and Development Board (HDB) and Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) car parks which have the Electronic Parking System (EPS). The new rate will be S$0.20 per hour, charged on a per-minute basis, and will be capped at S$0.65 per day or night parking session. There are more than 500 car parks installed with EPS. The 10-minute free parking still remains.

National Development Minister Khaw Boon Wan commented on the parking rate changes in a blogpost on Monday, saying the move will “particularly benefit the delivery riders” as they will pay less than before.

This is welcome news! I wonder why it took them so long to realize the unfairness suffered by this group of despatch riders. $0.65 cents per entry for a m/cycle to an EPS car park is really too much. Imagine if the despatch biker enters 10 different car parks with EPS for only 15 mins, he ends up paying $6.50! EPS car park system has been around for quite some time, now only they realize this injustice?

Currently, there are 2 parking systems in Singapore. The traditional $0.65 cents coupon and the newer EPS systems. Here, we are talking about the EPS system (not coupon system) where the group of despatch riders suffer the most. I ever blog about this issue some time ago.

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Alas, there is some relief for those bikers entering an EPS car park for only a short while. Instead of a flat rate of $0.65 cents, now it’s only $0.20 cents per hour or $0.10 cents for 30 mins. And only 5 cents for 15 mins. If it is within 10 mins, then it’s free parking! Isn’t it good news? Why people are still complaining so much especially in cyberspace? It’s quite perplexing really.

When I look at some of the on-line postings, there is so much anti-feelings, negative comments and curses against the new ruling. I believe most of them don’t read the details. When they saw the headline that says bikers need to pay per min charges, they go berserk! They assume need to pay more. But then, it is still the same as before cuz it is still capped at $1.30 for 24 hrs or $0.65 cents for 12 hrs. No change at all.

I think the so many complaints arise from the fact that they compare whole day(7am-7pm) $0.65 cents coupon which they could park in all HDB and URA traditional car parks vs the EPS modern car park system where it used to be charged at $0.65 cents per entry once the biker passes the gantry barrier.

As far as I’m concerned, I look at the status quo of the case – the reality of the current situation. As it is now, the new measure implemented for m/cyclists on a per minute basis certainly is a plus point. It is so much fairer than the previous EPS system. For short term parking in the new EPS system, the m/cyclist saves much more. If I go for a meal at a hawker center, I need to pay only $0.20 cents per hour instead of the standard flat rate of $0.65 cents. It’s sensible and more equitable now.

Most bikers will appreciate the new ruling. I’m grateful for the long overdue change in the EPS system for m/cyclists. I’ve been riding m/cycle for more than 30 yrs. I understand the issue and I know what I am talking here.








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8 Responses to Per-min parking charges is good news for m/cyclists

  1. It appears that these people who are against this change are not bikers or they totally lost the the trust.
    Gintai, you are right in that any sane biker can see that this latest change is bringing closer to what it was and should be all along… but not quite there yet. Using coupons allows us the park any HDB/URA car parks at 65 cents/12 hours. If we’re to go 12 different car parks and spent an hour each, we actually pay $1.60 for 12 hours.
    However, I ain’t complaining since it’s still way more affordable than driving a car.

    • Agreed. But then if we only compare within the EPS system – past and present I think it’s much improved. Previously, they just didn’t care or be bothered about the plight of bikers. Thks for your comment Ape.

    • HW says:

      A coupon does not allow you to park at 12 car parks in the same day. That is the wrong (illegal) practice. Bikers are actually required to tear one coupon for each carpark they enter. So now it is really cheaper.

  2. redvaliantstarlight says:

    First it was 65 cents for 12 hrs. Then became per entry after 10 mins after installation of gantry.

    Now discounted rate. And u expect us to feel gratitude?

  3. yuene says:

    Unfortunately, most people don’t actually read–they rely on the article headline to inform them of what the gist is. What I think is the issue, though, is that the new system leaves motorcyclists potentially more vulnerable to future price increases.

    • HW says:

      Ermmm… as long as you are not the price setter, sure vulnerable mah.

      • yuene says:

        I mean, ya la, that’s quite obvious… it’s more of the fact that in the past, motorcyclists could ‘game’ the system in a way (e.g. passing on coupons with valid time to another motorcyclist) which help to mitigate price increases in a way, but this time round, there is no way to do so.

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