13/6/2014(Fri) – Dinner at Old Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant

Last Friday – 13/6/14 some members of The Fellowship hosted a sumptuous dinner for our much respected elder Uncle Bodo at the famous Old Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant. More than 10 of us turned up. Some of them like Alec Ee and Rob could not come cuz they were overseas.

223 Rangoon Road
Singapore 218460 (just off the CTE Rangoon Road turn-off)
Tel: +65 6292 7375
Email: old.lai.huat@gmail.com

The dinner started at about 7pm. It ended about two hours later after 9.15pm. Lohcifer hosted the dinner and Freddie bought along a bottle of Macallan single malt scotch whisky. Lohcifer also contributed a bottle of Glenlivet 18 year old single malt.

There were so many local dishes such as chilli crabs, mee goreng, fried black pepper crayfish, yam ring, drunken prawns and their famous crispy tofu, not forgeting their signature dish sambal belacan pomfret amongst other dishes. Obviously Uncle Bodo from Munich, Germany was in a state of euphoric mood over those yummy local delights!

With such good delicious food paired with that prized Macallan and Glenlivet single malt set the perfect ambience for the ideal mood in the evening where everyone was catching up with each other. For instance, our long time member Mauro is now back to Singapore for the long term instead. Canadian Edward is also setting up his base camp here. Uncle Bodo as usual kept us updated on the latest briar and pipes in the industry. He gave us much insight into what is happening in the China briar pipe market. He is here for about three weeks and leaving at the end of the month.

Another highlight for the evening is the announcement of Avril’s latest book she just published – “”Conversation with the Maestro””. The book was passed around. I quickly browsed through it. I was certainly glad to see my “idol” on the front cover!

After Uncle Bodo’s visit, we are looking forward to Uncle Heinz and his lovely charming wife in Nov 2014. They are planning for a cruise in Asia with a brief stop in Singapore. It will be a pleasure to meet up and catch up with them again. In the meantime, we will just have to wait till that day.

Let us all come together again on 28/6/14 where Uncle Bodo will be smoking with us at our usual place before leaving for home.

PS: We miss Alec Ee who was not there to take photos. Photos from the related article below.

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4 Responses to 13/6/2014(Fri) – Dinner at Old Lai Huat Seafood Restaurant

  1. Emily says:

    Uncle… you say you miss Alec Ee who was not there to take photos … where are these great photos from? Interesting to read. Thanks. Looks so tasty.

  2. Rob Balcer says:

    Nice article & pics Gintai! Wow…looks like you guys had a superb feast!! Sorry I couldn’t be there to join in the festivities, but I’ve got lots of stuff to do in Thailand this summer. Look forward to catching up with all of you when I get back to Singapore. Please give my best regards to Uncle Bodo and Mauro!!

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