A disclaimer to an article on TRE

There was an article published on Temasek Review Emeritus yesterday (19/2/14) entitled “An Insider View of SMRT.” (It was a comment posted anonymously on an earlier article titled “SMRT ranked 10th in the world.”)

Due to the fact that my name was mentioned there, it caused many to conclude that I was the writer. I would like to state here categorically that I am NOT the writer and have absolutely nothing to do with that article.


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4 Responses to A disclaimer to an article on TRE

  1. Hot Stuff says:

    Me does not see any need for the Disclaimer.
    There are thousands of SMRT Employees and
    Ex-employees, many would be familiar with
    SMRT and in this Internet Era, some will give
    free opinions, ideas and suggestions to better
    SMRT Services.
    Anyway, if and whence good suggestions and
    Good criticisms are for improvement, they
    should be taken as positive feedbacks.


    • Firstly, you are not me. You will never understand my position. It’s always easier to talk cuz talk is cheap and free. Due to the historical links, I was asked by many if I were that writer. Even a senior staff asked me diplomatically if I were that writer. My brother advised me to clear the air by posting a disclaimer. If I didn’t write that article why should I be the subject of unfounded conjecture? Is there any harm by just putting a disclaimer on my own blog?

      • Wise move, Gintai. Since there’s so much speculation out there and you have no control over what is posted there, it’s good that you clear the air as early as possible to avoid being implicated in case of any irresponsible acts by the actual writers.

        • Toothfully,
          You could really empathise my predicament. I’ve no comment on what is written. I only wish to delink myself from it. From this case, one could appreciate the helplessness and exasperation felt by the govt. Actually, if one dares to put one’s name to a piece of opinion and be prepared to defend it, I’m sure one could do so without any fear of censorship. Alas, not all things could be done this way especially on sensitive issues. It’s a fact that it’s no longer easy to control information in cyberspace. We’ll just have to tread carefully in this new cyber minefield. Thks for your comment.

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