To Driver of SGK7821K: A Warning

Just had a chat with Lohcifer.

He was fuming mad.

At about 2.30pm today as he and his wife were carefully turning into McDonald’s drive-in at King Albert Park, an ang moh woman driver behind him impatiently started to sound the horn. (Lohcifer’s wife was driving.)

Lohcifer bought four set meals and the moment he collected them but before he and his wife could drive off again, the same woman behind his car started sounding the horn impatiently again.

“What’s the bloody hurry?” asked Lohcifer. He wasn’t deliberately moving slowly, being mindful to drive off as quickly as possible, yet the impatience exhibited by the woman behind him really irked him.

He said, “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone and foreigners who are guests in our country better take note: Fuck me over, and I’ll do it to you twice as bad. Hiding? I will track you down like a cruise missile. I will find you and do an Anton Casey on you.”

I can’t really blame him. There are too many rude ang mohs around. They still think they are colonial masters.

This is the car behind Lohcifer’s:



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11 Responses to To Driver of SGK7821K: A Warning

  1. Being an ang moh, too, but a Singapore Uncle as well ….. this seems not to be a special situation only in S`pore. Same you will experience in Munich/Bavaria all day, silly and foolish drivers try to force you off the street, while in a queue they are using their horns without any sense – most drivers are brainless. If someone is nearly dying due to some lost seconds and his horns is getting croaky, I always leave my car and ask, if somebody needs help or if his car is broken and he or she can`t get out of the tin. It took some time before I´m back in my car …… so what`s the sense?

    Lohcifer, don`t worry: the more idiots are around us, the stronger is our position.

    Uncle Bodo
    Munich / Bavaria / West Germany

  2. Nina Beh says:

    My beef is with ang moh cyclists. On more than one occasion I was driving cautiously as I always do on the road and on both occasions ang moh cyclists sped ahead of me, turned around and showed me their middle fingers! Maybe I was too cautious a driver and holding them back? Now if I had driven fast, wouldn’t I be putting them at risks too? With these assholes, we can’t win, can we?

    The other lot of horrid ang moh drivers are the housewives driving MPVs – a couple of those fat foreign pigs almost caused me to crash.

    Moral of the story: steer clear of ang mohs on the road.

  3. James Randall says:

    hi Alan, just come across your PPS movie app blog. I’m English educated. Is there a PPS version in English, as I do like Asian martial arts movies. Thanks, if you are able to help.
    Looking forward to your reply.

    James Randall

    • PPS is a Chinese app developed by the Chinese meant for the Chinese audience. The best part is that it’s free. There are also lots of old English movies. If my non-Chinese frens got no problem using it, I’m sure you could also use it. The icons are all there fixed. Just recognise them. Maybe the first time you need guidance from Chinese frens. Thereafter, it’s a breeze. Give a try lah!

  4. Ape had someone following him once. Flashed and horn several times. Ape got pissed and let him overtake and bloody idiot overtake on my left and I was middle lane speed 90km/hr. Turns out to be ape’s friend wanting to say hello.
    Ape also flashed (bike headlights, not naked body) at others sometimes but that’s because they forgot to turn on headlights.
    Dealing with impatient motorists, ape super patient with them because ape knows someday they will get into trouble themselves.

    • “12 Feb 2014

      The Officer In Charge
      Land Transport Authority
      10 Sin Ming Drive
      Singapore 575701

      Dear Sir,


      I refer to the above captioned matter. 

      2     On 7/2/14 @9.50 am, I was riding my m/cycle along AMK Ave 3 towards AMK. I kept to the left side of the road outside the bus lane traveling at a normal speed. The said red color taxi SHD XXXX suddenly cut into my path without any due care or consideration endangering my life. In fact, the said taxi’s right side rear mirror grazed (hit) the left side rear mirror of my m/cycle. It was so closed and I had to jam brakes to avoid a collision.

      3     The said taxi then sped off. I managed to catch up with the taxi just before the expressway at the traffic lights near to the bus stop opposite the petrol kiosk/Industrial Park. I knocked on the window of the taxi and signaled to him that he had hit my m/cycle. Instead of an apology, the said taxi driver was very rude and showed me vulgar hand gestures. He refused to stop his taxi and sped off again. There was a lady pax inside his taxi then.

      4     I was furious that the taxi driver behaved in such “gangster” manner. Taxi drivers like him give our country a bad image by their inconsiderate driving and rudeness. I have come across many well behaved and considerate taxi drivers but this is the first time I came across such terrible taxi driver. I hope your office will investigate the matter and counsel the said taxi driver.

      5     Thank you in advance. Looking forward to a favorable reply.

      Yours Faithfully,

      BLK 1234 HOUGANG AVE 8
      Traffic Police”

      One old man at EM approached me to help him draft this complt letter against the bad taxi driver. I told him to consider carefully cuz it’s a serious matter and he may have to give stmt to the I.O. and also evidence in court. After 3 days, he told me his wish to proceed with the complt. He said that if the TD had apologised to him, he would have dropped the matter. Sometimes I wonder why is it so hard to say sorry? Even our PM said sorry on national TV acknowledging their short comings promising to do better the next time round. By that unexpected gesture, he has won many critics over!

  5. Ape,
    You are a model motorist. If only all road users behave like you, we’ll be safer on the roads. Recently,I wrote a complt letter to LTA about one bad taxi driver. I’m considering whether to publish it here as a post script.

  6. Civic-mind says:

    I was in Hanauma Bay in Honolulu and we were all queuing to pay for the tickets to get into the bay. Along comes a family of Ang Mohs and they just stand next to us. I gently told the male adult that there are a lot of people behind queuing. He purposely said that he does not understand what I was saying. I raised my voice at him “Queue Up before I call the park ranger.” His family went behind our family and still cut the queue with those behind us. These people have no sense of justice and consideration for others like the whole world revolves around them. They need to be punished for being selfish and incorrigible.

  7. Oldies says:

    From my observation, many Motor Vehicles are not giving Bicycle that 1.5M space, as I ride bicycle, drive car and witnessed too many near misses daily.
    Similarly, there are many cyclists as well as motorists equally bad in adhering to traffic rules and road safety disciplines.

    Last I heard recently in Serangoon Garden Estate, a cyclist was almost run down by a Car dangerously cutting in front to turn left and cyclist had to brake hard to save himself. He was fuming mad and car driver refused to wind down window or step out, he did the most unthinkable act by kicking the driver door until its dented as witnessed by many in the coffeeshop.

    It will definitely take many more years to see graceful behavour of all road users in Singapore when there is still a lot of FWs driving carelessly daily.

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