Rampage at Elias Mall coffee shop


Rampage at EM coffeeshop

Last evening at about 11.30pm, I decided to drop by Elias Mall coffee shop to work on my next blog. It’s been a while since my last blog entry. I met Low there with his portable MP3 player. He’s not driving taxi today. Earlier Alan Taxi told me to wait for him at EM cuz he might drop by to pick us for supper. Only myself and Low were there when the coffee shop closed around midnite. I was busy typing away and he was enjoying his oldies on his portable mp3 speaker player.

Half past midnite, one dark complexion man in his mid 30s to 40s suddenly appeared at our table. He appeared quite drunk and started to talk to us. He said he wanted to chat with Low only. Then he started asking Low whether he wanted to make 60,000 Euros etc. He had an idea to strike rich in Singapore. He had a plan to make a fortune and he wanted to share it with Low. My fren Low told him off. Low said that he did not know him and never met him before. He did not want to have anything to do with him. Pls leave us alone. That guy refused to leave and started making all kinds of uncalled for remarks on Low. I heard him commenting if Low was sad? Why was Low shaking his legs and shifting his eyes etc… From the corner of my eye, I thought I saw Low was about to whack him as that guy kept provoking and irritating him. I then looked at that guy whom we have never seen before and told him to stop provoking my fren. You better leave us alone.

Instead of going off, that joker challenged us to “kill” him. He’s waiting for us to “kill” him and so on. Straightaway, I told Low in Teochew that we better go off since it’s quite late and Alan taxi not coming here anymore as he was busy driving pax around town since Wednesday is “ladies’ nite”, bound to have lots of pax. We then left the place leaving that guy alone there.

After walking a short distance away, we suddenly heard loud smashing sound of broken glasses and loud banging sound. From a distance, we could see that the guy had gone crazy. He started taking everything around him and smashing everything he could lay his hands on. In the dead silence of the night, we could hear the loud noises clearly. I then took out my phone and called the police at 1.03am to report about the incident.

Within 7 mins, at about 1.10am, 2 police patrol cars rushed to EM. I directed the police officers to that guy who was seated on the stoned parapet. The police officer asked me a few questions and took down my particulars. I then left the place after taking a few photo shots.

Low and myself agreed that the guy definitely not local. We have never seen him before. He spoke almost perfect English with a foreign diction. Locals don’t speak like him. We wonder from which cave he came from? With all the damages and mess he had created, those workers of the coffee shop would have a hard time cleaning up. We know all the staff working in the coffee shop. They sure going to curse and swear at the mess created when they open shop the next morning. We believe that locals don’t do such thing – going around smashing things. It’s not in our nature. Only the foreigners do such things. In fact, Low has lived in the neighborhood for almost 20 years and he has never seen or heard such blatant lawlessness happening right next to Pasir Ris Community Centre where the DPM is often seen there! That is why we stayed there to ensure that that guy is brought to justice. We did not simply ignore the situation and just walk away. We reported it quickly to the police and ensure that the police arrest that guy without letting him slip off.

Fortunately, there was only one such crazy guy who was obviously drunk. What if there was a group of them? What if they had started smashing all the cars parked at the nearby car park or worst set fire to public amenities? The next question is should we also ban alcohol consumption at EM coffee shop since alcohol seems to be the obvious cause that sparked off the wanton rampage resulting in property damages?







Police Officer interviewing the suspect


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8 Responses to Rampage at Elias Mall coffee shop

  1. Addicted says:

    Not a bad idea that alcohol be banned after 2200 hours. Such a Ruling in fact should apply across the Board Nation-wide with no exception. And for those who went violent at home or at home of friends and relatives due to alcohol, make them wear T-shirt with bold printings at front and back of it with
    Ban From Alcohol on it.

  2. agongkia says:

    Beer are sold at a higher price in sin city and the extra charges are meant for such risk and damages.No need to propose for any further curb.This is just an isolated incident.
    An experience customer esp an ex PO should be able to use a soft approach to prevent such unruly behavior.
    I handle many such cases without the need to disturb our PO .

    • SG Girl says:

      Agongkia, you’re so brave. The most I can do is like Gintai, call the police. Also at that hour I won’t be wandering in public places.

      • agongkia says:

        Thank you SG girl.The first thing a lady should look for in a boy friend should not be by judging at his wealth,look or job etc.,but is to look for someone who is brave and has initiative.A brave boy friend can protect you 24 hours,with initiative he can guide you the safe path to go.He is brave enough and will be willing to climb high up on the trees full of red ants or cobra,just to pluck those mangoes that you wish to have.He has initiative to ensure that while climbing ,you are not out of his site,to ensure your safety. One can expect a life full of security and happiness.Maybe its too late for you buttell your friends that.

        When you happen to see someone trying to control a commotion in public,do not think he is a kaypoh but is likely a good citizen with initiative and brave.No necessity to disturb the Mata.Likely could be me.

        Keong Hee Huat Chai to you ,Gintai and everyone.Wish everyone a year full of prosperity ,happiness,healthy ,security and safety.

  3. Jasmine says:

    Scary. But I don’t think all foreigners are like that.

  4. Lone Guy says:

    Well, a similar thing happened at a Bukit Batok coffee shop but the guy who were causing the rampage was local chinese with lots of tatoos. I too called the police. Now word has spread in the neighbourhood that it was me who called the police. Now, I am being watched by the guy’s gang members and they are trying ways to pick a fight with me. So much for being a civic minded person. Anyway, I am not one to run away from a fight, unless its a bunch of cowards trying to whack a lone guy.

  5. The says:

    /// I directed the police officers to that guy who was seated on the stoned parapet. ///

    Did the parapet drink as much as the dark complexion guy?


    • patriot says:

      Maybe the dark complexion guy threw all the liquid in the tummy on the parapet making it ‘stoned’.

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