Foreign Talent Anton Casey dug his own grave!


Our Foreign Talent Foreign Trash Anton Casey has fled to Perth and taken refuge there. He is running away from the egregious inferno created from his folly. Up till now it seems unabated and still raging with much more ferocity. It mirrors eerily a similar incident more than one and half year ago in the case of Amy Cheong. Another FT working here who had sought refuge in Perth when the heat was on her. She made some contemptuous racist remarks about Malay traditional weddings at void decks. Like Anton Casey, she also lost her job and faded into oblivion after some time. Click here to read the story.

But this Anton Casey is much worst. He is incorrigible. He is a repeat offender making many contemptuous remarks against the whole of Singapore. He offended the “poor” and those taking our trains which almost every working class and “poor” locals commute to work or leisure. He even offended more than 29,000 taxi on the road with more than 100,000 taxi vocation holders when he called a taxi driver on his Facebook a “retard!” He is a hardcore son of a bitch isn’t it?

Anton Casey is a foreigner having benefited so much from our Singapore economy that he simply bites the hand that feeds him without any qualms. Do we need such ungrateful foreigners in our country? Amy Cheong’s case was a storm in a teacup. What about Anton Casey? Does he deserve sympathy and forgiveness? Let’s analyze and dissect this interesting phenomenon. I think experts and students on the new social media will also be interested to study it’s far reaching implications. Welcome to the brave new world of the new social media.

I like what this blogger says. Click here to read about it.

Yup, the new social media is a powerful medium. I spoke about it when I gave a talk more than a year ago about blogging. It could turn into a potent force destroying you, your family and your career if you are not careful with your on-line remarks. Before Anton Casey surfaced as a public punching bag, there was so much frustration and anger faced by the general public. Some of these frustrations include anti FT sentiment such as the many fake paper qualifications, FTs taking control over the whole HR Dept and hiring their own kind, PMETs losing their jobs to FTs, frequent train breakdowns, raising public fares (even though it’s a reasonable 2 to 6 cents), sky high through the roof COEs, higher and more ERP charges, hospital beds crunch due to a perceived influx of FTs (which may not be true) etc.

Those issues highlighted above are real. They are not fictitious events which are happening in our tiny island state as I’m writing this now. Many of you will remember the recent young attractive lady’s rants on YouTube about not being proud to be a Singaporean. That also attracted lots of divisive comments with even the main stream media picking up the story. Immediately after that, FT Anton Casey appeared suddenly from no where in the scene! He became notorious overnight. All those pent-up frustrations and anger on many fronts are then focused and channelled into a single centrifugal force directed at Anton Casey. He offered himself as the perfect sitting duck for the general public to use as a free for all public punching bag! Every one is queueing up just to whack the daylight out of him. The relentless vitriol attacks on him intensified with the main stream media highlighting the issue especially when a local celebrity was reported as asking him to leave. Even a prominent minister had to come out openly to condemn him but asking locals to be magnanimous with an open heart. Will the mob mentality listen to such pleas? Could their indignation be assuaged? They have tasted blood and they are going for his jugular.

Why is it so? In my opinion, Foreign Talent Anton Casey is symbolic of many things most locals could not achieve and will never achieve in his lifetime. Anton Casey is a brilliant fund manager working here earning huge money. He is wealthy beyond imagination living in luxurious Sentosa Cove married to a local beauty queen and driving an expensive car easily worth half a million. How many locals could emulate his success? I understand that even a local doctor having been schooled in our elite education system through SAP school up to our own university also ended up living in a HDB flat struggling as any other locals in our competitive society. Ask Dr Chan if you don’t believe what I just said. He is a reflection of a cross section of our society. When he sees a non native making so much money in a successful career married to a local beauty queen, what happens? He admires Anton Casey. From admiration turning to envy and then anger and hatred when that joker started making disparaging remarks about our society. In short, he just dug his own grave with death threats and vicious attacks hurled on him.

Before Anton Casey, there was a PRC scholar, beneficiary of our tax payers calling locals “dogs!”. The Amy Cheong racist saga. Curry issue which went viral. Now it’s Anton Casey. There will be more such similar cases to come. Will they ever learn? It seems that history always repeats itself. The new social media do not discriminate. It moves and churns out relentlessly whatever footprints you left behind. It will be picked up by the majority if your remarks are deemed offensive and insulting. Even the foreign press have reported on this amazing phenomenon. It is now a world wide story. Will Anton Casey end up 死无葬身之地了?

Yup, Anton Casey may ran to Perth to take refuge and never come back but the past will haunt him to the end of the world. The world is such a huge place yet Anton Casey just found out there is no place for him to hide and or make a decent living anymore!

Law Minister K Shanmugam has said he is glad that the community has come together to condemn the “unacceptable” remarks on Singaporeans made in Facebook posts by Mr Anton Casey, a British banker based in Singapore.

SINGAPORE: Law Minister K Shanmugam said he is glad that the community has come together to condemn what Mr Anton Casey had said about Singaporeans.

Mr Casey, a British banker based in Singapore, and who is married to a former Miss Singapore, had labelled public transport commuters as “poor people” in his Facebook post.

In another post, he said he had to wash “the stench of public transport off” him.
Writing on his Facebook page on Thursday, Mr Shanmugam said like many Singaporeans, he is terribly upset and offended by what Mr Casey has posted, describing the statements as “deeply offensive, wrong, and unacceptable”.
Mr Shanmugam, who is also the Minister for Foreign Affairs, said those who have done well in life should always be looking out for others, especially the less well-off or needy.

This, he said, is basic human decency.

Mr Shanmugam said Mr Casey showed contempt.

He said having money and a Porsche does not automatically mean that one is superior, and stressed that character is important.

Mr Shanmugam noted that Mr Casey has attempted to apologise to Singaporeans.
But he added that some feel that the manner of his apology showed a lack of sincerity, and said he thinks there is some basis for thinking that way.

Mr Shanmugam added that he hopes “Singaporeans will not attack or flame Mr Casey’s family” because of his actions, saying that Singaporeans are bigger than that.

39-year-old Casey, who is a wealth manager at Crossinvest made his comments after taking public transport while his Porsche was under repair.

Mr Casey later released an apology through a PR firm, saying: “I have the highest respect and regard for Singapore and the good people of Singapore; this is my home. I wish for nothing more than to be forgiven for my poor judgment and given a second chance to rebuild the trust people have had in me as a resident of this wonderful country.”

The former London stockbroker is reported to be facing “appropriate action” from his Singapore-based wealth management company over the issue.


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7 Responses to Foreign Talent Anton Casey dug his own grave!

  1. They are separate issues says:

    “He is wealthy beyong imagination living in luxurious Sentosa Cove married to a local beauty queen and driving an expensive car easily worth half a million.”

    That Anton Casey is wealthy and making deeply offensive comments against Sinkies are separate issues.

    Just like PTC Chairman Gerard Ee said that fare hike and MRT breakdowns are separate issues.


  2. patriot says:

    Seems to me that Singaporeans are more upset with Anton Crazy not been hauled up by the Autority for his Fb Posting.
    His sneers at the Locals are considered grossly disrespectful of Singaporeans. He had gone overboard in disparaging the locals. Even the Home Affair Minister found him offensive. However, there was no action takened against Anton and this inaction greatly disappointed the People.



  3. Chris H. says:

    It’s actually terminal stupidity on his part. Something about acquiring lots of money seems to encourage leaky brains in the rich. If, as he said, Singapore is “his home” then he should be more respectful of it and acquainted with it. Would he walk into his home with muddy shoes and mess up all the carpets? I don’t live in Singapore but have visited many times and enjoy and respect it immensely. He has already paid with his job, and if he recovers any of his brainpower he’ll find a job someplace where everyone is rich. Don’t know where that might be.


  4. agongkia says:

    Please do not waste time over such remark .I do not feel hurt even if one is to say I am poor or stink.Poor means poor.
    One is not going to lost an inch of fresh for being call so.I can even invite Casey ,boil him kopi and let he insult me till he feel sleepy and get him some bapok as a reward.
    Just curious why is everyone wasting time over this.
    Sinkies should be more broadminded if we want to achieve greater success.


  5. Lemonnator says:

    Actually, this is an opportunity to show how “tai fong” we are. We could gracefully accept his apology and show how magnanimous this country is.

    Read more at:


    • There is a huge difference between forgiving someone who is truly sorry and sucking up to one who is obviously not.


      • Lemonnator says:

        True, true. But forgiving also means moving on. I just don’t think it’s very productive for the whole country to get so worked up over one guy. What does it say when we react so strongly – and for so long?


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