Summons till you see stars!

Last Friday, around 11am, I was on the way to an appointment somewhere in Paya Lebar/ Ubi Industrial estate area. I was given a road map which I saved on my ipad. The building was quite near to Traffic Police Hq in Ubi. I thought I could find the building easily but I could not locate it even though I had ridden few rounds on my motorcycle in the area.


Exasperated, I stopped my bike at the road side along Ubi Ave 4 near to the junction of Ubi Road 1. I then took out my ipad trying to figure out the exact location of the building. All of a sudden, an LTA enforcement officer in a white motorcycle appeared by my side. He asked me what was I doing? I showed him my ipad and told him that I was looking for that particular building. I looked at him haplessly telling him that I was lost even though I had circled few times in the vicinity. I was thinking that he could assist me by showing me the way or simply just give me some pointers.

Never in my mind did I expect a good lecture from him. I was stunned and shocked for a moment when he rudely told me that he would be coming back again to check on me. If he came back again, he should not be seeing my motorbike parked at the road side. He told me that this sector was his patrolling territory and that it is his duty to enforce illegal parking. He was rather arrogant and high handed in his approach even after my explanation. Again, I told him in a nice and calm manner that I was merely stopping for a while to check the map on my ipad. I even showed him my ipad I was holding then. He brushed me off by saying that “stopping at the road side constituted illegal parking” and that it is an offense even though it is just for a while notwithstanding the fact that I was standing beside my motorcycle! Really langgar dah!

Let me say it again that it happened just after 11am on last Friday – 8 Nov 2013. I regretted not taking his bike registration number then. I could not see his name cuz he was wearing a blue LTA jacket. Anyway, the above incident could be traced to him since he is in charged of that sector. After I rode off on my bike having figured out how to proceed to my appointed location, I saw that same officer “terrorizing” a trailer with many brand new audi cars parked nearby in front of a car showroom. From his body language, I could see that he was giving another illegal parking violation lecture to the poor hapless lorry trailer driver.

The Bard says, “…For who would bear the whips and scorns of time,
The oppressor’s wrong, the proud man’s contumely,
The pangs of dispriz’d love, the law’s delay,
The insolence of office, and the spurns
That patient merit of the unworthy takes,.

The insolence of office..” even in this age of Facebook, Twitter and Blogs? That guy must have come from a cave from another world without any inkling of modern digital society?

When I read about how few funeral vehicles were issued summons for parking near to the void deck where initial funeral rites were performed, it really triggered that close encounter I had with that self righteous LTA enforcement officer. I think LTA enforcement unit is a newly set-up outfit. Those obnoxious LTA enforcement officers are everywhere. You could see them in a typical blue jacket riding on small white motorcycles with a big LTA printed on the back. They are like pests all out to “terrorize” in your quiet HDB heartlands where a summons will set you back at least $70! Some people have to slog whole day under the furious burning sun and merciless rainstorms to earn less than that. After all, only the poor working class ride motorcycles. Riding bikes is dangerous and life threatening that only the poor working class are willing to take the risk for its commuting convenience. The rich who could easily afford the nearly $100,000 COE will never want to ride a 2-wheeler. – (with few exceptions of course)



In my case, I clearly told that LTA officer that the road I parked my motorcycle is so wide and that it is an isolated stretch of road just in front of Ubi One building (about to complete with no tenants or activity yet); I do not see any obstruction to others. After all, I was standing beside my motorcycle and that I did not park it there and go elsewhere. Why can’t he be flexible and exercise some initiative. Not only did he not sympathize with me but warned me in no uncertain terms that I had better move off asap! What a langgar situation. I was so furious that I kept mumbling to myself “干呢拿!” It’s a classic case of “敢怒而不敢言”.

“And, depending on the situation, sometimes there has to be discretion exercised on how the rules should actually be applied. But frequently we will get one or two residents who will insist that the rules be enforced strictly, though the vast majority are ok with the situation.”


Why can’t those LTA officers take the hint from a prominent minister? I had few other unpleasant experiences with those detestable LTA enforcement officers. I’m sure many of you also had similar experiences.

I truly believe that if those LTA enforcement officers are local natives, they would be more flexible and would use their initiative to enforce the rules. Local natives live in HDB flats. They surely understand the predicament faced by us e.g. funeral vehicles parked near to the void deck without causing any obstruction. I ever saw a wedding car nicely decked with all kinds of flowers and decorations got a summons ticket for parking at the loading/unloading bay in the wee hours. Common sense will tell us that with our small compact multi-storey car park lots, how to expect that wedding car to slot in? Yet, my friend had to write in to request a waiver of the summons which he did so successfully.

I believe that LTA did not properly define and laid out their mission statement to those enforcement officers. What’s the role and purpose of that unit? Is it to wipe out and eradicate illegal parking in the HDB heartlands? Do you honestly think it is possible without creating more hatred and bitterness? I was ever summoned for parking my motorcycle at an isolated spot passable to any pedestrian, wheelchair or bicycle etc before I urgently ran to the toilet in a coffee-shop to ease myself. Barely 15 mins, I got a summons for $70. For so many years, I used to do that on and off until recently when that LTA Enforcement Unit was set up to “terrorize” us living in the HDB heartlands under the name of the law – rules and regulations – to the maximum might and “revenue”?

We are already living in such an oppressive society where even a little incident could trigger bizarre illogical behavior and now we got to constantly watch out for those retards riding white motorcycles roaming around the neighborhood to issue summons in a trigger happy manner treating their demarcated fiefdom as a cowboy town as demonstrated in the recent case of those funeral vehicles. Do we have to tolerate such nonsense indefinitely? Do we have a choice? Are they not humans devoid of any compassion? Do we want another such case? Click here to read.

PS: Let’s be clear that I do not advocate indiscriminate parking. Illegal parking that causes obstruction e.g. blocking the refuse truck at the rubbish collection centre, dangerous manner causing accidents or blocking pedestrians etc should be enforced. What most of us motorists are saying is that please be more flexible and use some initiative when taking enforcement action against illegal parking offenses. I believe most of us are considerate and take pains not to cause inconvenience to other road users.


Read this newspaper report …

Funeral service provider: Lack of compassion to issue summon

Translated from Wanbao , “运尸车接获罚单 殡葬业者:没人情味“

4 summon tickets in a mere 15 minutes park at the roadside to ferry the body for funeral. Coffin delivery man complains: “Devoid of compassion to issue summon while the deceased and the coffin is still on the vehicle!”. This incident happened at around 1pm on 4th November at the roadside of Jalan Membina Block 22.

A funeral service provider who does not wish to be named complained that during the incident, four lorries were delivering the coffin, the deceased along with some funeral offerings to the funeral site.

As there is only a small road for parking beside the funeral site. Although the road is marked with a double yellow line but the provider still parked the lorries by the roadside out of convience to shift the coffin and the body of the deceased to site.

“We parked the lorries at the small road, got off the lorries to settle some affairs with the deceased’s family. Who would have expected to find 3 vehicles to be summoned within just 15 minutes, each vehicles being fined 100 dollars!”

He said that when the vehicles were being given the summon, the deceased along with the coffin were still on the vehicle, and cannot understand why the traffic warden could not have been more accommodating when they knew that the family is having a funeral, and still went ahead to issue the traffic summon.

He added that, the lorry that was ferrying the coffin had its rear door opened and could clearly see the coffin, the traffic warden surely would have know that they were having a funeral.

To make things worse, apart from 3 of the lorries from the funeral provider were being given the summons, the car of the deceased’s family was also given one summon.

“I know that by parking the vehicles on the double yellow line is a violation of the traffic rules but we can’t possibly drive the vehicles to the multi-storey carpark and then shift the deceased’s body and the coffin from upstairs.”

He feels that the traffic wardens should be more flexible when it comes to handing such incidents, and communicate with the family of the deceased and the funeral service providers.

Deceased’s family help in appeal

The family of the deceased took in the 3 parking summons to help in appealing. The funeral service provider who does not wish to be named revealed that the deceased’s family facing the sorrow of losing one’s daughter still went out of way to take over their 3 summon tickets and expressed their willingness in helping to appeal, this made him very touched.

He said that he has confidence that the appeal will go through but hope that when the traffic wardens face with such circumstances, they could show more compassion in handling of the situation.

Zheng Hai Chuan – Mostly accommodating

Funeral service provider: If traffic parking rules are violated, traffic warden would mostly accomodate.

Local well-known funeral service provider, Zheng Hai Chuan said during an interview that the providers would park the vehicles to park at the road nearest to the funeral site, which sometimes would evidently foul the law.

“Sometimes the bus which ferry the friends and relatives of the deceased would also park by the roadside but not for a long time”

He said that most traffic wardens would be compassionate. if the funeral service provider require to park their vehicles on a double-yellow lane, they would give allowance as these vehicles will only park a while before driving off.

He would also communicate with the traffic wardens and never met with funeral vehicles being issued summons before.

“Maybe the traffic warden do not know that this vehicle is related to funeral, and so issued the summons”

Click here for the link

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16 Responses to Summons till you see stars!

  1. agongkia says:

    On summon and allegation of illegal parking… Towkay always tell me not to blame on others but blame ourselves for being Suay.

    He told me he even receive summon for illegal parking when he just stop to pick up someone and not being approach by any enforcement officer or seen any.Went to see them,they ask whether he want to pay 150 in Court or 100 at the counter.

    Even when he seek help from the Sissco PRC look charbor attendant when he has doubt on the way on how to tear 2 fifty cent coupons for an half an hour parking before he left his vehicle,she can tell him its the correct way to tear it but summon him when he went away before he return within 20 minutes.Went “YoU aRe A” and the Ah Beng counter service officer without tie ,button undone,ready to report off before 5 pm,,can even tell him its not their duty to teach one how to tear coupon.Feedback to the so call Quality Service Manager and they claim attendant claim never see him on the day on incident and if they saw him,they would have make a entry in their pocket books…Bluff who.Think my Towkay never don on uniform before….Worse are those who hide in a corner or private industrial van driven by their abang and summon you when you just left to deposit a check .
    He even receive summon when he display it….

    He ,bery good,chia chooloot, OB good,,likely a peepee ,always tell himself that these are isolated incidents as he has confident in our PS21 or something like that and still think that our civil servants are the best .He dun know his feed backs are seen as complaints.

    He is not one who would have the time or enjoy spending hours and tearing coupon just to see them to seek waiver of a 6 dollar fine and is just trying to highlight some discrepancies that may harm our image,causing more unhappiness on the Authority, if not look into.

    He finally learn of a way after watching a Hong Kong movie.In the movie,they shows how those SamKooLokPor outside a temple using Bhakiak,Khakiak,slippers and clogs to hit on the floor on something and read out who they curse to go away.

    He know leow,maybe he offended the Seow Jin that year.Bad luck is on him.
    He started to do the same thing like what the SamKoo did and mention “You aRe A”……You R A….

    He told me surprisingly,he has not receive any more summon after that .He is now more happy .Sometimes its your luck.I suggest you try what my Towkay did and this is the best time to do something and forget about the past.I wish you every success.

  2. Sigh.. when a law enforcer yayapapaya, he’s in for a downfall. A more gracious society? Really? Wait long long when leaders ain’t doing it.

  3. Tell you a face palm story. Friend in car park, proper lot, properly parked, driver friend in car, waiting for wife who’d be arriving within the minute. Out came the parking warden. Friend took initiative to approach warden and explained that he’ll be off in a jiffy. Warden say ‘ok ok’and walked away.
    Wife came from the left, walking hurriedly, warden came from the right, hurriedly too. Wife opened door to take passenger seat. Warden slammed a ticket and ran away. Friend face palm.

    • Lol! Really langgar dah! KNN!

    • SG Girl says:

      Can’t your friend file a complaint? If the warden said ‘ok’ then walked away, legally he’s agreed not to issue summon.

    • Fatty says:

      Honest speaking, if the driver is in the car seat, how could the warden summon him?? Makes no sense….

  4. Meat to him, poison to others says:

    One man’s meat is another man’s poison. Perhaps an “unwritten” quota of summons issued daily is part of the LTA enforcement officer’s KPI (key performance indicator). If he is nice and compassionate, he would not have become an enforcement officer, or even remain in his job.

    So just blame on motorist/motocyclist bad luck to encounter an LTA enforcement officer.

  5. agongkia says:

    SG Girl,
    You think summon is like mango ah? Can suka suka complain.
    Complain to the mango seller that they gave you a rotten mango they will give you a new one .
    Feedback to them that you are innocent they will think you are another complaint king trying to ask for waiver.

    • SG Girl says:

      It’s a matter of principle. Those wearing uniforms given authority to give summons must act responsibly. I don’t care if that burger’s superiors think I’m a complaint queen. I only care my wallet is $100 less because that burger summoned me after giving me the impression that I would not be summoned, thus causing unnecessary stress to me.
      Perhaps I should consider getting glasses with built in cameras like those cars. They could capture road bullies’ face and in times of accident, show evidence. If law can’t protect me, at least I could upload it to prove my innocence.
      Some years back someone’s friend was summoned for parking illegally near his office open carpark. He called up the department to argue his case. See, he bought seasonal parking but there weren’t enough parking lots. So technically its not his fault. He’s reasoning was accepted but was asked to go down personally to write off the summon. That guy refused saying:”Firstly it’s not my fault that there are insufficient carpark lots and the fact I have paid for seasoning parking. Secondly you want me to spend my time to drive down during office hours, pay for parking then go and see you to write off the summon? Please get your manager to talk to me.” His summon was waived on the spot.
      Moral of the story: 1) If you’re rich, engage lawyer to fight your case. 2) Not rich; be aggressive and loud.

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  7. sad sinkie says:

    Here there are many who had problems with chenghu lang (enforcers that represent the Authority).
    At Downtown East, the security staff are facing unreasonable and abusive visitors and chalet customers.
    Despite the apparent increase in security personnel after a killing case, it seems that the place is one to avoid. Maybe a police post at the entrance into the chalets would provide a better sense of security and safety.

  8. Alan says:

    Now the illegal parking enforcement officers/ladies are armed with digital cameras. The 1st thing they do is to take photo first, don’t even care whether the driver is away for a 5 min despatch delivery or toilet relief. Pity the lorry or despatch driver, the summons have to come out from their own pockets. Just ask any of these drivers and most will tell you that their HR Head of Dept has warned them that the companies will not pay for any fines for illegal parking summons.

    As our greedy Ministers have already said, the money (for their enforcement salaries) have to come from somewhere since LTA/URA have now oursourced the enforcement to private agencies like Cisco and therefore I suspect there is unofficial rule that they have to meet a certain quota to issue summons tickets for illegal parking. Otherwise how to explain why are they so hardworking in going about their rounds?

    Then when it’s a Cisco van parked at the roadside double line, they close their eyes and don’t even bother to ask their drivers to move on. Remember it was reported they even issued some dummy blank summons tickets to one of their ka-ki-lan, WTF these enforcement officers even the nerve to cheat the public? And best of all, these same enforcement officers can just anyhow illegally park their own motorcycles at the roadside or on the pedestrian walkway when they are doing their enforcement work?

    And at some of those more quiet roads, these LTA enforcement will try to play a game of musical chairs by clearing those cars parkiing temporary at the roadside while waiting for someone only to force them to move away from their temporary spot but adding more congestion to surrounding roads, only to return when the officer is away. If LTA is so concerned about road congestion, then why do their enforcement officers forcing these temporary parked vehicles to move on the roads only to return later? Looks like some of thse officers have pig brains, not only are they not solving the problems but they are actually making the roads more congested!

    • Question is – Do we have a choice? It seems that there is nothing we could do. We are hapless against them cuz they follow strictly to the letter of the law. Those good old days where we need not watch our backs every single minute whenever we park our vehicles for a while without causing any obstruction or inconvenience to others are gone. This is a new reality now. What’s happening to our increasing compact high density living environment? Sigh!

  9. Ricky Lee says:

    Surely you jest, anyhow park here and there, the jams are bad enough, the failed COE and money crunching ERP’s will mean a population of cars that will be immense, the reason of your article is to question the sanity of such wardens having the power to issue summons, right?.

    I differ from you as after receiving a summon, I question LTA’s training methods and SOP’s in place, clearly parking properly and displaying the coupons for my 1 and half hour stay, I saw a PRC (wearing a LTA uniform), (he was on the phone) staring at my car intensely, I did not receive a ticket that day but had one in the mail, some time later, the only mistake I made was not placing my 3 half hour coupons in order, if I were to be loud as one had mention, it will be my words against his.

    I chose (yes, we do have a choice), to lie about it and made up a story, the summon was revoked, it is not a question of morality or telling the truth, or even standing up for yourself, it’s about learning from the best of the many times we have been lied to, time and time again, the drafted PRC clearly had other intentions and having such bestowed power was left not in check.
    If I were to shout my way in, I would have been slap with the fine, there are no complaint’s department channel set-up within LTA, if they do want quality, they should have taken such initiate to set-up such channels.

    We have to chose the circumstances on when to shout!

  10. Off in Friday? says:

    Hi, like the few new articles u wrote, esp about the LTA officers issuing summons, one thing I’m curious about is how come they are never seen issuing summons to cars on “Friday”? (Sensitive Issue). I got the answer from a fren later.

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