Fine for spitting or vomiting?


My colleague MF was recently booked for the offence of spitting. As usual when there is any appeal letter to write, they would just come to me. I would usually draft a simple, straight to the point appeal letter to the relevant department on their behalf. This time, it is not successful. The appeal was rejected. He has to pay $150 for the offence within 2 weeks or face prosecution in court.

According to MF, he had attended his friend’s birthday party even though he was not feeling well. He decided to leave the party early. He vomited a little when he left the pub where the birthday celebration was held. When the Cisco officer saw him, the latter issued a summon to him for the offence of spitting. MF tried to explain to the Cisco but he refused to listen. Maybe, the latter need to issue that summon to make up his quota for the day? The Cisco officer need to go back with some summons right? If he kept giving chance, he might end up with no summon at the end of the day right?

Maybe, MF was unlucky. Not feeling well and puked is being interpreted as spitting. That is a big difference between them. Anyway, he was advised by the Cisco officer to appeal in writing.

The reply from NEA is that the Cisco officer insisted that MF had spit and not vomited. It is his word against the Cisco officer’s word. Blame it on MF’s ass luck. Just pay and forget the entire matter. No point arguing cuz they will tell you to go to court if you not happy. Either way, you lose. They are the arbitrators. They found you guilty and you just pay up. No point getting a lawyer to defend you cuz it will cost more than your fine. If you going to defend the charge yourself, you may even end losing more.

That is why I ever mentioned before that we are struggling from hand to mouth on a month to month pay-check with our perennial stagnant pay yet got to entertain summons such as this if we are not careful. Once you let your guard down, Cisco officers are always lurking around you to issue summons for littering, illegal parking, urinating (when you can’t find toilet), jaywalking, illegal smoking outside yellow box and yes spitting in public when you actually vomited! You want evidence of the struggling heartlanders? Read here to see for yourself.

I just advised MF to go seek his MP’s help. Be prepared for the long queue and face his MP. It is better than nothing. Hopefully, the MP could help him. If not, just pay up and shut up. No point fighting it in court if you could not move their hearts to waive it or reduce the amount of $150 which is a lot of money to him. It’s 2 days of his wages! No wonder, he was so sad. Can you feel his pain?

Notice No: 2437XY

The Officer In Charge
National Environment Agency
40 Scotts Road
Environment Building #13-00
Singapore 228231

Re: Appeal against the offence of spitting

Please refer to the above matter.

On 8th Sep 12 at 12.20 am, I was booked for the above offence outside a pub along Joo Chiat Road.

On the said day, I was not feeling well. Even though I was unwell, I still attended my friend’s birthday party. Midway through, I decided to go back as I was not well. When I came out of the pub, I puked small amount of vomit on the grass patch. I could not control it. Your officer saw it and booked me for spitting.

It was beyond my control and I did not spit intentionally. I wish to appeal to your office to waive the said summons.

Looking forward to a favourable reply. Thank you for your kind consideration.

Yours Sincerely,




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  1. SG Girl says:

    Oh dear, $150 is a lot of money to me (imagine the number of packets of lasik lemak I could buy @ $ 2.50 each).

    Perhaps next time if similar situation happens to us, we could video ourselves + the vomit as prove?


    • Good morning,
      The moral of the story – set aside a budget at end of month to pay for miscellaneous expenses such as fines like these or weddings or funerals of frens. You will never know what summons you may get. Unless you don’t leave your house at all, if you not careful sure to kena! Langgar!


      • agongkia says:

        I thought you will reply to SG Girl that the moral of the story is to eat something that won’t make one vomit and added that you know where is the best place to get the best and hygiene Nasi Lemak .
        But I also worry SG Girl take too much Nasi Lemak .Must eat Nasi Padang and Lontong sometimes.Stay healthy.


  2. reddotsg says:

    Its seems many gahmen depts are having their KPI assessments done around this period, so their officers have to be xtra on the ball.
    So ya’all nice people out there, please leemember to follow the lor ok?


  3. I Hate Pigs says:

    SUMO – Shut Up, Move On. Not worth the fight. A person with brain fighting with an establishment without brains is unfair advantage.


  4. patriot says:

    秀才遇到乒, 有理讲不清。

    It is impossible to reason with soldier. A Chinese Saying to indicate that one cannot reason with one that oni follows instruction blindly with no sense of reasoning.

    Just too bad to have too many soldiers in our midst including quite a few in our Regime.



    • Azizan says:

      Oh Sinkie Patriot, you again???!!! Oh noooooooooooooo!!!


      • Pls refrain from personal attacks. Comments are welcome but don’t get personal. Thks.


        • Azizan says:

          Not a personal attack on Patriot. Just expressing my exasperation. Anyway no one has to be wrong for me to prove that I am right.


          • Seraphim says:

            I don’t what to make of this logic…

            Your statement is the same as the NTUC Amy made on the Malays. The Malay did nothing wrong, so does this prove that she is right?


  5. agongkia says:

    Think this is a summon month for my towkay.He fails to submit his income tax return as he is computer illiterate and went to seek help twice but due to being too crowded and no parking allowed to him,he was told to seek help later and went after the closing date.Fine S$400.00
    He went through ERP twice without sufficient top up and instead of paying admin charges ,he receive the letter late and payment of S$13.00 not accepted by post office staff due to expiry of grace period.Told to wait .2 summon S$140.00
    Parking at HDB with valid coupon but SUAY SUAY or HENG HENG, met his long lost relatives ,so happy and chat too long.Coupon expired 1 hour.
    Fine S$20.00
    Park his vehicle at loading bay for a while when he intend to buy and load some office chair .Fine $50.00
    Total S$610.00 ,maybe some more coming.
    He ask me which god to pray to ward off his bad luck.I told him Garmen is kind enough to give him 4D number,go buy his summon number and recover back the fine.

    Once I received a letter to pay S$100.00 for illegal parking which I did not.Can Sompah here or lighting can strike me if I lie.The officer tell me either I pay hundred or go court pay 150.I oso LL pay lor.
    Must Support Garmen.Take it as a tax to pay and be happy.No excuses.They will tell your friend everyone will say vomit and where to collect the fine.


    • Just in case your monthly budget for fines is exceeded, just go to MaxiCash run by NTUC. They will very pleased to assist you to pay the fines then they charge you interest. That’s how our economy is run. If no fines, govt got no revenue to function cuz taxes are too low compared to western countries where taxes are so high.


  6. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    Haiz… fine country indeed. What’s next? I eat at hawker centre or coffeeshop, wipe my mouth with tissue paper and drop it on the table… littering? Oh, maybe those who use tissue paper to ‘chop’ table are littering?
    Sorry gintai, remember the case of a woman fined for eating in MRT? Eating a piece of candy?


  7. Photo says:

    should take photo of the spit or vormit on the spot for records purpose when there is a dispute.


    • Errr … It’s on the grass verge. Just a little. Not a lot. Quite difficult to substantiate lah. Whenever they issue you summons for any petty offences (mostly M/sians FT Ciscos), you just pay up or go to court. Which would you prefer? Most of them just pay up LL and blame on their ass luck!


  8. patriot says:

    Me am am extra careful in putting this comment simply because I do not wish nor want to widen any existing divide.

    There are some assumption that me would like to make which may not be accurate or right. Amongst them is that Azizan is not a Chinese whereas I am and I am an atheist which Azizan may not be.
    I am born during colonial time and I strongly believe that Azizan is born post independent Sg.

    While I have been active in blogosphere for about a decade; Azizan may have just come into it recently.

    To me; to be constructive, one has to highlight the flaws, criticize the weakness and reveal the weakness. It never ever occurs to me that constructive means saying positive and nice thing about mistakes. That is the oxymoron patriot. I smoke, drink and gamble but detest vice, I dislike sycophants and sweet talkers, however straight and honest uneducated and innocent folks are welcome anytime.

    Rightly or wrongly; do kindly correct me; I got the feeling that this Amy Case has given rise to opportunist(s) to further and widen existing divides and I have to be sensitive not to let it happens and me made use of. I would not want to aid instigator(s) to achieve his/her purpose.

    As for hiding behind a nick, nicks I do use from time to time including anon, see no issue with them. For the many bloggers and netizens whom I met and meet in person for the past many years and the many social activists that did/does the same, they know that I was the one to call for bloggers/netizens to meet in person some years ago at theonlinecitizen somewhere in 2006. Despite well meaning warnings from many netizens, I had over the years met many respectable bloggers/netizens amongst them is our Dear Gintai.

    Like to say this; like any others, I choose and pick like minded people to mix with, interact and socialize with. As a senior citizen, I am fully aware of age/generation and knowledge/experience gaps. Hence, it will be normal to me should there be differences in viewpoints and I will be most happy to read or hear them. Rest assure that I will be all ears, however, I am likely to read/hear and remain silent if I find them not worth further discussion.



    • Rick Eaton Chan says:

      Patriot, since you are a senior citizen and also consider yourself a veteran commentator on blogs, you may want to remind yourself why The Straits Times only publishes letter from people who are willing to use their real names and stand up and be held accountable for their views. For your kind consideration below is a good example of a credible person who uses his real name and does not hide behind nicks:

      From Forum, The Straits Times, 7 Oct 12:
      Can the rule of law keep a lid on racism?

      I am 76 years old and in my experience – and view – racial tendencies will never go away because they are inborn. They rear their heads when a person discriminates against and is inconsiderate to others (‘NTUC fires exec over online racist remarks’; Tuesday).

 Racial tendencies are not usually open and overt in Singapore because of the rule of law and a capable, dedicated and committed political leadership over the past 50 years; which is also why Singapore is vibrant economically and has a stable government that ensures a just and equal society where meritocracy and justice prevail for all.

The question now is: Can Singaporeans control and restrain their innate race-tinctured tendencies now and in the future to staunch potential violence, given the wanton freedom that the Internet, especially the social media, has unravelled?
      Goh Chan Yak


  9. SP says:

    I think it is wrong to encourage people to appeal on the basis that “nowadays they want your vote”. Government departments should not have to come under fire to bend and sway their implementation of the law based on political games. I do not think this is the kind of society we should aspire to be.


  10. Azizan says:

    @Seraphim, when I said “…no one has to be wrong for me to prove that I am right” I wasn’t referring to the recent Amy fiasco at all. How in the world did you connect that with what I said? Who’s the illogical one here?
    @Patriot, I am a senior citizen too.
    Have a great life, both.
    He who is logical and possesses understanding RESTS.


    • Seraphim says:

      It is a comparison of your statement and I used it as an example because it is very recent.

      Another way example is ‘XXX people are lazy and silly, they do not have to do anything wrong to prove I am right.’

      What the example meant to imply is that, the statement you made is egocentric and not convincing.


  11. Ace says:

    Cut income and corporate taxes for the rich. Also remove estate duty for the rich, then come and pick on the poor people to fine them to get that extra revenue! It is definitely more productive to do the reverse. Langgar!


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