Filial Piety the best virtue; Lascivious the worst sin revisited!


Yesterday was my off day. It’s quite rare that I got an off day. Usually I work on my off days and even continue with OT on my working days. With such low stagnant pay for more than 10 years and having to cope with the ever rising costs of living, I have to work virtually round the clock to earn extra. My colleagues used to say “meter must keep running lah!” They talk as if they are driving a taxi. Meter must keep running or else you are in deep shit – we got all kinds of bills and often summons to pay at end of the month you know?

Yesterday, I decided to bring my mother for a sumptuous lunch. I told her not to cook. I will bring her to Serangoon Road to admire the Deepavali decorations and we would lunch there. My younger brother tagged along. It was raining when we left Pasir Ris via the KPE exited Sims Ave, turned into Geylang Rd and off to Serangoon Rd.

Of course, my mother loves it. She always likes outings. It is one of those rare occasions where I’m not working and “my meter not running” that I would bring her out. Usually my other two brothers bring her out. Going out with me, my mother says is as good as strike 4-D! Alamak! What a langgar remark.


Just after we exited KPE stopping at the traffic lights junction about to make a right turn into Geyland Road, exactly opposite the Shell petrol kiosk on my left, I saw something that caught my eye. Yes, it is the same huge painting on the wall of a row of old pre-war shop houses with the wordings “百善孝为先!万恶淫为首!” The exact phrase is a replica found on the wall of Sim Lim Tower along Jln Besar which caused lots of controversy when it first surfaced. Now it is cloned here. I did blog about it here.



That is interesting. The question on my mind is that why this person would want to spend lots of money delivering this didactic message to the public. Since it is written in Chinese, only those who understand Chinese would understand – not all Chinese could read Chinese! That includes those PRCs of course. Who is that mysterious person? Is it an act of remorse or repentance? Did he suffer much misfortune and repented so much that he make it his mission to tell the whole world about the evils of lust, lasciviousness decadent that prompted him to spend so much money to broadcast this old Chinese didactic idiom to unsuspecting innocent minds?

Basically, the message is trying to tell us that filial piety is the highest order amongst the 100 virtues we know of. Out of the 100 virtues, filial piety is number 1. The next phrase says that out of the 10,000 sins, lust or lasciviousness decadent is the worse evil. That is a sombre message indeed. If you examine closely, there is a buddha image next to it. Obviously this person must be a buddhist also. Buddhist monks are celibate. They treat sex, lust, women and other earthly pleasures of the flesh as temporal and insignificant impermanence in this short life span.

Just for the sake of argument. If only every human on earth adheres strictly to this message “百善孝为先!万恶淫为首!”, do you think “ice cream queen” Cecilia the slutty cobra would have any chance to entice that itchy monkey and gave him four mindless blow jobs with a record breaking $640,000 price tag? What about those 44 itchy monkeys getting involved with a underage baby cobra ending up charged in court with their lives and careers ruined? Even some of our school teachers also could not escape this carnal pleasure of the flesh temptation and it’s addiction! The forbidden fruit is always there to tempt you if let down your guard! (or fly?)

This phrase also refers to the greed, avarice and mindless profits that lead to all the ills in society. The weak, wretched and dispossessed are relentlessly exploited by the rich and powerful for more profits. It is sin that begets more sin that has gone haywire in our society. That message serves a warning to all those who pause to ponder on its significance. I wonder if that person behind this message is one of those sinners who now deeply repents and resorts to broadcast this message? It has the eerie semblance to Samuel Coleridge’s classic “Rime of the Ancient Mariner” where the ancient sailor accidentally killed the friendly albatross leading to the death of all his shipmates. He then went around spreading his message of repent and sorrow?

I was disturbed by that message “百善孝为先!万恶淫为首!” which is displayed prominently at the busy intersection of Geylang Road and Sims Avenue. The same message has travelled from Sim Lim Tower at Jln Besar to Geyland Road – our officially condoned red light area where slutty cobras roam in the dark alleys and back-lanes along the glittering stretch of Geylang Road populated with PRCs and others. Will it replicate itself elsewhere? We shall see if it gets to People’s Park where slutty cobras of another specimen also slither freely in the vicinity.


Don’t believe me? You harbour doubts of what I said?

Try exploring there yourself under the cover of darkness and you will be amazed. You are spoilt for choice! Whenever I accidentally wander into that Xanadu dome of forbidden pleasure, I always do silent chantings like a monk to keep my spirit steady and not lose my self-control succumbing to one of those slutty cobras always lurking in the background. After all, I am just a normal human with needs. For less than a hundred bucks, you could park yourself for the night in the comfort of a lubricious spring-well with nice luxurious shrubbery!

What is life? I have turned the wheel of life – sunrise and sunset with the changing festivals and seasons throughout the year for the past 49 yearly cycles yet I remain susceptible to temptations of the flesh. What if you were filthy rich with tons of money like that langgar Ferrari driver? All the slutty cobras in the whole world will be at your command. That is what I meant by decadence. That could be the main reason why emperors always died young. Think about it. One ice-cream Cecilia and you are doomed forever. Come back in your next life to start afresh. Is it worth it? What do you think?

PS: Agonkia, I would like to hear from you since you worship all women like living goddesses!



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27 Responses to Filial Piety the best virtue; Lascivious the worst sin revisited!

  1. pumpkin says:

    Did you remember to give your mother a good lunch?

  2. agongkia says:

    First of all,I must congratulate your parent for having bringing up filial children like you and your siblings.For those who are not so well to do or busy,not necessary must have special meals.A simple act like visiting our parent or grandparent or even uncles and aunties once a while, if we are not staying with them,will be touching enough to me.

    Hehe..You have got the wrong target as I am not an expert in this subject .All my comments on charbor should be treated as a joke and not to be taken seriously.
    To me,woman are meant to be sayang and pampered but not to spoil them.Many tais tais and aunties I met claim to be widowed or divorcee when they see me which I doubt.
    One thing I am against is those who get involved with somebody’s wife or husband.

    IMO,due to special circumstances,visiting prostitutes, so long as one take precaution ,is more acceptable to me compare to having a mistress here since we do not allow polygamy.Prostitutes seldom wreck one’s family compare to mistress who may treat one better even than the wife but chances of ending up in divorce is higher.
    To me taking care of the welfare and needs of slutty cobras is also a good deed .You also claim emperors die young but they die without regret.

    As the Ice cream case is on going now and so as not to affect the judgement,my apology for not giving my view on this case.Thanks for having me mentioned.

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  4. patriot says:

    Woman is said to be loved and not for man(and other woman too, me assumes) to understand. Agongkia must have attained the highest understanding of womanfolk to say what he had said.

    The ancient Chinese Saying ‘红颜祸水’ reminds manfolk to be wary of beautiful and attractive women. Reason for it was that a beauty can cause the downfall of a dynasty and or nation. In the Chinese Literature ‘封神旁'(The Deities), the great beauty ‘妲姬’ got the emperor bewitched to do all kind of cruel and sinful deeds. The people as well as the imperial court suffered greatly from her evilness.

    Anyway, filial piety is a primary tenet of Chinese Culture and so is ‘三从四徳’.


    • SG Girl says:

      Why is it that when men get caught for cheating their spouses, fingers would be pointed to the women (being the seducer)? Were these men forced to have affairs at knife point?

      Most ancient Chinese sayings discriminate women. While men could have many wives and concubines, women were told to strictly follow the rules of being a good wife otherwise the husbands could divorce them. So look at these sayings with wisdom, don’t believe wholesale.

      • In modern society as opposed to ancient, there was this inequality of sexes. You got the point there. Now it’s equality of sexes. But then men serve NS and women don’t if you are for the idea of complete equality of sexes?

        • SG Girl says:

          If women do not need to have nine months pregnancies and bear labor pain, then women should go for NS.

          To blame women for the affairs with other husbands ain’t fair. If you don’t like durians no one can force you to eat. The husbands should be answerable to the wives, not the other women.

          Note : I’m not saying affairs morally right.

          • That is why we have The Women Charter to protect women’s rights. We don’t have Men Charter. No one protects our rights. Govt or rather the law protects women. Not all men are addicted to affairs. Some men doesn’t mean all men are itchy monkeys. Just do more chantings to control your urges and don’t wander into those places i.e. nightclubs, massage parlours etc

          • Seraphim says:

            SG Girl

            Not only are females exempted from NS, they enjoy some other hidden perks because of gender inequalities and society norms. For example, in a divorce case, a male have to compensate the female for alimony regardless of the fact , who gets the children and if both of them are working. A woman touch a man’s butt, the man shouted ‘Molest’, people will give him the strange look. A man touch a woman’s butt, the woman shouted ‘Molest’, the man will either have to be quick on his legs or he have to drink coffee with the police soon. (This is just an example, I am not saying sexual harassment is right.)

            Males do enjoy certain hidden perks, but as Gintai stated before, women have ‘The Women Charter’ to fight for their rights, while men had to suck their thumb.

            Women can choose not to be pregnant by using contraception or avoid sex altogether. Having a child normally requires the consent of both parties (Rape is a different case) and the female have the final choice of having the baby or not. (Abortion) A fair numbers of men had to handle the ‘music’ by women especially when they are on their periods as their body is facing hormonal changes and it can cause them to act impulsively. Lets face its just part of the human body and there are pro and cons for both parties. And NS is not a choice made by males and not part of the body system.

            I also disagree with fingers being pointed at women as the seducer, both parties were blamed for different things. The male faces a harsh repercussion because of the affair and it can take a toll on his career. Take a look at Bill Clinton or more locally Jack Neo.

            When an affair happens, it happens for different reasons and can be the fault of either party. It may be the man is just an itchy monkey, but it can also be because he was neglected at home by his wife.

  5. patriot says:

    Talking about ‘不孝'(unfilial), Singaporeans more or less are guilty to some extend.

    不孝有三, there are 3 unfilial deeds; the cardinal one is the failure to produce successor for the family(tribe), thereby endangering the tribe to become extinct.

    The next one is the failure to provide food and care for parents when they old and frail.

    It is follow by the failure to provide a burial ground as the final resting place(入土为安) is of the most important rite of the Chinese Tradition and Custom( this has no religious significance nor of superstition).

    In Sin, few are buried now, either because it is too expensive to do so or too much hassle especially when exhumation is always on the card. Once buried, the Chinese will not want the dead to be ‘disturbed’, not even once.

    Anyway, few Chinese are fidel to their ethnic culture and filial piety has been relegated many tiers after money. Now, the older Chinese care little about their childrens’ filial nature. Many has given up the hope of depending on their offsprings.

    The Government Of Sin even implemented Parent Maintenance Law just that parents will be taken care by their unfilial children. Instead of inculcating family bond and traditional values, the Government is forcing filial piety. Lolx……..


    • agongkia says:

      That is why I say Charbor Association cause many unfilial children.A man marry for the purpose of producing son to carry on with his family line.The wife is unable to produce due to some reason.She has no objection to allow the husband to marry a mistress.But they say polygamy not allowed.They dun know the importance of this filial piety.

      • Agongkia,
        Don’t anyhow say about Charbor Association. They are powerful. Even the govt got to respect them ok?

        • agongkia says:

          I said Charbor Association lah.I never say Women Association.
          Anyway,for such filial Sinkies to have baby boy,he will have to travel elsewhere to have a second home just because bigamy is punishable by law here.Instead of producing babies here,he has to produce babies elsewhere and many daft sinkies blame them for having mistress oversea.They are just trying to be filial and can face their ancestor. Whats wrong with that .Its not easy to be a male Sinky.

  6. SG Girl says:

    My comment of unfairness toward women is only based on the situation where an affair happened (as fingers always point toward the female adulterer). To bring in women not doing NS and Women’s Charter is totally irrelevant and is really a different topic, in my opinion. I was trying to point out Patriot’s “红颜祸水” (beautiful women are the cause of a downfall of an empire); which in modern days, also describe women (being the third party) as the cause of failed relationships (be it marriages or even friendships); the saying basically discriminates women in this aspect.

    • patriot says:

      Me will not call it discrimination against woman. Rather, it is a reminder and caution to manfolk not to be too flirty and or to be too easily fall prey to ones’ own ‘lasciviousness’.

      红颜祸水was empirically evidenced in Chinese as well as in all other societies. Such that it is accepted as one of the Archilles Heel of most men, Rulers included.


      • Patriot,
        You are referring to “英雄难过美人关” which is true and proven throughout the ages whether in China or elsewhere. Remember, “Helen” the face that launched a thousand ships in Ancient Greece or Rome?

        I prefer 红颜知己 lah. Will Sg girl be the one? Lol!

        • agongkia says:

          I am sure you haven’t buy her mango that you had promised in one of your thread and you dare to wonder whether she can be your 红颜知己?Tan koo koo

          • Agongkia,
            Hey are you monitoring us? It’s true that I have yet to get her favourite mangoes. If only do it earlier than me, then maybe she could be your 红颜知己!I thought you are a master in handling womenfolk? Lol!

          • SG Girl says:

            Wow I don’t even remember about the mangoes…. Angongkia, you scarry leh…

          • I also forgot abt it until reminded by agongkia just now! Alamak! He’s scary indeed!

  7. agongkia says:

    I have respect for married woman.I am now at TR Emeritus to save Amy Cheong who accidentally pass some sensitive remark in blog and is in hot soup.I hope to save her from more harm.No time to monitor you all.But remember what I said,ladies are meant to be pampered and sayang.Dun bully them ok?

    • So now you want to save our Amy Cheong from all the cyber attacks etc. 英雄救美?
      I heard that she got an ang mo hubby? Not sure about that.

      • patriot says:

        Agongkia cares not the status of any damsel in distress. He seems to hav
        菩萨心肠 towards all females.

        Gintai owes mango to Sg Girl, Agongkia also owes liang teh to Gintai. Can i be witness to all of You paying your dues?

        • Lol! My blog not only serves as a platform for social discourse but also friendship. It’s just like virtual coffee shop where we chit chat in our own homes or elsewhere without meeting up physically at one place. Thks for all your comments and support over the one yr period. I’m happy to “meet” you all here though I don’t know how you all look like except patriot I ever met him before. Langgar!

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  9. ufo says:

    Not all parents are good to their children. This value is there so the state transfer the responsibility of looking after the old to their children and also to produce the next generation of slaves for the rulers of the state. Imagine a world when the state sent all the young to the war and none came back, the state is responsible for the old people daily needs.

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