Innovative ideas at TNM train crew station

When I reported to work yesterday afternoon, I saw something unusual. Just in front of CMT office in TNM station where we do our clocking, I saw a 30″ LCD TV displaying all the latest reminders, instructions, Do’s and Dont’s in slide show mode. It’s similar to power point presentation showing slide after slide after few seconds.




Just then, our No:1 – MTS Ivan walked over and asked about the new display? We were impressed of course. Some of us reporting for the afternoon shift were crowding around gawking at it.

It’s a new concept he’s trying out. No need to paste or pin all the instructions and reminders all over the place. So unsightly. Even the notice board also can’t accommodate so many instruction sheets, so they started pasting on the doors, walls or whatever places they could find. Really langgar!

How did he do it? The secret lies in the small media player. Those instructions are captured and converted to JPec files. They are then downloaded to the media player attached to the LCD TV where it’s played as slide shows.


Mind you, everything from the LCD TV to the media player is sponsored by MTS Ivan. Besides the efforts he put in to collate the tons of instructions, standing orders, reminders etc into the sideshows, he even brought the equipment from home for use here. He seems proud of his innovative idea. He is asking around from the staff for their feedback.

When I sign for my radio set and EMU key at CMT office, I notice that the tip of the ballpen has a tiny hole. A string runs through it and attached to the file. Usually, it’s scotch taped. Now it looks neat and clean without the ugly plaster of scotch tape securing the string to ballpen end.

Every now and then, those ballpens got ‘legs’ and always gone missing. A string is used to fasten it to the file to prevent it from ‘walking’ away. There are at least 4 or 5 files for different types of equipment issued, attendance records, health declaration or reminders to acknowledge etc. As such we need to chain the pen to the files to prevent it from missing every now and then.

I’ve yet to find out who did the hole “drilling” at the tip of the ballpoint pen. It’s so clever of him to come up with this novel yet simple idea but we never realize it until it’s done.

Station Manager Chia saw it and full of praise saying that ballpens are always missing at his side. He was wondering how the tiny hole is done? Is it using a battery operated hand drill to do the job? We will have to find out. We are curious how that tiny hole was created? Maybe, those ballpoint pen manufacturers should be doing that. I’m sure there will be demand especially from my company.

It shows that sometimes if we are willing to examine things closer and study deeper, many innovations and improvements could be done in our work place thus improving efficiency and productivity.





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5 Responses to Innovative ideas at TNM train crew station

  1. Sgcynic says:

    It’s all in the mindset. Great ideas come from an inquisitive, positive thing mind, a willingness to experiment and test out new ideas. An encouraging environment and appreciative stakeholders help.

  2. Expensive price says:

    Tot all ideas r stupid unless u pay slot for them. How is possible to get quality for free? Better means pay more – where got – Gintai doing slick sales job – pos-it notes is best – when no power u can still read!

    In truth, it is really fantastic MTO using own funds to do these innovations. More productivity at no cost – more profits for whom?

  3. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    The best ideas come from people actually doing the work. Sgcynic is absolutely right.

    • Ape,
      It reminds me of the anecdotic case of NASA. When the astronauts go to space, due to gravity force, pens can’t be used. They spent tons of money trying to invent a pen that could be used in space. After many yrs of research and money, they succeeded!
      Whereas, the Russians just use a pencil. Pencil has no ink. Gravity has no effect. No need to use special pen in space. A simple and cheap pencil serves the purpose. Really langgar!

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