Build barriers to obstruct the handicapped?


Just take a closer look at the above picture. See those shinning chrome barriers along the common walkway. Does it not tell you anything? Obviously, those wheelchairs will have difficulty negotiating through them especially if he is alone. Those barriers were put up to deter cyclists from riding along the walkway says the town council GM.

Do you remember the case of a pitiful 40-year old cyclist, father of two, got paralyzed from the neck down, after hitting a metal barrier at Bedok Reservoir Rd overhead bridge many years back? Our hero, then ex-MP Ong Kian Min of Tampines GRC had the LTA installed barrier taken down immediately? Read related news article here.


Some retards just don’t seem to learn from past mistakes or disasters right? Putting up so many barriers all over the estate to prevent cyclists from cycling? Come on, if town councils got too much money to throw around, pls give a more sensible reason. When money not enough, don’t ever try to increase conservancy charges.

We know from the daily drummings from our leaders that we are having a growing pool of aging citizens in our midst, yet we have idiots getting paid tens of thousands of dollars to run HDB estates by building more and more obstacles giving problems to the elderly.

We should be building more facilities and amenities which are elderly friendly instead of giving them headache. They say they already tested those barriers before installation. Really? It reminds me of someone saying that we test to justify it NOT to disapprove of it. If anything goes wrong, we can always say we already tested and tried it! CYA or cover your arse, you know? Langgar!

One look at the picture will tell you that it clearly obstructs free movement of a wheelchair. What to test? KNN!


My colleague mentioned that near to his place at Blk 127 Tampines St 11, similar barriers are also installed making it wheelchair unfriendly. How stupid can they get when the government spent tons of money to build covered walkways to the bus stop or overhead bridges for residents to use only to deny those on wheelchair.

It seems that fools think alike whether they are from East Coast, Tampines, Sushi or LTA. What’s happening to those highly paid town council GMs?

If you want get those cyclists riding on the walkways or void decks, despite the ineffectiveness of putting up $5,000 fine notices everywhere, pls think of other solution. The Disabled People’s Association (DPA) won’t cowpeh and cowbu if those barriers do not affect them. Got it? Or you still want to argue? KNN! What a langgar solution to your cyclist problem.


Fortunately, my town council is run by sensible people with high EQ. We don’t have such anti-elderly barriers installed. Look at the estate walkways beside the roads. They are making it even more accessible to wheelchair. Kudos to them for thinking of our handicapped and having their welfare at heart.





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20 Responses to Build barriers to obstruct the handicapped?

  1. Lohcifer says:

    Less able people have a hard time here. One of the exercises I do at team-building is to have participants blind-folded and walk around (there are learning points in this activity) and most participants have a difficult time so imagine the less able among us who have to deal with their problems on a daily basis. We haven’t got it right. We are not a handicap-friendly nation. On the one hand we want to prevent cyclists from crashing into people on pedestrian walkways and on the other hand we want to facilitate movement for the less able. It is hard. If the populace is mature, cyclists won’t have to be blocked by erected barriers and the handicapped and their wheelchairs would have easy access but that’s a long way from now. Meantime some wisdom must be exercised when planning for the handicapped – wider walkways, angled ramps, elevators big enough to accommodate wheel chairs, handicapped toilets, etc. Buildings should be audited for handicap-readiness. And talking about wisdom, discernment is also required. I wonder if there’s a formula for the requisite number of parking lots for the handicapped in carparks. Sometimes I see buildings that are absolutely handicap-unfriendly having an out-of-proportion number of carpark lots for the handicapped. I suspect if every handicapped person in Singapore decides to all drive on the same day, we would still have more than enough handicapped parking lots. This is what I mean by using brains – just throwing in an abundance of parking lots for the handicapped doesn’t make a building handicap-friendly. Sometimes I wonder what those people at the top making all those decisions sitting on their fat asses and enjoying huge salaries are really thinking.

    • Lol! It’s part and parcel of our “National Wayang” culture. Throw in a few generous handicapped parking lots at ground floor to show they care, concern and got big heart for handicapped and disabled ppl. But if you examine closer, they really deny so much to the wheelchair bound like in the case of putting up barriers everywhere example quoted in the article. Langgar!

      • Expensive price says:

        Get the responsible minister(s) and his management team to sit in a wheelchair and do a systematic mobile audit of housing estates and public spaces – MND LTA HDB SMRT SBS and Mayors/MPs of town councils sud be involved. Make Singapore a caring society thru leadership – monkey see monkey do.

    • ape@kinjioleaf says:

      I understand that MND do have certain guidelines with regards to handicap access. Quite comprehensive and balanced, in my own opinion.
      Specific to HDB carparks, I’m not sure. But going by what I understand from my Town Council, handicap lots are on needs basis. That is TC will apply to HDB to convert the nearest available lot for handicap resident (or wheelchair bound elderlies) if there is.

  2. patriot says:

    To me, the Leaders in Sin have big brains, no mind.
    They have big hearts, no conscience.
    Almost all must be very loaded, hardly spent because
    they are wary of attracting wild guesses and speculations
    about their wealth.

    Sin is full of irony and paradox.

    The Housing Minister cools the property market and yet
    property price keeps going up, see what i mean?



    • Expensive price says:

      Free markets need strong regulatory framework – monetizing disincentives is only effective when there is no massive QEs and resultant economic distortion – every rich guy regionally n globally is looking for a “safe haven” to store fast eroding monetary value of his cash – properties in Singapore is such an asset class – for foreigners ABSD is not a great obstacle. A building bubble is building fast – low rents and high priced property and low wages – something has to give – bigger the bubble greater the damage to the economy.

  3. Ex SMRT Taxi Driver says:

    Do we have such problem in the past?
    Who caused it by bringing more cyclist on the “road”?
    This is selfish behaviour that being imported!
    Money anyhow spent, because is not their $$.
    Agree with patriot mentioned above…
    Cheers to our great leader for brining in more xxxxx???

  4. agongkia says:

    It appear to me that building of barriers is not to cause inconvenience to handicap or to prevent cyclist though it appear to be.
    The block that I am staying have unusual barriers too but I dun know what is the purpose.They fix and dismantle,fix and…..
    Maybe they are helping to create jobs .Maybe they have excess fund and need to clear.
    Lucky not me in charge,else I will create contract jobs of any kind that appear to benefit the handicap but actually is for my secret purpose of looking out for my SeeSeelia kah kee Narng .

    • Langgar says:

      It reminds me of the $2,200 foldable bicycle case. Yes, giving the tender or contract to their ferns. If netizens did not expose this shame in our incorruptible civil service, it will be business as usual. Thks to the Internet where they can no longer hide their monkey business such as 4 BJs for $640,000! Langgar!

      • Expensive price says:

        Have u wondered how the BJing was ever discovered- after all there was no audience or witnesses – how did the ice cream eating ever get reported? Stalking voyeur? Bugged by transmitter-camera? Liberated BJ artiste? Dramatized Report based on”true events” or secret new “Minority Report” technology – whatever it is great wayang and sells meuspapers

  5. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    Facepalm on those pics of barrier in void decks and sheltered linkways.

    No doubt there are inconsiderate motorcyclist and bicyclists who abuse these pavements but these inconsiderate and ignorant are few. A couple of warning letters or fines usually deter them. Do we need to go to the extent of installing barriers to the inconvenience of wheelchair bound residents, trolley using elderlies and stroller using new parents?

    • You forgot to mention wasting residents’ money also. When money not enough, they simply increase your mthly C&S charges! KNN!

  6. pumpkin says:

    I think the use of bollards in public housing estates serves a useful purpose to prevent motorised vehicle from encroachment into common areas in public housing estates endangering public safety and causing noise nuisance, It has its detractors. The bollards are an eye sores and hinderance to the handicapped.I support their removal and replace with firm and tough enforcement action against motorised vehicles found in foot paths and common areas.

  7. zen says:

    What seems to be sorely missing in this country is consideration for others and common sense. And tolerance.

    • WL says:

      Yes, typical response from those in charge, isn’t it? Punish everyone due to the action of a few. Now, which is more inconvenient – a few cyclists or permanent metal barriers on the walkways? Epic fail! Really langgar!

  8. How about a horizontal height barricade that is above the typical height of someone on a wheelchair but hinders those on a motorcycle / bicycle? At the very least they will have to slow down.

  9. PC Pang says:

    Yep. Town Councils do squander money on useless white elephant monster projects and then use these “amenities” as a perpetual reason to raise conservancy fees. The Holland Bukit Panjang TC just build a few km long covered link way all the way from Petir Road to Cashew Road ending at the B Panjang Primary School! The entire stretch of link way has seats / and megawatt lighting and must have cost a bomb to build and more to maintain as the years roll by. The irony of it is that all the blocks adjacent to this linkway are already linked by covered walkways,, so what’s the purpose of this huge project that’s of no use to anyone. I wrote an email to the TC GM,months ago, but no courtesy of a reply..

    • You shld publish that email here for all to see telling the whole world they don’t bother to reply. I assure you they will reply after you publish it here! Give a try.

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