From fluorescent lightings to LED lightings in all HDB estates

Indian worker Suresh

Over the last few days, I noticed that the common areas near to my block of flats are especially bright. So much brighter than before. There is a clear difference. When I looked around, I saw some of the workers fixing ceiling lightings at the void deck. They already done the common corridors. Earlier on, I came back home I saw all the ceiling lightings at the void deck were fitted with brand new 2 feet lamps. They are definitely brighter than before.

Last Sun, I saw some Indian workers fixing those lightings. I approached them to find out more. I learnt that they were from the Indian state of Tamilnadu. In other words, they are Tamils just like our locals. I started throwing a few Tamil phrases such as “Anei, How’s the going?”, “Eaten already?” Not forgetting my favorite, “Baduah” and “Née keelay naan maylay” taught by ex-Train Officer Arasu who has recently gone over to the dark side! Lol! Pochi ! I think CMT Tony’s Tamil is so much better. He could even converse in broken Tamil asking our “tangkachi” for a date! Langgar!

It’s a pity that I only know a few Tamil phrases. Learning Tamil is never easy, especially the correct pronunciation. I think my Punjabi is so much better than my Tamil – it’s easier to pronounce. They say that to learn an alien language fast, one need only to start learning those filthy words first. It’s so much easier to learn those foul words than normal words. When I let go a string of Tamil expletives, those Indian workers started giggling non-stop. They were so shocked that a Chinese could scold in their own language! It kind of broke off their monotonous work in a lazy afternoon.

Once, I have broken the ice with those Indian workers from Tamilnadu, my next step to extract information from them is much easier. I started talking to Suresh who seems to speak better English than the rest. I asked what were they doing? Why were they changing all the lightings everywhere? They told me that they were contractors engaged by the town council to change all the lightings in the estate. They told me the new lighting which is standard 2 feet instead of 4 feet previously is LED. No ‘starter’ and no fluorescent tube. Just LED bulb which can last for more than 5 years. No need to maintain for the next 5 years once it’s installed.

I have never seen those lightings before. Suresh told me that it’s a new product. I inspected and snapped a few pics with my iphone. Suresh added that the new LED saves lots of electricity about 70% less and is much brighter. I definitely agree with him on the brighter side cuz my common areas now look like daylight! No longer dim like before.

Suresh and few of his workers were trying to get all the lightings changed by the end of the day. He told that they are paid between $30 to $40 a day depending on their work experience. What he is getting here is more than three times back home. They stay in a dormitory. Sometimes, food is also provided by the company. Suresh says that he will be replacing all the old lightings to the new model LED lightings in all HDB flats all over Singapore.

When I inspected the new lightings, I found out that it’s known as “OptiLed”. I goggled on the internet and found out more information. It seems that the PAP-run town councils will be replacing all the old fluorescent tubes. This is to save energy costs, minimise carbon footprints and increase efficiency. No need maintenance at all since there is no ‘starter’ or tube. The LED could last more than 5 yrs. Most importantly, it’s so much brighter.

Kudos to the town councils. It’s an excellent investment in the long run. Hopefully with such cost cutting measures, our conservancy charges will not increase frequently. Few years back, I used to complain to the town council for not switching off a pair of powerful flood lights at EM. They were switched on 24/7. They told me they would look into it but still the flood lights were never switched off. I wrote to them again and they confirmed that the timer switch was faulty but still didn’t fix the problem. When I made a final complaint to REACH feedback which forwarded to the relevant town council then only they did the right thing by switching them off.

When I told my friend about the incident, I was chided for being a busy body and ridiculed upon. They didn’t realise that ultimately we had to pay for the electricity bill. In fact all the electricity and water used in the estate in the common areas i.e. washing and lightings are all paid for from our monthly conservancy charges. This is in addition to those workers’ salary doing the cleaning and maintaining the estate. Any repairs to common areas, painting of flat exterior every 5 yrs etc are all paid for by the residents. Whenever I see any water leakage from damaged pipes at the void deck, I will surely inform the town council. If everyone helps to look out for wastage and unnecessary usage (timer switch faulty), residents can really help to keep costs down. As such, we should all play our part by keeping the estate clean and help look after our common areas in order to live in a better environment.

Whenever I’m free I will just drop by at the residents’ corner to watch TV or chat with residents living nearby. We will discuss the latest happenings in our estate. It is actually a RC corner run by our residents at the void deck. We know each other quite well in the neighbourhood.

“Technology is changing lives at a pace never before witnessed in all of human history, and with it, the way we see the world. More than a hundred years ago the incandescent filament brought illumination to the night, multiplying human productivity at an exponential rate. Later, fluorescent light rose up as a power-saving alternative to the incandescent.

And now there is a new source of light, once again on the cusp of transformational change – OPTILED has seen the future, and it will no doubt be lit by Light Emitting Diodes, more commonly known as LED. A low-power, high-efficiency technology created with non-toxic materials, LED lamps are the next generation of lighting, leading the way into the green age of illumination. Because LED lighting by OPTILED is safe, long-lasting and increasingly cost-effective, it will play an important role in creating a more environmentally sustainable future for many years to come.

OPTILED has touted the benefits of LED since long before it became cool to do so and continues to work hard to change perceptions of LED technology. LED is no longer just a niche product, and we have the expertise, technical knowhow, R&D and the people needed to create the best general functional LED lighting solutions on the market.

There are a number of important reasons why OPTILED LED lighting is better than other lighting technologies :

Longer life spans : OPTILED LED lamps last 35,000 hours – 30 times longer than incandescent, 25 times longer than halogen and 10 times longer than compact fluorescent lamps. Not only will you be helping the environment, you’ll be saving money, too.

High Efficiency : Saves users up to 70% on energy usage compared to standard dichroic low-wattage halogen and incandescent lamps, lowering electricity bills. An 5W LED MR16 bulb generates as much light as an 9W CFL, an 35W halogen, and 80% energy saving compared to CFL downlight – A 15W LED downlight generates as much light as a 2x13W CFL downlight and 75W incandescent bulb. Energy usage translates directly into significant cost savings, especially in commercial applications where large quantities of lamps are used.

Green lighting
technology : Lower energy usage makes LED lighting better for the environment, but it’s a very green technology in other ways as well. Since no heat is produced, it can reduce interior temperatures by 1-2 degrees, lowering air-conditioning costs and CO2 emissions. LED lighting is also much safer for the environment because it is mercury-free and doesn’t produce IR or UV rays, which can be harmful to humans. In other words, LED lamps are the greenest and most environmentally-friendly source of light on the market.

Superior color,
increased comfort : Clear light and high marks on the Color Rendering Index (CRI), which indicates accurate true color reproduction, means LED lights produce light that is more pleasing and relaxing, increasing comfort and mood.”


Read the news report about LED installation here.








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12 Responses to From fluorescent lightings to LED lightings in all HDB estates

  1. Lohcifer says:

    Thambi, so they save money but are the savings passed to consumers?

    • TC = Talk Cock? says:

      Seven town councils under the pap have increased the monthly charges recently. It is always a case of head they win tail we lose. What do you think?

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  3. Francis says:

    Depending on the technology use, the led could be emitting uv which is converted to white light via phosphor.

  4. Ex SMRT Taxi Driver says:

    The initial cost is very high but over time it save…
    Do you check who supply OptiLED? Maybe one with some “connection”..
    I also use alot of Super bright LED in my home. I have such knowledge and got it cheaply.
    A 12V50W halogen lamp, I replaced with a 4 watts LED spot lamp (MR16).
    A 10watts PL lamp, I replaced it with a 3watts LED lamp.
    Ceiling lamp at 18watts LED (round or square) also avaliable.
    I also use strip light (5meters) to decorate the cornies and skirting, in the cupboard too.

    • I know it’s a China company. They are given the contract to convert all PAP run town councils of HDB estates. If you click the links on my post, you will get the details.

  5. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    Hi gintai, you did a good job to pursue the matter. It’s not busybody. You’re just doing your part as a resident who has a sense of ownership.

    Most of the blocks at my side has been replaced with the LED. Definitely brighter and to date nothing about SC&C increase. On painting, it’s been extended to 7 years instead.

    I really think you should volunteer yourself in the RC. Take the moment of being an Observer to observe the on-goings then make a decision to consider if it’s worth continuing. Do it before the RC at your side is overrun by opportunists and PRs.

    • Good suggestion. I may consider that. It’s for the benefit of the estate and our residents. The RC members next to my block are mainly retirees. They even lease a plot of land for gardening. Usually, I buy a can of drink at the vending machine and do my blogging there. There are Malay residents playing guitar and even students studying there. I notice they maintain the place well never dirtying the premises even if they drink, eat or smoke there. They always give feedback to the MP about the state of our estate.

  6. abao says:

    LEDs have a colder tone compared to CFLs though, and on mobile devices such as handphone/ tablet/ laptops, colour tone will look somewhat different.

  7. john says:

    I once complained about excessive flyers and junk ads in my mail box to the town council. Guess what they replied… “It’s done by Singpost and i don’t have the direct number nor email to feedback to them. You’ll need to find a way to feedback to singpost yourself”. How irresponsible can they get?

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