The interesting case of the tiger vs the mouse deer


One day, a hungry and thirsty tiger went to the stream to drink water. When he saw a meek mouse deer at the lower stream also drinking water, he immediately thought of eating the mouse deer.

The ferocious tiger approached the mouse deer and accused it of dirtying the water he was drinking earlier. Mouse deer replied that he was at the lower stream. Since water flows down stream, it’s impossible for him it to dirty the up stream water. The tiger then accused the mouse deer of being rude and showing disrespect by implying that he was lying. The tiger immediately pounced on the mouse deer and devoured it.

Many lessons are learnt from this little story. The powerful will not hesitate to bully the meek and weak. No amount of logical reasoning will deter such barbaric behaviour. The downtrodden are forever at the mercy of the mighty.

To suppress such uncivilised behaviour where the savage laws of the jungle reign, we need an even more powerful neutral party or institution to arbitrate. In this scenario, clearly the tiger was unjustifiable. On all counts, judgement should be in favour of the mouse deer. The tiger will have to pay for the murder of the mouse deer.

What if that institution itself is a half-past six langgar outfit? It is also hopelessly under the influence tiger beer? Will the mouse deer stand a chance? What will happen is that the so-called neutral party may argue that the mouse deer mischievously provoked and taunted the harmless, nature loving tiger to lose it’s mind resulting in the unintentional accidental death of the mouse deer. The tiger had made an “honest mistake” and had apologised unreservedly to the unreasonably demanding mouse deer. The latter was not satisfied and kicked up such a big ruckus that the mighty and powerful tiger which is well respected within the animal kingdom, lost it’s head and went berserk resulting in the accidental death of the mouse deer.

In view of the unwarranted provocation which no reasonable animal could accept, the tiger’s misdeed was not unexpected. In other words, it is quite normal for the tiger to react against the mouse deer in order to safeguard and maintain it’s integrity and reputation. The case is thrown out. The decision of this independent party is final.

Doesn’t the above parable sound familiar? Where is the justice?

Need I say more? What do you think?



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9 Responses to The interesting case of the tiger vs the mouse deer

  1. Sgcynic says:

    Latest: the tiger accuses the mouse deer of being disrespectful to the sheep.

  2. agongkia says:

    Too bad being born as a deer or like a deer.Only good for dining table.Even your love one will not spare you and call you deer.

  3. ang sar lee says:

    kinda remind me of the “Mr Brown” incident.

  4. Ex SMRT Taxi Driver says:

    Welcome to the real world.
    It is always difficult to accept the hard truth!
    Any way to correct it?
    Sad but true…..

  5. patriot says:

    The deer shud have told the tiger
    that it’s father is god.
    The tiger might have prostrated
    at the deer.

    Of course, there is always the case
    of beings not afraid of doing sin.


  6. newballs says:

    Good news..!
    Well, the population of Tiger is diminishing in this world…….!!

    Bad news..!
    The population of Reindeers, Mouse deers and dear are growing much quicker than expected…!!

    Hahaha….langgar lah…

  7. End of a dynasty says:

    Peace and logic will prevail when the mouse deer finally convince the elephant to drink in the stream. Tigers will scramble away to a deserted place never to be seen or heard again.

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