Open letter to PM Lee from former PAP MP Maidin Packer

Open letter to PM Lee from former PAP MP Maidin Packer.

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9 Responses to Open letter to PM Lee from former PAP MP Maidin Packer

  1. He was an MP until 2006, just when the floodgates for FTs opened. Where was he at that time to say PAP screwed up? Voted ‘Aye’ because of Party Whip?


    • At least his conscience pricks him to speak up now just like so many other intellectuals ie Professir Lim CY, Ngiam TD, Professor Tommy Koh and recently ex-GIC economist Yeoh etc. Hope the PAP will listen this time before its too late! It’s now less than 4 yrs to the next mandate. Time is running out for them. They better wake up fast!


      • hahah…when got ‘power’ to change things, they are actually went with the flow, and became the cause of the problem with have.

        Now when they have no ‘power’, they just complain like the rest of us.

        All these Tommy Koh, Ngiam and their ilk are just talk only, when there have no power for any action!


      • Just what the country need, I think we already have plenty of Elites who have their conscience ‘pricked’ , while benefited plenty from the system. (I am being sarcastic).

        Every week, there seems to be some retired wrinkled elite who comes out of the woodwork to ‘criticize’ the current system, as part of the National ‘Monologue’.

        Its getting boring, we all know the problem, everyone and their dog has been saying it for umpteen years. It doesn’t make the problem any better if a ex minister, ex diplomat, ex newspaper editor, ex economist says it.

        Why can’t we have people who have some foresight to see the problem instead, that justified their million dollar fees!

        Too late! They are closing the stable door after the horse has bolted!


  2. salapow says:

    Don’t give citizenship to PRs and families, then how to gain more votes for the next election? Tell me how?


  3. Ex says:

    PM Lee should at least listen to his own man, as a start to national Conversation, he should give a proper reply to his ex-MP.


    • Let’s hope that the PM will reply since its an open letter addressed to him. Most likely the others will reply on his behalf. If only only the PM could reply, it may kick off the National Conversation.


  4. pumpkin says:

    Kind of worrying that former MP has to resort to writing an open letter to PM to get his attention on issues of national concern.Isn’t the writer still a party member and there is channel of communication within the party to collect such feedback.?


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