Double zig-zag yellow lines in front of Raffles City, Robinsons


Next to City Hall MRT station is Raffles City, Robinsons shopping centre. Right in front of the shopping centre, there is small slip road before the fountain or half roundabout from one side of the main road in crescent moon shape leading to the other side of the same main road.

If you are observant enough, you will notice the double yellow zig-zag lines along the slip road right in front of Robinsons. The single lane road lies between Robinsons and the fountain.

Take a close look at the handicapped yellow box next to the zig-zag double yellow lines. Clearly, they contradict each other. 自相矛盾!

Just along the walkway outside Robinsons is a clearly demarcated yellow box meant for wheelchair. There are always taxis plying along the small road waiting to pick up passengers. The taxi stand allows two or three taxis with yellow markings on the road.

The double yellow zig-zag lines meant no STOPPING at all times. It’s an ingenious new rule recently conjured up by LTA to harass or rather to nap all vehicles either on the road or on the pavement. If a vehicle merely stops on the double yellow zig-zag lines to pick up passenger, it commits an offence. If a motorcycle is parked on the pavement with those lines, it technically commits two offences i.e. parking on pavement and double zig-zag lines.

If you just stand there to observe the to-ings and fro-ings in front of Robinsons, two things become quite obvious.

a) Why are the extra taxis allowed to queue along the road above the zig-zag double yellow lines? Clearly, that place only meant for few taxis with yellow boxes drawn for them. The extra taxis are allowed to queue there blatantly commiting an offence?

b) Next, there is small yellow box marked with handicap logo i.e. wheelchair. Obviously, it’s reserved for wheelchair handicapped to wait for a taxi to board. It’s right above the zig-zag double yellow lines. If any taxi were to stop to pick up a handicapped passenger on wheelchair, is it not committing a traffic offence?

Just look at the comical signage

Pls do not accuse me yet for being anti -taxi or anti-handicapped. I am not. I fully understand and agree with our taxis queuing outside Robinsons waiting for normal passengers or handicapped passengers.

What I’m highligting here is the obvious stupidity of LTA! You see how stupid they could be if only you could see those taxis blatantly commiting a traffic offence without any due care or consideration. Or LTA is too busy to enforce the rule? I wonder if it’s traffic police’s job even though the latter didn’t paint it?

Drawing the zig-zag double yellow lines on the road without any follow-up enforcement? Is it to beautify the road by adding some vibrant color? Or job creation for the contractor to paint the road? Another case of wasting tax payers’ money unnecessary?

I feel that if LTA had wasted taxpayers’ painting those zig-zag double yellow lines, then they should jolly well enforce the rule. Pls don’t do it to decorate the road or for the fun of it! If they don’t have the guts to enforce the rule, then pls remove it or don’t paint it in the first place. I would rather LTA not paint those zig-zag double lines on the road cuz our taxi drivers need to earn a living and also our handicapped wheelchair shoppers need a convenient place to hitch a taxi.

If a handicapped passenger were to board a taxi at the said place with those zig-zag double yellow lines painted, whom to summon? Is LTA with his team of eager CISCO enforcers going to summon the taxi driver or the helpless handicapped passenger? Pls enlighten me.

Oh! wait a minute, maybe LTA’s waiting for a private saloon car to breeze into the entrapment and then issue a summon to the unsuspecting driver cuz the latter thought that it’s quite alright to stop awhile since there are so many taxis also waiting for passengers there! KNN! Which is which? What retarded rule or law is this happening before our eyes in the heart of our world class Raffles shopping centre. Really langgar!

LTA need to investigate and clarify this glaring contradiction! Designated waiting space for handicapped passengers right above the zig-zag double yellow lines! What a shame and disgrace to our world class image? Sigh…

“Double zig-zag yellow lines = no stopping, no parking, no waiting, no alighting or picking up, in short no stopping is allowed. Fine = S$120 + 3 demerit points.

Example : If you just stop at double zig zag yellow lines just few seconds, alight or pick up friends…etc, if spotted by TP, they might record your vehicle registration number, and send a notice of parking offence to registered owner of the vehicle.”

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