Car insurance renewal at NTUC Bras Basah


Yesterday, I visited NTUC main office at Bras Basah Rd to renew my car insurance. Since I was on split shift, I might as well drop by.

About 8 yrs ago, when I lived in Hougang, I used to go over to the NTUC branch office at Hougang Mall to renew my car insurance. After few years, Hougang Mall branch office was closed.

I was told to go Kovan NTUC instead. After a year or two, that place was also closed down! I then decided to go Rochor Center above the FairPrice supermarket to renew my car insurance.

Two years ago, that Rochor Centre suddenly didn’t want to accept car insurance renewal. Again, I was forced to renew my car insurance elsewhere. Last year, I requested my friend to renew on my behalf.

Asking my friend to renew on my behalf is quite troublesome. Yesterday morning around 11.15am, I decided to walk from City Hall MRT station to the NTUC main office at Bras Basah Rd.

My off peak car is already 8 years old. My car insurance renewal started at Hougang Mall followed by Kovan and Rochor Centre and now Bras Basah. I could have renewed at Tampiness Mall but it’s always crowded and I never like to go there.

From there, you can see how enterprising is NTUC. They are versatile, flexible and pro-business. They are able to maximize returns and cut costs where necessary. Wonder no more why they are the richest trade union in the world I suspect. They run all kinds of business catering to our needs from cradle to grave. But when it comes to workers’ welfare and benefits, they are mediocre but in terms of running business enterprises, I take my hat down for them. That’s my personal opinion. I really envy them for their business acumen. I’m sure you will also agree with me.

Apologise for the above diatribe. Let’s get back to the main story. Fortunately, the service staff at NTUC main branch, Mr Anson Tan was very courteous and helpful. Regrettably, the staff there are so much more service orientated than our SMRT staff. We really need to learn from them how they train their staff to be so polite and helpful.


It took me less than 20 mins from the time I stepped into the main branch till I paid up my insurance, even though it’s quite crowded with about 20 over counters fully occupied. I was quite surprised when they told me that I could even pay one year installment interest free using my DBS credit card. My car insurance is about $650 after 50% NCB and another 5% loyalty rebates. I was even told that a $30 cash voucher would be sent to me after a week! The windscreen cover is also free. They waived the extra $50 for the windscreen cover! How sweet of them. They really know how to ‘win’ my heart over so many times. I really felt like a VIP. What an unforgettable experience – that MOT – Moment of Truth. Langgar!

Overall, I was quite happy with the deal. The customer service rendered by the staff was excellent. Other than the customer service officer, the front lobby information counter and the cashier Mr Kevin (#LAM) were all very professional. I must commend them for a job well done. They certainly beat all their competitors hands down! They will certainly “steal” more business from others.

#LAM – Locally Assembled Matsaleh


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10 Responses to Car insurance renewal at NTUC Bras Basah

  1. pumpkin says:

    You are really very free to visit the payment centre, queued up and made payment. It will take you at least half an hour for the transaction. You could save time by using internet banking to pay your bills, including car insurance bills and parking fines.
    Just let your fingers do the work!

    • Hahaha, I prefer to use my fingers for other surreptitious work. Anyway, I’m on split shift fit nothing to do in between. I was also traveling back to office from UPD. When meet up with the person (human), you are able to question and “interrogate” rather than the inhuman online unless you are paying routine fees or bills like hp and SP. insurance is only once a yr.

  2. patriot says:

    Do suggest to SMRT to send your trainer Mr Najeeb Wahab to NTUC Bras Basah for a crash course on service quality. Consequently you and your SMRT Colleagues will be as good
    as those NTUC Staff in Customer Service. BUT, if the trains breakdown frequently, how good you and your
    colleagues are will all be tarnished through no fault of you people. It will be very unfortunate.


  3. Yue Fei says:

    I think your comments about NTUC’s record on workers’ benefits and welfare shows you do not understand enough about what the NTUC does. What the social enterprises do is only a part of what the entire labour movement is about. There are 1,200 unionised companies in Singapore and for 700,000 workers who are thus represented, a good many have benefited from better annual increments, bonuses, hardship grants, education bursaries, hospital benefits, free insurance to protect themselves and their families, family days, sponsored excursions for low income workers to places like the Zoo, Singapore Flyer, Sentosa etc. Unionists also sit on the boards of many public institutions so that their workers’ concerns are recognised.

    So on what basis do you think the record is mediocre? Because they don’t hog the news on what they do? Maybe if they call a strike, that will change the opinions of everyone, regardless whether, as a result whatever negative outcomes there are for Singaporeans on the whole?

    • I was union member for many years until I resigned. There are many of my colleagues sharing the same view. I do not wish to elaborate further. But I do agree with said about some of the welfare and benefits. I speak as an ex-member. I know what I’m talking here cuz I was there before. No one is asking for a strike. Myself and many do not subscribe to this radical view or action you mentioned. Fighting for workers’ basic rights do not mean strikes. Pls don’t get it wrong.

  4. Freddy says:

    Gintai, the competiotion in the insurance industry is very intensed, NTUC has to fight for its survival. If there are more competiotions in the Public Transport industry, commuters will most likely to enjoy 5 stars service as well. They will have the same VVIP feeling!

  5. NUSboy says:

    Hey gintai,

    Sometimes you write your post in such a sincere manner i don’t know if you are being sarcastic, hahaha.

    • Half half lah. In Malay it’s called “tarek and ulor” just like flying kite or Lin fishing! If you langgar all the way, it’s game over. Thks.

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