KIWI Juice – for Dengue Fever


My husband and I just recovered from dengue. My husband’s symptom is a bit different from mine. Husband’s dengue symptom is high fever, shivering, nausea, rashes, body pain while my symptom is high fever, vomiting, shivering, body pain and bad rashes.

The biggest difference is my platelet(血小板) did not drastically drop but my husband’s platelet drop until 18 and doctor did a platelet transfusion on him.

All advice from friends & family to help increase my husband’s platelet were tried including crab soup and etc but it does not work (maybe not suitable for him) until one day, one of the nurses advise us to drink Kiwi juice.

As both of us were hospitalised, it was difficult for us to get Kiwi fruit juice.

Luckily during dinner time, the hospital serve Kiwi juice for my husband and a slice of kiwi fruit for me.

The next day, my hubby’s platelet increased to 82 and my platelet increase from 150 to 169 and subsequently, the doctor allowed us to be discharged.

Actually, I’m not really well and the next 2 days I did blood test again and my platelet drop again to 141. The doctor was quite surprised and asked me if I still feel weak and wanted me to be admitted again.

My husband bought for me Kiwi juice and forced me to drink and luckily after 2 days, my platelet increased back to 300.

Another fresh story, my husband’s auntie also infected with dengue fever and her platelet drop to 76.

I bought her Kiwi juice and the next day, her platelet increase to 170 and the doctor allowed her to be discharge.

The reason of this email is to share the miracle of the KIWI juice, pls share this email with friends who have being infected with dengue fever, especially kids…

… faith can move mountains.



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10 Responses to KIWI Juice – for Dengue Fever

  1. agongkia says:

    Thank you for sharing.Is there any other medicine to go along with besides Kiwi juice?If not,maybe I can save money by not seeing a doctor and drink Kiwi juice instead if I have the sympton of dengue.

  2. NewBall says:

    Well, I had tried Fresh frog legs double-boiled soup for my daughter and it worked.
    However, my friend tried but it didn’t work on him.
    Perhaps, now with Kiwi Fruit juice there is another alternative to cure Dengue Fever.
    Thanks for info.

    • Thank you for sharing. I love frog legs cooked in earthen pot with ginger and plenty of chilli padi! Dengue or not, I will eat it.

  3. think and think please says:

    If kiwi juice really helps to ‘fight ‘ dengue fever by increasing one’s platelet level why is it that the doctors do not just simply prescribe say 10 kiwi fruits but instead choose to give this injection and that injection? Think people. Think.

  4. YC Lan says:

    Our email inboxes are inundated with such kinds of emails – best to make sure all info and claims are verifiable and correct and true. Don’t believe everything you read.

    • agongkia says:

      She is doing a favour by sharing her experience and there is no harm drinking Kiwi juice besides seeking medical attention.Indeed there are many types of fruits and traditional plants that can help to cure many sickness.Some plant can even cure a person even doctor tell one that he had only 3 weeks to live.I do have some plant that I will give free to others but do not wish to reveal so as not to let others doubt me for selling koyo.
      No harm trying so long as the recommended item are harmless.Sometimes we just have to believe in miracles .

      • I’ve got a special Chinese prescription for early stages of cancer someone gave me written in Chinese. It’s actually a combination of poison herbs. Use poison to overcome (attack) poison (cancer)! Maybe I’ll pass u one day.

        • lord of the ring says:

          Actually using poison as a medication is nothing new. It is a well known fact that medicine use in chemo treatment for cancer are poisonous. For example one of the components of chemo medication use for nose cancer is used in the industry for making ring.

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