National Day Rally 2012


This is my short reply drafted within half an hour. I could have expanded it to a complete article. Since, the request is for one or two paragraphs within 200 words, I just cut it short. Let them slash it down.

Last Sat (18/8/12), ST Insight wanted to interview me with my profile picture and exclusive write-up together with another seven others, I declined. I was too shy for the publicity.

This time, they dropped me an email requesting for my views on the coming PM’s rally speech. They never give up, do they? This time I relented. I didn’t know that my views are so much sought after by MSM! I’m really flattered.

Hope they will not ask me again to comment AFTER PM has given his rally speech. You know things like how you find the speech, you agree with what PM says, what do you think of his rally speech etc? Spew! I won’t be watching his live rally cuz I will be driving the train. I’ll be on PM shift. No pun intended!

Good luck to the PM. Hope he will give us the mother of all National Day rally speeches! It seems quite likely cuz this is the first time in 47 years that three cabinet ministers will be speaking ahead of him. Never happened before. Usually it’s a one man show with only the PM speaking! It’s something new. A refreshing change indeed. Is it the new normal? What do you think?

“This coming Sunday when PM addresses the whole nation in his rally, I earnestly wish to hear how the government is going to tackle our long-term challenges such as Climate Change, National Defence, Energy and Food Supply.

We must first get the neccessary survival basics right. Next, I hope PM will sketch out a broad blueprint to address our “time-bomb” of “Low Fertility & Aging” twin issues. Getting more immigrants is not a viable sustainable long-term option. More support need to be given to parents to encourage more babies. If only the government has the political will and commitment by crafting sensible policy to look after our babies from birth to age 16 years (maybe for the 2nd or 3rd child?), it will be great.

The widening income gap need to be addressed. Assistance should not be given only to those earning $1,000 and below. It should be extended up to $2,000. It’s those citizens earning between $1,500 to $2,000 that have fallen through the gap. They are the hardest hit.

No use being the richest country when the poor or have-nots do not get much help from the government. Many of them in that income group could not afford expensive medical costs, housing or higher education (Poly and Uni) for their children.”

On 23 Aug, 2012, at 19:55, “RC WQ” wrote:

Dear Mr Tang,

I hope this email finds you well! We’re launching a new Straits Times Political website just before the National Day Rally. As part of the launch we’ll have a bunch of stuff up – including one bit titled “What I want to hear from PM on Sunday..” i.e what issues/topics/ announcements you personally want to hear at the National Day Rally. We’re getting MPs, bloggers, observers etc. Do you mind contributing? Very brief – one or two paragraphs will suffice. We will copy and paste the whole thing in, so it’s not an interview style and it won’t be edited.

Would it be possible for you to contribute? If possible by late tonight or tomorrow morning? So sorry for the tight window but we just need like 200 words, max!

Many thanks!

Political Desk,
The Straits Times


About Gintai_昇泰

I'm a Chinese Singaporean living in the Eastern part of Singapore. I tweet on current affairs & inspirational quotes. I blog on issues or events if they interest me. I write for pleasure. I also write mainly for my family and friends.
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  1. Brainwashing Machine says:

    “……I won’t be watching his live rally cuz I will be driving the train. I’ll be on PM shift. …..”

    Don’t worry, you would not miss any important messages, if any, by not watching the NDR. You will find the entire speech printed in ST the very next day. Yes! Full speech printed on ST despite broadcasting the NDR in all free-to-air channels ‘Live’. In addition, you can be sure that for the next few weeks the local msm will be repeating the messages in the speech everyday. This brainwashing ritual has been going on for decades.

  2. agongkia says:

    Same old stories.I think we are running out of ideas and cannot think out of the box and worse,do not know what is priority.
    I dare not ask others to take care of my baby from birth to age of 16.They may turn out to be greedy pig or license paikia and landed up me being homeless.

  3. dotseng says:

    I don’t understand Gintai. Why would anyone in their right frame of mind even want to have anything to do with a press corps that regularly churns out propaganda? Along with inflicting pain on the thinking classes. Really I want to understand Gintai. But I just dont understand. No good will come out from this.

    Darkness 2012 under Measured response

    • In my neighbourhood at EM where we used to congregate and meet up for a beer or coffee to while away the time also langgar. Some of them can’t even have a reasonable conversation beyond a sentence due to opposing opinions and views. They have got in their heads their extreme ego, pride, holy than thou attitude etc Do I have a choice? The only choice is to hibernate in your cosy flat surfing virtual wide wide web and ignore all the happenings in the neighbourhood by boycotting EM. Is that necessary?
      The best practice is to acknowledge each other’s presence by nodding your head without engagement. Once a while, we just buy a beer or coffee for the next table but remain as acquaintance. No need to hug and kiss each other. That will preserve the peace and maintain the status quo without resorting to any verbal war of words.
      Yes you are correct to say “measured response.” I think that is the key to maintaining some semblance of sanity and equilibrium given the fact that we really do not have a choice. There is only one EM in the neighbourhood and no other avenues to play around. That’s the reality here my dear learned fren. We are different from the others. Hope that clears your doubts. Cheers.

    • Francis says:

      Apparently the ShittyTimes just want to make use of good critical people to help drive traffic to its new political site, to get a headstart and give it a sense of credibility. What a failed PR. Not to be sarcastic, but ShittyTimes has sustained such a bad reputation as producer of ShittyNews that its new political site can be viewed as rival to , and still that is really a tough act to follow. Worst, ShittyTimes has habit of editing submitter’s article to sound pro-government and pro-pap, in the end the poor person often endup incur the curse and swear of lesser mortals. For Shitty media that never change its way, why give it a damn shit ?

  4. dotseng says:


    The social political blogging community in Singapore needs UNITY more than anything else. Without this basic idea of esprit de corp, camaraderie and a sense of shared destiny. We will be picked off one by one. Do you even understand what I am trying to say here Gintai?

    Please don’t misunderstand me. I am not trying to tell you how to run your blog or even how you should lead your life. Only whatever each and everyone of us in this tiny community wish to do and or not do will have far reaching implications on the well being of our tiny community that is under assault.

    I don’t understand your motivation Gintai. I understand even less what all this will accomplish except maybe lend credence to a system that is seems only preoccupied with forwarding the form without bothering to complement it with the right content and attitude.

    I feel sad Gintai that someone of us can so easily be seduced by trinkets and sweets. I feel even sadder that so few us fail to interrogate the motives of others whenever they ask us to do something or for that matter even who benefits from all this. To put it another way Gintai, Cui bono?

    Please dont take this personally. You have no idea how much I want to believe the PM. You all have absolutely no idea how much I want to believe.

    Darkness 2012 under Measured response.

    (This has been captured by the Interspacing Mercantile Guild and relayed to primus under the Irrullian Protocal)

    • Ego Fight says:

      Get a blogger on the local msm print so that he/she will loose some of his/her credibility on the netizens. They have done it again! Divide and conquer! White = 1 Others = 0

    • Alamak! You are always welcome here to share your incisive views. If you do not drop by, many will miss your unique perspectives.
      Let me say here there is no pecuniary rewards or benefits. I try to emulate Gen Kwan – true and constant to my own principles. If I do not like you doesn’t meant that I don’t talk you. I still talk to you but at the back of mind, I know what sort of person I’m talking to. By talking to you does it mean I agree or support you? If I don’t talk to you, how do you know what are the opposing things I’m going to say?
      In short, do not doubt my integrity. I’m a poor man eking out a living struggling for a decent meal ticket in this richest country on the planet. I’ve got nothing except my sense of integrity which is priceless. If you think you want to buy me over, forget it. I just have this itch to langgar every now and then. Nothing more or nothing less. You may not like what you perceive here but pls don’t ostracize or abandon us. We can never be the same in terms of life philosophy.

      • Francis says:

        may I ask you this simple question.

        How do you feel when ShittyTimes make use of your meeting with mini-shan to show the good side of the minister , and only for the minister to insult your intelligence in parliament with nonsense and diversion ?
        Are you lending your credibility to someone undeserved of that ? Or do you think that what Shan did is nothing wrong in parliament because it is just political stance ?

        • There is a difference between how he deals with his political opponents within or without parliament and the public. Likewise, there is also a difference between how a PO deals with the law abiding public and the hard core criminals. I’m not insinuating anything here with regards to our lady MP whom I respect much. You should know what I’m saying here. Don’t get mixed up.

          • Francis says:

            “There is a difference between how he deals with his political opponents within and without parliament. ”

            I really don’t understand you. We are concerned if you been make use by the ruling party, and we like to listen to you to see your view on that , and here we goes like “we don’t give a shit on what they did, and we OB ourselves here.” ….

            Good . I understand that..
            Goodbye. this is my last remark to this site.

          • Sorry, I didn’t complete that stmt in my haste. In the real world, this is the reality. I’m stating the harsh facts of life. Who are we to disagree on the reality. Fact is you don’t expect VIP treatment from your opponents. Let’s not be naive.
            Whether you come here or not, this blog will cease on it’s anniversary. There won’t be any more posts.

  5. Our blogs are already the best platforms to air our views. Some of us write better than journalists. Of course, there is no harm getting on a programme like Talking Point – even if it’s just for the fun of it. But if someone from ST political desk contacts me, I’d be very suspicious. What’s their motive? To get me to be more “accountable”? To flatter me and make me feel indebted to them for the publicity they’re giving me? Or worse, to try to rope me in and be on their side? Dotseng’s concerns are quite valid.

    • Yes. I see both – yourself and Darkness2012, points. I’ll take note. Thks for pointing out to me. We learn along the way. It’s never ending.

  6. Joey Foo says:

    You may want to remove the reporter’s number from the post…

  7. Dumbdumb says:

    Hi All,
    Been following your blog for sometime, good work fellow Ex-PO.

    anyway i hope this few issues can be discuss during the PM’ speech.
    1) Low Birth Rate.
    2) Raising Medical Cost
    3) Our Immigration Strategy (What the critical mass we are looking for.? 6m, 10m and what next?)
    4) Widening Income Gap
    5) Our Education System.
    Sad to said, i am not hopeful of much. Only time will tell if any scared cows will really be slaughter this time. All it is just all talk again. For my children and our sake i hope to see real changes in the future.

    • I’m sure he will address all those issues raised by you. Don’t forget there is team of Internet brigade out there doing nothing but monitor feedback such as yours. You may not know it but they are listening. They have to or they will end up irrelevant to the commoners.

      • Dumbdumb says:

        But the feeling is they know what is required of them. but to reason unknown to us they can’t or are unwilling to do so. Now this is the real problem, no point listening but not doing anything.

        • It takes time. It’s a slow process. If someone who is a miser all this while suddenly become a big spendthrift overnite buying food and gifts for every one he comes across just to gain popularity and be loved by all – then I’ll get worried. Either he has become a nutcase, lost his mind or about to perish due to some incurable illness? I become worried. This place is going haywire most outsiders and travelers would be thinking. You got the point?

      • Collette says:

        I don’t think PM will use this speech to address the gripes of (largely anonymous) netizens.

  8. I thinketh therefore I am! says:

    “……Good luck to the PM. Hope he will give us the mother of all National Day rally speeches! It seems quite likely cuz this is the first time in 47 years that three cabinet ministers will be speaking ahead of him. Never happened before. Usually it’s a one man show with only the PM speaking! It’s something new. A refreshing change indeed. Is it the new normal? What do you think?……”

    Whether is it three cabinet ministers or all the cabinet ministers who will be speaking ahead of pm does not make any difference to me. All of them will have the same group think as the pm. All of them will be toeing the party line. Nothing to cheer about really.

    It is National Day Rally not pap day really hence it will only be worth tuning in to watch the ‘live’ broadcast if, and only if, all political parties are also allocated times to deliver their speeches at this national event.

  9. See says:

    It is good that you put up a sincere msg and do not give them any opportunity to play around-that is what many people have learnt not to speak to MSM for fear of manipulation,we can see how sincere they are after an intensive call for national conversation.

  10. Anonymous says:

    TRUST is the key issue – nothing can be achieved or done unless there is trust – question we all need to ask and answer is do we trust our elected officials? Next time we need to answer this question will be in 2016.

    • You are right. You will have your say when it’s time. In the meantime, we just have to work together for the betterment of our society.

  11. JH says:

    Dearest farmer

    Please don’t be angry.


  12. ah pek too says:

    The National Dialogue or so-called Conversation is a National Exercise TO CONVERT. As in any National Campaign, there will be some that get convinced. And it is never surprising, some are just prone to fall to sweet talks and endearment.

    There is a need to ask ourselves and this is very important at this point of our history. It is almost half a century of a
    single party rule in Sin. Promises had been made year after year. Where are we? We are having less space, time, rest and even job. And if we do have a job, many find it very difficult to cope up with the ever-rising cost of living.

    We had been led into a vicious cycle and those who are leading us into the vicious cycle have to be checked. Otherwise, it is one way ticket to misery.

    Will there be anything new this National Day Rally?


  13. JH says:

    Dearest farmer

    “Measured Response” will only mean instead of all of us talking and circulating openly in the internet. All of us have to settle for whispering in some underground bunker. As for Mr Liao. What he did was so slight. Maybe he shouldnt have posted a picture of an empty cup of coffee that was very cheeky of him. He should also have shown more respect. Maybe he was not well trained. Many I suspect in the Internet Brigade are not well versed in Primus diplomatic conventions. Farmer they dont know about the Irrullian Protocol, The Confederation or even the Laanstrad. They dont even know where is the door that leads to this place called Primus Aldentes Prime. They dont know.

    I know as I happened to get hold of my bf’s log in access code one day. I played the game without anyone of you detecting me for 4 years. I am a girl. I cant tell you what I do. As you would all probably ferret me out. All I am prepared to say is that I am with the IMG based in Prima Maritima. The internet brigade have disappeared farmer. They know we are all looking for them. Their cover is blown. You have done more damage to them then you can possibly imagine.

    But you arent satisfied are you farmer? You want to take the fight to them right up to their doorstep like what you once did to the Aryanians in the Ascension Wars. And you are taking all of us with you on another campaign that will maybe last for years. But they are not the Aryanians farmer. They never invaded us. They never threatened to enslave us all. All they are doing is collating info. Maybe some of them got carried away or became cocky. But that is to be expected farmer. Besides you are now a successful business man. A man of means. You are a bigger man than all of them put together. Seen and experienced so much more that was why no one spoke up in the Imperium when you pushed for war. No one could stop you farmer. No one dared. Forgive them farmer. They just made one silly innocent mistake. Stop ‘Measured Response’ farmer. Come back home to Singapore. You and the FC boys have been away from home for too long. Eating too much tin food. Going around conquering one planet after another. Only this time it is in the real world. And you all dont know when to stop.

    All of you need to come back and help Singapore be a better place like what you all once did when we all rebuild Primus from the ashes after the Aryanian 100 year occupation.

    Either that or Brotherhood would mean absolutely nothing farmer. Nothing at all.

    * dont try to find me. You all cant. I am using the mirror line of the les enfant du paradis.

  14. Sorry I am late. I had a very busy week. Peasants like me don’t have the luxury of engaging and socialising in blogosphere. I’m neither retired or farmer after all. My take:

    Thread wisely my friend.

  15. redbean says:

    Hi Gintai, everyone looks at things differently and say different things. There is definitely a plurality of views on anything one says and does. I have written for the newpaper, I think, for a while but has since given up. I have also been invited to Talking Point several times. I had attended only once many many ages ago. I turned down the recent invites simply because I don’t like publicity, and also petrol is not free.

    We shall all write and post whatever we feel like posting and see how far this thing will go before the clamp down comes. I can sense the uneasiness and intolerance appearing.


    • RB,
      Thks for your positive encouragement. You are right. The MLC doesn’t come about for nothing. It’s coming soon. I can see it appearing on the horizon. Our time is running out! Make full use of it before it’s gone! Regards.

  16. Reddotsg says:

    Freedom is the right to question and change the established way of doing things.

    RONALD REAGAN, speech at Moscow State University, May 31, 1988

    If we lose freedom here, there is no place to escape to. This is the last stand on Earth.

    RONALD REAGAN, speech in support of Barry Goldwater, October 27, 1964

  17. PAP Always says:

    Alternative views are important to blogosphere. For all of you who are crying for freedom of speech but against a fair level ground for people who supports the PAP to have a voice in blogosphere, aren’t you hypocrites?

    • Most of netizens in blogosphere are fellow Singaporeans trying to improve our society. Most of us are not out to destroy what we have but to improve. For without criticism or feedback, will there be improvements. Hope you understand.

  18. patriot says:

    Have a big heart for others?

    How big are the hearts of the People In White who needed to be paid by the Millions in Sin Dollars?

    Do believe they have big hearts, ego inflated and size enhanced by wants of power and money.

    In the Year 2012, Singaporeans got chastised for having small heart and narrow minded by their State CEO.

    Got mood to celebrate National Day with them?


  19. patriot says:

    How not to be pissed off when one
    finds the words of another that is
    not coherent with his action and
    The Sin Leaders only exhibited
    their conceits claiming to be the
    most talented, deserving of the
    World’s highest pay. And even
    then, claim they make much sacrifice.
    They rule one of the tiniest state
    with an original population of less
    than 4 million citizens.
    They talk big as much as they talk


    • PAP Always says:

      Please have a big heart. You have proven PM Lee right. Our hearts are too small that we need an $8 transplant each.

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