HDB’s inaction on abandoned bike in car park


This Malaysian registered motorcycle is an eye sore. It’s parked at a HDB car park for more than a month. From the external appearance, this motorcycle is obviously being abandoned. The rear is damaged and it seems that it’s not been used for quite some time.

Whenever I see this Malaysian registered motorcycle, I couldn’t help wondering what has happened to the owner? The owner must be a Malaysian cuz Singaporeans can’t own Malaysia registered vehicles.

The Malaysian owner of this motorcycle could have gone back leaving his motorcycle here. He could also have been hospitalized or he might have committed a crime and sent to prison to serve his sentence? Worst still, the owner of the said motorcycle might have passed away leaving the motorcycle behind?

That unattended motorcycle is still occupying a precious parking lot at a public car park next to a popular hawker centre with limited parking lots especially on Sundays and public holidays when it’s difficult to find one.


There are at least 5 parking summons shove on the abandoned motorcycle headlight. By just taking a casual look any idiot will know that it’s an abandoned motorcycle. Why then the HDB car park enforcement officers keep issuing summon tickets? Are they blind or are they worst than an idiot? Maybe it’s not HDB’s fault since they conveniently outsourced car park enforcement to third party. It’s got nothing to do HDB even though car park belongs to HDB.

Is there no proper SOP to deal with such cases of abandoned vehicles in HDB car parks? Or those robot enforcement officers simply do not bother and pretend to see nothing? After all, they keep treating that motorcycle like a “punching bag” by issuing parking summons to secure their daily “quota” of parking tickets for the day?


This incident clearly highlights some glaring issues. The “attitude” of the car park enforcement officers towards such cases. They only know how to issue summons blindly and pretend that the motorcycle is not abandoned even though it is clearly an abandoned motorcycle.

I just wonder when will they wake up – be it three months, six months, a year or never at all? The abandoned motorcycle will keep getting booked for unauthorized parking with the relevant departments happily treating it as business as usual – HDB gets revenue from the summons (on paper) and the car park enforcement officers getting his daily summons quota to justify his wages (or he gets axed) with the helpless public deprived of a previous parking lot. KNN!

This obnoxious motorcycle sits right in front of NTUC FairPrice next to a popular hawker centre clearly highlights another instance of our incompetent public servants. They only know how to issue summons but pretend not to know the real problem. They just turn a blind eye to the main issue. It’s plain laziness on their part to conduct an investigation to trace the root of it. In the mean time, the unfortunate motorcycle will keep accumulating a steady stream of summons! Until when? No one knows. Only God will know! Really Langgar!

What a shame! What do you think?

Note the many accumulated summons on the headlight and carrier


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16 Responses to HDB’s inaction on abandoned bike in car park

  1. Lohcifer says:

    Continuing to issue summons and not making an effort to determine the circumstances around the parked bike is symptomatic of workers who simply do what they have been hired to do without exercising initiative, discernment, empowerment and all the rest of it. Surely anyone with a wee but of grey matters would start to question when he or she sees the summons piling up. There’s a difference between doing things right and doing the right thing, right? In addition those honchos in charge of car parks should write a rule about apparently-abandoned vehicles, perhaps tow them away so that precious space can be used, unless summons issued are able to collect more revenues than parking charges. I’m just griping away, I’m not paid millions in salary to fix these things.

    • The police has a SOP in dealing with “repossessed” vehicles – cars or bikes. The 3rd party contractor (it gets a commission for every vehicle repossessed) will lodge a police report in any NPP or police station once the vehicle is recovered. The vehicle registration numbers with other details are then entered into the police computer data system.
      When the registered owner goes to make to report his vehicle missing, the police will screen with their system before allowing him to proceed with the vehicle report. If it’s confirmed that his vehicle is under repossession, he shall be referred to the relevant agency.
      The HDB shld learn from the police. After all they are the biggest landlord in our country controlling a huge chunk of public carparks.
      Perhaps, they shld engage you as consultant to improve their best practices and procedures. I’m sure you charge lower fees than those FT consultants. Maybe they just wait for something big to happen before they decide to spend millions on FT consultants and top notch lawyers just like what happened recently to our public transport operators. Really langgar!

      • agongkia says:

        HDB to learn from police?HDB and Summon professional have confident that the police,with vehicle,bicycle and foot patrol together with those volunteer neighbour COP(Citizen on patrol) will be competent and will know that abandon motorcyle.
        You mean no one actually patrol the carpark?Where are the COP?Paper say they everywhere..Looking out for Ah Long only?

        • Agongkia ah,
          HDB carparks not under police jurisdiction. Police job is crime prevention and detection. Abandoned vehicles are not on their radar. It shld be under HDB carpark division or the outsourced service provider in charge of carpark enforcement and maintenance. Don’t anyhow langgar lah.

    • Anonymous says:

      There is also another issue which I would like to highlight on the same subject. It seems many companies are letting their drivers to drive their trucks, pickups, vans, etc home (HDB carparks). These heavier vehicles take up more space, wear out the carpark surface and damage cars parked next to them when they open their doors. The question is why is HBD allowing companies’vehicles be parked at HDB residents’ carparks?

      • agongkia says:

        Trucks ,especially pick ups and vans dun occupy much space and vans usually have their side damaged by cars parking besides instead.Many drivers of those vehicles are not drivers but owner and resident themselves.No harm allowing drivers parking so long as they have season parking or display coupon.

      • ape@kinjioleaf says:

        Priority for season parking still remain vested in the resident. Bigger vehicles like lorries and trucks, short of loading and unloading, have to park at designated areas typically near industrial estates. And like what agongkia mentioned, some of these smaller goods vehicles like vans and pickups are owned by the residents themselves. So as long as they qualified for season parking, where priority given to residents, I also have no issue with that.

  2. agongkia says:

    HDB car park not under police jurisdiction?Those NPCOs will be happy to hear that.
    Anyway,nothing unusual to see NPCOs patrolling carpark,just the frequency.There are many dedicated one and I dun go into details.
    What to do?We always think big organisation and first class summon agency can produce best car park enforcement officer .You say not under police jurisdiction,car park attendants say their duty is only to summon…Whose duty ?
    Aha…I know leow..HDB should consider giving me a chance to ‘pow’ a carpark ,give me a title OC carpark C1 and authorise me the power to summon vehicles.I can guarantee no stolen or abandon vehicles.I can rope in those uncles and aunties ,form COP and help to reduce unemployment rate.

  3. I think therefore I am! says:

    ” ….This incident clearly highlights some glaring issues. The “attitude” of the car park enforcement officers towards such cases. They only know how to issue summons blindly ……”. I said before in one of your earlier articles, a lot of our citizens do not have the habit to think and analyze. They prefer to leave the thinking work to others and are happy to just follow blindly. If our ministers were to bring 100 citizens to the tallest building and tell them to just jump off, I would not be surprised if 60 of them would simply just jump off the building without thinking.

  4. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    On abandon bikes or vehicles, do HDB have a vehicle pound like that of traffic police? Can HDB work with TP to tow such vehicles to the pound? Who will foot for the cost of maintaining the pound or towing of the vehicles? Who will bear the liability should the vehicle be damaged while towing?
    Parking wardens sleeping or bochap? Happily slapping summons to ‘meet quota’ and not solving parking shortages? You sure the wardens did not feedback to their management? How often do we see abandoned vehicles like these?
    I know TP, TC and URA are swift to tow vehicles away should they be ‘abandoned’ on the roadside, causing traffic congestion. But carparks, in a proper parking lot?
    But I agree some public officers are sleeping… the higher ups. Meanwhile, the summon aunties can only do so much, slap a summon whenever she passes by.

    • Yes the police and LTA are swift in removing abandoned vehicles on public roads. That’s why I say HDB shld learn from them. They will have to figure out their SOP. I suggested people like Dr Mike to teach them how to go about doing that.

  5. agongkia says:

    Abandoned vehicles park at car park dun cause obstruction and thus it is not cost effective to tow away.Advantages of leaving the abandon vehicles there can help to take up one space and therefore other motorist will be deprive of a lot and will park illegally on double yellow line and therefore can result in more summon being issued and can generate more revenue and I can hit more target.If I run a car park and have power to summon,This is what I may do and I may even get a Malaysian motorcycle to occupy the space because its cheaperer and betterrer becos daft sinkies being daft may not know my purpose .I wayang and issue some non record summon on that bike to let others think I am monitoring.

    • What a langgar scheme. Sinister greed at the expense of innocent citizens. Why did they outsource the carpark operations to 3rd party greedy contractors who only know how to suck blood from us? Worst than Dracula! No principles and empathy. Only money matters to them.

  6. Apex says:

    Need to wait for some crazy people to push that bike to middle of the road then police will look into it.

    I called this hdb outsource the risk to police or Lta.

    Later hdb says they manage the area BUT don’t have no right to remove vehicle that is park nicely in a lot.

    • Incompetence fools drawing fat salary can’t even solve this simple problem! They only know how to tekan the public by squeezing your money by increasing rents, fines and stick to their stupid rule book.

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