Health Warning: Check your cuppa from the stall


Do yourself a favour by scrutinizing around the premises when you next order a cup of coffee or tea from your usual neighbourhood coffee shop or hawker centre drinks stall. Your cup of coffee or tea may not be hygienic. It may be detrimental to your health if you consume it unknowingly. I’m speaking from my experience.

I noticed that whenever I bought my black coffee from a particular stall, I always ended up with diarrhea. It didn’t happen when I bought it from another coffee shop. I decided to investigate.

Instead of just asking for my black coffee from the roving assistant, I decided to go to the coffee stall to take a look. I waited for my black coffee to be made. To my horror, I noticed that there were rows of empty glasses with a little sugar or condensed milk inside. It’s about 8pm. The stall usually closes at 9pm.

I casually asked the stall owner at Blk 58 New Upper Changi Rd hawker centre why did he prepare so many rows of empty glasses with sugar and condensed milk inside? “Oh it’s for tomorrow’s early morning rush hour. It’s so much easier. Prepare in advance so that I can make cups of coffee or tea faster!” He said nonchalantly. What time are you closing your stall? In an hour’s time was his reply. Obviously, those empty glasses with some sugar and condensed milk were meant for tomorrow morning.

My mother is an extremely fastidious person. She is obsessed with cleaniness and hygiene in the house especially in the kitchen. Still, I could find one or two lizards flying around in the kitchen or bathroom. So far no cockroach detected yet.

Just imagine in the drinks stall of the hawker centre or coffee shop. Do you think it’s devoid of lizards, rats or cockroaches? Do you not think that those vermins do not have a mother of all feasts during the night on the rows of empty glasses with sugar and sweet condensed milk inside before that stall opens up for business the next morning to serve your favourite cup of coffee or tea. A quick cuppa before you go off rushing to work? If your stomach is not that strong, you might get that stomach cramp syndrome leading to another rush – this time for for the “jamban”. What if you were on board a train? Not a pleasant experience right?




It seems that it’s quite a prevalent practice for those coffee shop stall holders to prepare in advance the next morning’s cup of coffee or tea. Try looking around yourself and observe what I say here. It’s happening right before your eyes. Many of us are not aware of it.

Question is why NEA is not doing anything? Why is it not stopping such unhygienic practice? NEA should stop this practice by giving warning or take enforcement action. Are they sleeping or simply not bothered at all? Just like those irresponsible coffee stall holders, NEA just don’t bother cuz they are not drinking the coffee or tea? It’s meant for customers like you and me. They certainly won’t drink from those glasses. Just for a quick buck, they simply don’t bother about hygiene. It’s terrible isn’t it?

I have stopped drinking coffee from those stalls whenever they see them preparing in that unhygienic manner. If only they just do it like this coffee shop, I won’t mind at all. At least, this stall makes an effort to keep those vermins away by covering all those empty glasses with sheets of cart board paper. This stall owner should be complimented for it’s sense of responsibility.





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7 Responses to Health Warning: Check your cuppa from the stall

  1. agongkia says:

    Coincidentally I am going there now for my favourite mee .Join me if you are around at 8 and if you can identify me.Look for the one with gonggong look.That’s me.

    Actually I am not so particular about hygiene and had patronised that stall.
    But today,after reading ,maybe got to drink tea O or kopi O kosong.

  2. Lohcifer says:

    Coffee in itself already has laxative properties. Imagine mixing it with condensed milk shared by cockroaches and lizards! Eeewwww!

  3. witnessed says:

    Seems like there is a cheaper way to solve my constipation problem than seeing the doctor. And kopi-c kao, teh c kao happen to be my favourite some more.

    Btw, Uncle Redbean of ‘My Singapore News'(Blogsite) has written a great piece this morning, have a good read there.


  4. Expensive price says:

    Obviously pay not enough…….either for the stall holder or the NEA… make a few lau sei

  5. agongkia says:

    I only worry NEA will visit and make them poorer.Their service is actually not bad. Poor couple, inviting trouble by being transparent and being honest. Should have use other type of mug and Gintai may not notice. That’s the disadvantage of being transparent.

    • So you don’t mind the unhygienic manner the coffee it tea is prepared by leaving those open glass with little sugar and condensed milk over night after those vermin feared on them? You take pity on the drinks seller at our health expense? Langgar!

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