Lunch at Subbiah Banana Leaf Curry


Yesterday, I had lunch by myself at Subbiah Banana Leaf Curry stall at Carpmael Rd, Joo Chiat Place.

The daughter of the Indian curry stall immediately recognised me. She was so pleased to see me. She was asking me why didn’t I visit them for quite some time? I didn’t see her parents. I guess they must have retired from the business.

The daughter proudly showed me the laminated print-out displayed prominently at her stall. I had given her the print-out article written on my blog some time during the last CNY.

As usual, it was a delicious “pukul mati” meal served on a piece of green banana leaf and using my right hand to partake forgoing the need of any utensils in the process. I just simply can’t resist my masala chicken coupled with the palpable intoxicating and addictive curry scent.

Honestly speaking, I just can’t understand why those PRCs made such a big fuss over “the curry incident”? I’m really at a complete loss over that little storm in a curry pot!

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  1. musingsofasingaporeretiree says:

    I too love curry. My weakness is fishhead curry at the shop along Upper Bukit Timah Road near Mindef HQ. I too was upset over the curry incident. Not so much with the PRC family who detested curry but with the Mediation Centre Official whose decision would seem to encourage foreginers not to integrate with locals. After all why should they integrate when they can get their way?

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