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When my little old man was just few years old, he used to ask me when is my birthday? I told him that whenever you see lots of Singapore flags flying around on buildings and lamp posts, my birthday is coming. “Oh they are celebrating for you?” he exclaimed. “No, they are not. It’s actually 3 days after our National Day.” That’s easy to remember was his reply.

I was born in the old KK Hospital on 12/8/1963. Whereas, my son was born in the new state of art KK Hospital just a stone throw away from the old KK Hospital site. I’m always 2 years older than our nation.

My good friend Encik DL used to defend himself by saying that many Singaporeans were at one time Malaysians when I chided him for not being an original local citizen cuz he was born in Penang. My friend Encik is correct. I was born a Singaporean, became a Malaysian and then back to Singaporean again. We were part of Malaysia from 16/9/1963 till 9/8/1965. I hope my son and I will remain as Singaporeans forever.

Click here to read more about Encik DL.

Today is my 49th birthday but it’s no different from other days. I still go to work as usual. I still do my things as per normal. Only children love birthdays. Adults don’t. As we grow older, we fear for each coming birthday. It means our finishing line is getting closer and nearer. Do I have another 20 years? How many more 5 years do I still have?

Out of the ordinary, came the extraordinary. At our weekly Fellowship gathering yesterday, I got a big surprise from none other than my good friend Dr Mike aka Lohcifer. He presented me a package of lovely birthday presents. He seemed to have the uncanny ability to sense my wish list.

The package of presents comprise

a) Three Hardcover Novels by well known bestseller authors and

b) A beautiful and delicately crafted German pipe.


The three novels are not just ordinary novels bought off the shelf. They are special. The novels are autographed by their respective authors. Those novels are not meant to be read and given away. Those autographed novels are collector’s items which money may not necessarily buy.

This is the not the first time Dr Mike has given me novel autographed by the writer. Since Dr Mike is a published author of seven books, he has given me few of his with his personal handwritten note and signature. He even gave me an old first print edition first novel written by prolific bestseller Jonathan Kellerman. His first novel, “When the Bough Breaks.”

Dr Mike was quick to support the novelist, Jonathan Kellerman when he first came to the scene. They exchanged emails frequently over the years leading to a warm friendship.

It must be my good karma or “前生修来的福气”!to have such an honourable friend who is always there for me. My successful blogging is due mainly to his indefatigable guidance and support. Without him, I would not have gone this far.

Thank you Dr Mike for your presents and most importantly for being my honoured friend.








PS: I wish to express my deep appreciation to those who posted on my FB wishing me “Happy Birthday!” Really, I didn’t know I got so many frens. Some of you I know thru here and we never met in person before. Nevertheless, thank you all for your thoughtfulness.


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6 Responses to My Birthday Presents

  1. agongkia says:

    You should remember me as I am the first to wish you here.

    Happy Birthday and best wishes to you.

    From agongkia

  2. Lohcifer says:

    Awww…you choke me up! Many happy returns of the day!

  3. newballs says:

    Best wishes and have a wonderful Birthday…!

  4. musingsofasingaporeretiree says:

    Happy Birthday Gintai! I share the same birth place with you. I too was born in Singapore in KK hospital.

    • Good to hear that. We are from KK! Sadly, business is not so good for them due to citizens having fewer babies. It’s a big problem.

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