Want to join Lobang Club?


I just received this interesting email from the creator of lobangclub. Enjoy. Lol!

Hey Gintai,

One month ago, I was in Jakarta, Indonesia.

I was eating at a kopitiam in Central Jakarta and playing with my phone. A family of five was eating besides me. There was a young boy of 12-13 years curiously looking at my iPhone, I smiled as I grabbed the half-empty can of Pepsi I was drinking and scanned it with the lobangclub app, as I showed him the results the boy’s face spread into a smile.

“You want to try it?” I said as I handed him my phone.

He started rummaging through his parent’s shopping bag for things with barcodes he could scan.

“It’s called Lobangclub” I said proudly. He looked at me with confusion. “Lo-bang-club…” I said each syllable slowly.


He continued to scan but now his smile had turned into a sheepish grin.

I finished my lunch and got up to leave so I asked for my iPhone back… The boy sauntered over to me and pressed the phone into my palms, he hesitated slightly, before leaning over and whispered “Lobang in Indonesian means a woman’s … CB

His face suddenly turned red and his voice trailed off … He didn’t finish the sentence as he turned around and trotted back to his parents.

A woman’s … CB? The wheels started spinning in my head.

What in the world was the boy referring to?

I stared down at my business card with LOBANGCLUB written in big letters … &@£¥€#!!???

Today, I am announcing that we are changing our name from Lobangclub to Save 22. http://www.save22.com
Also, one more thing, our Android app is out, go download it at http://www.save22.com or go to the Google Play store and search for “Save 22”


Guyi Shen
Chief Saver at Save 22

P.S. For the curious on what lobang means on the street in Indonesia, http://www.baliblog.com/travel-tips/bali-daily/todays-word-of-the-day-is-lubang.html
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It reminds me of Datsun Bluebird, Suzuki, Honda Concerto, Nissan Cifero etc. They are not popular with Hokkien speaking Chinese. Especially, those gamblers will never want to buy Suzuki cars. It literally means losing all your money. Langgar!


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8 Responses to Want to join Lobang Club?

  1. Hahahaha!
    Where do I sign up?


  2. musingsofasingaporeretiree says:

    I know I should have worked for SMRT. So much free time. Can blog, can drink coffee, take photo here and take of people sleeping and have so much lobang!


    • Just go to SMRT website. They are still recruiting train drivers. If there is a will, there is a way. God only help those who help themselves. Don’t say talk for fun. I blog in between my breaks and off duty when I go to coffee shop to drink my favourite ‘kopi O’.

      Usually, I just write my thoughts on ‘Notes’ on my iPhone whenever I’m free. I just copy and paste on WordPress. Sometimes, I write a few blog posts up to 10 or more and scheduled them one day per post for publication on WordPress. It’s quite easy actually if only you know how to manage and fully utilize your limited time. Even though I work almost everyday, hardly any off days more than 9 hrs a day, I still blog and read besides those activities you mentioned. Thks for keeping track of my routine.


    • L Putra says:



  3. patriot says:

    Gintai must share the lobang with Agongkia. He will be thankful.



    • agongkia says:

      Lobang to me simply means hole, opportunity, khang thow or good tips. Of course must share with me.
      I can only say that I am proud of this 12 years Indonesian old boy.One simple word can change an organisation name.


      • Agongkia is so smart to point out the fact that this 12 yr old Indonesian boy could change the name of an organization with just one incomplete stmt! Bravo!
        Maybe we shld learn from this boy to make a powerful stmt to change some of the mindset and stubborn thinking of some ppl.
        An interesting lesson learnt. Remember this well.


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