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I’ve downloaded tons of free period drama serials on my iPad using the free PPS app. I’ve watched lots of them, mainly from China.

Since I installed this PPS app in my iPad, I have watched WuXia and period China drama serials such as JinYong’s famous novels 倚天屠龙记,天龙八部,and now about to finish watching 书剑恩仇录. All of them at least 40 to 45 chapters. All spoken in standard native Mandarin. It’s not the dubbed over version.

I notice that those China produced period drama serials are worth watching. You may say that I’m quite addicted to them. Usually, it’s two or three famous actors or actresses from HK or Taiwan combined in the China drama production team.

The New Dragon Inn “新龙门客栈2龙门飞甲” is one of the best movies which I keep returning to watch. It’s a re-make of the original classic. The main actor is Jet Li. Beautiful and awesome period movie with a treacherous desert setting and a powerful killer tornado brewing in the background. Usually I would delete after watching the movies to make space for new downloads. I’m still keeping this Dragon Inn movie.

The natural landscape such as the deserts, mountains, rivers, green forested valleys and ancient temples etc are simply breathtaking. The professional acting skills coupled with special effects and of course, the native Mandarin speakers are simply irresistibly addictive. Sometimes, the Beijing diction is so accentuated that I have to read the Chinese subtitles or even play back few times to understand completely their exact nuances.

I’ve gained insight much especially the historical and cultural aspects of ancient Chinese after watching the those China period drama serials.

Do not be surprised that this PPS even offers English movies. My non Chinese friends even could figure out how to get around and navigate the Chinese app to search for English movies. It’s quite easy really. Worth giving it a try.

I would also like to mention that you should download this “迅雷” free app. It allows you to play video of any format. I know it’s quite frustrating when you receive an unknown video attachment and not able to play it. But with this Xun Lei “迅雷” app installed on your iPhone or iPad, you will be able to watch all video formats. Why not just give a try. Happy watching.

Menu of PPS showing different category and type of movies

Those movies already downloaded. I can watch anytime when I’m free

There are English movies also


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9 Responses to Watch movies on PPS app

  1. agongkia says:

    From your way you write, I am quite sure you are a Teochew. You should upload more Teochew opera. Many good drama.

  2. Lohcifer says:

    Help me understand this. Millions (and often more than millions) are spent to make a single movie yet this app allows us to watch them free. Is this whole thing kosher? Or is someone being ripped off? I am not a lawyer but I am interested in the legality of the whole issue. Not criticizing or judging anyone here, just trying to understand how this whole thing works and whether I can be accused of contravening any laws if I download the app to watch the movies. Curious lah.

    • Yup. I can understand where you are coming from. I do agree with what you are saying. Actually those are old movies. They were shown in the cinemas. Not the latest movies. Those period China drama serials were shown on tv in China many years back. I think it’s like downloading ebooks eg Sherlock Holmes, Shakespeare, classic novels etc where they are easily available free of charge. Same principle I suppose.
      PPS is just one of the many apps. There are at least ten such similar apps. If it’s legally available in the Apple Apps store, I suppose it’s legal.
      It’s a brave new world. Cyber world is totally different from the old world where royalty is forever. Even the author or creator is dead, it’s pass on to the estate. Can we stop it? Can we control it? I don’t know. Those apps such as PPS all originated from China.

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