Small cars got help; small bikes got no help?


[But another dealer pointed out that since taxi companies will continue to have an impact on COE supply indirectly, it only means the pain has been transferred to big-car buyers. The Cat E premium currently tracks that of Cat B (for cars above 1,600 cc). “There will be fewer COEs for luxury car buyers as the reduction will affect big car COEs,” he said. “Maybe they think the rich can take care of themselves but what is the point of all this if there is little or no relief for Cat A buyers?”

The dealer said he still expects Cat A premiums to rise “because the quota is so small”. He pointed to the most recent COE bidding exercise when the all-time high was achieved. “None of the taxi companies took part in the last round,” he said. “It proves there are just too few COEs to satisfy demand.”]


Cars below 1600 cc (smaller cars) will have some relief soon due to the removal of taxis from this category. More COEs for small cars will soon be available. It means that COE prices for small cars may go down. Still there is complaint. The complaint is that there are still too few COEs for small cars. Give them an inch now they want the yard! They don’t appreciate. Do they?

Compared to the little man riding a little motorcycle to earn a decent living on a meagre pay, there appears to be no help in sight from the mighty relevant authority. Apparently, the poor motorcycle rider doesn’t deserve any helping hand at all. Motorcyclists do not seem to have any clout? Really?

Question is since Day01, why there is only one category for motorcycles when there are few categories for different car capacity? There is a division between small and luxury car owners. LTA took pity on the small car owners by removing taxis from there. Obviously it’s a great relief for small car owners.

However, there is no division of poor and rich bikers for motorcycle COEs. Currently COEs for motorcycle averages about $1,800 to $2,000. It’s about half the price of a small motorcycle. But if it’s a big luxury motorcycle costing $30,000 to $40,000 like those Harley Davidson or BMW motorcycles, the COE is peanut. There should be at least two categories for small and big motorcycles. Maybe create a category for 200cc and below, another category for 201cc and above since motorcycles of Class 2 with above 750cc are quite rare here. This is pure common sense. Why didn’t they think of that? Just can’t be bothered? Poor bikers not worth the consideration? Really langgar!

Small motorcycles are usually used by low income despatch riders, newspaper vendors, fast food delivery riders etc. Whereas those luxury motorcycles are usually pampered by the rich and famous for leisure. Have you come across any big motorcycle used by despatch riders?

Why the double standards? Why only render assistance to the small car owners and ignore the poor motorcyclists? Is the latter less vocal than those car owners? Motorcyclists have little or no clout at all? It seems that the motorcyclists are the forgotten insignificant lot in the eyes of LTA. Sigh …! When will they ever see the light? What do you think?

Motorcycle COEs hit 14-year high!

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4 Responses to Small cars got help; small bikes got no help?

  1. fish 'n' chips says:

    Why discuss COE when it should have never been born in the first place? Are we not walking right into the trap. Ponder just for a little while. If it can be done to motor vehicles, what is stopping them from applying it to everything else under the sky. Think about that.

    • Will it solve our traffic jam problem if we abolish the COE? Any other alternatives? Is balloting of COEs or one car per family the answer? Will it not lead to abuse? I can always get others or families who don’t own cars to register under their names on paper? Can the loopholes be plugged? Which is the better system to solve our traffic congestion? What do you think?

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  3. KAM says:

    I have friend who rode a Vmax 1200 to deliver courier services. But he has since migrated to USA.
    Motorcycles are seen as pest on the roads. If the govt can, they will actually want to remove all motorcycles so that the rich FT can drive their Ferraris even faster.

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