Value others’ time

“People count up the faults of those who keep them waiting,” runs an old proverb. People who are late for appointments are disrespectful of the importance of others and the value of their time – whether they intend to be or not.

No matter how high people rise in the world, if they’re no longer concerned about being punctual – with their peers or their subordinates – something is being lost.

Aside from the poor example it sets for others, people who are erratic about keeping commitments make things difficult for everyone they work with.


None of us works alone: Business is a matter of coordination and teamwork. Efficient results depend on scheduling our workday to mesh with the work of other people, be they subordinates, colleagues, higher-ups, customers or suppliers. People who keep falling behind time not only inconvenience themselves but upset everyone else’s schedule too.

They don’t do their reputations much good either. Human nature being what it is, others are apt to be counting up all their faults – imaginary or otherwise – while they are kept cooling their heels. And any time people are kept waiting, they’re apt to be that much less cooperative and less pleasant to do business with.

Your time is valuable and – being human – you don’t like anyone to keep you waiting. Why should other people feel differently? It’s discourteous and shows a lack of consideration to waste people’s time, no matter who they are or what jobs they have. It gives them the impression that they aren’t considered very important. That’s not good human relations.

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1 Response to Value others’ time

  1. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    Reality is a bit more complex.
    If you are the appointment ‘setter’, be early. Not just punctual. Give your participants ample time to respond on their availability or at least tIme for them to find suitable representative.
    If you’re board members who hold regular board meetings, carry out the meeting even if there’s only 1 agenda on table. What’s the point of REGULAR meetings if the subordinate has to work his ass off to table an item to meet deadline only to be told, please come back again.
    If you are an attendee, don’t be late and hold everyone up. Have at least the basic courtesy of informing someone in the meeting that you’re held up by some unforeseen event.

    Ape writes as if he’s always punctual but the reality is ape has difficulty keeping up with his own measure :p


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