iPad2 for sale …


Exactly @1938 hrs, I received a msg from Train Officer Leopard. He was asking me to look around for a buyer for his iPad2. It’s 32GB with 3G. Still under wty since it’s less than a year old.

I did ask around but most prefer Android devices. They say iPad just like iPhone must go thru iTunes to download movies or mp3. Android devices could do the same directly without the need to go thru a portal similar to iTunes.

Later in the late evening just before reporting off, I just mentioned it to RSM (Rail Services Manager) Salle. He was quite keen. He already owned two iPads shared amongst his family members. He didn’t mind getting another set. He is an iPad die-hard fan.

When he called up Train Officer Leopard to enquire, the reply was that he’s looking at $500! The stock market has gone on a bull run. Maybe, RSM Salle is not a Train Officer so that explains the $50 increase from his original asking price of $450!

The best part is that Train Officer Leopard insisted that RSM Salle must also take over his Singtel contract if he wants to buy over the iPad2! Of course, RSM Salle didn’t want to take over the line. Who wants his unwanted baby? He’s only interested in the iPad2.

In the meantime, a little commotion was building up in the background with TO Leopard and RSM Salle negotiating over the phone. TO Bayi Girl insisted that only $350 or at best $380 need to be offered. She said that those brand new China tablets selling at only less than $200! Why pay so much for a second hand iPad2?


RSM Salle and myself rebutted TO Bayi Girl that she didn’t know what she was talking. She never used Apple products so she would not know its reliability and user friendliness. She is an Android user. She retorted that at least she didn’t have to go thru iTunes to download her Punjabi songs or videos. I then told her that by comparing iPad with China tablets is like comparing a BMW car to China car! The quality is obvious. “I’m not going to argue with you guys, my train is coming soon. I’ve got to catch it at the platform!” Off she went hurriedly to drive her train sashaying her huge “bonda!” Really langgar!

RSM Salle ended the conversation with Train Officer Leopard that he stood by his offer of $400 for his iPad2 32GB. Call him if he agrees. That seems fair to me.

Trust me you will never regret having an iPad. I lelong my latest Samsung Tab 7.7″ after using it for 10 days. I have no regrets. I can’t live without my iPad.

If anyone is keen on TO Leopard’s iPad2, just let me know. I’ll provide his contacts to you.

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  1. Lohcifer says:

    I am a diehard user of the MacBook and other Apple products like the iPhone, the iPods and the iPad but I have recently ditched my iPhone for Samsung Galaxy SIII and my iPad for the Galaxy Tab 7.7, the only tab in the world with AMOLED screen. Many reasons but among them: Apple products are great, but I am a bit resentful of the velvet handcuffs the company slaps on its users. Android operates in a “freer” environment. In any case, I’ve concluded that while tabs are great, at best they are toys. Maybe I’m daft but no way in the world can a tab be a primary work device for me. I still need my MacBook Pro. Just my view. To each his own.


    • Datuk Lohcifer,
      If a cat catches mice, then it’s a good cat! Whether it’s black or white or should I say in the context of Singapore whether it’s a local cat or FT cat make no difference to me? Langgar!
      Your good self found gold in Tab 7.7″. Whereas I used it for a short period and got rid of it. Yes to each his own indeed. BTW, only this model is banned from EU market. They lost the court case of product infringement in the German high court. Suit brought about by Apple. I foresee the price will drop further since the EU stock will be re-directed elsewhere.
      I feel that the only gadget worth it’s salt is still the S3! It’s the biggest best seller worldwide according to sales figures. My fren SM Chia is a newly converted S3 fan from iPhone. I think I may try to assess it first hand.
      As for the much brag about “AMOLED” screen found only in Tab 7.7″. I say nothing to shout about. It is only that it consumes much lesser battery power hence it prolongs it’s battery time. The others without AMOLED screen guzzles up the juice faster than you thought.
      The picture brilliance and clarity of ipad3 still beat them hands down. Just compare both with a close-up shot, you can comfortably count the “bulu” on an ipad3 screen easily!


  2. auntielucia says:

    Gintai, I sent u a msg on twitter but got no reply. Also cldn’t find this post on your blog till now. Is the Ipad2 still availble?


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