JB shopping trip with RM750 summons

Two days ago (10/7/12), I drove my mother in my weekend bone shaker to JB. My colleague also tagged along.

We reached JB @11am. I had earlier checked the Woodlands causeway traffic camera. True enough no jam, no hassle since the ‘white card’ is no longer necessary. It’s also on a weekday unlike the weekends where it’s always jammed with cars. We just love to drive across to JB don’t we?

After the JB immigration check point, all of a sudden, there was a long jam of Singapore registered cars. Police road block was checking on every Singapore registered car. After the police screened my car on their talkie talkie, I heard ‘red’ in Malay. I knew something was amiss. True enough, the courteous police officer asked for my passport. He kept it inside the motorcycle side box and instructed me to park at the side of the road.

More Singapore registered cars were directed to park at the road side. About ten of us were told to follow the police bikers to the nearby police station. We were not the only ones. There were subsequent batches of few cars escorted to the police station. Big convoy of Singapore cars traveling to the police station with police bikers’ siren screaming.

We were told to report to the police station main counter after parking our cars. We had to take a queue number and waited to be called. When my turn came, I had to tell the police officer my car number. A computer print out came out listing all my traffic offences. A total of four speeding offences (Pandu Laju) with offer of compounding them on the spot. Total amount – RM750. I was flabbergasted!


I asked the PO at the counter if I could pay by credit card? They only accept cash she said. What if I didn’t have enough money? Ask someone to bring here was her reply. The only consolation is that I was given more than 50% generous discount. I only had to pay RM360 instead of RM750! Not bad. Still got discount? Where to get this generous offer?

I wish to say that Malaysian Royal police officers were all very courteous and friendly despite their striking uniform with so many colors (medals) above their shirt pocket and all the shinning metal ranks pinned on their right arm-side shirt.

I was quite glad to clear all my summons. I used to drive to Genting Highlands, Ipoh, KL even to Penang. I was stopped and summoned few times (should be four times) for exceeding the speed limit. I don’t usually like to speed. I drove within 120 kph to 140 kph caused its quite slow to go at the legal speed limit of 110 kph along the long monotonous North South highway.

Whenever I was stopped by the police for exceeding the speed limit, I always gave RM50 or even RM100 to the helpful and friendly PO. They told me that they were doing me a favour by paying on my behalf. I was very impressed with their friendliness and the extra service offered by them to help me pay the summons so that I could avoid the hassle of paying myself. I didn’t know there was such personalized service.

Obviously, those police officers collected my money had forgotten to pay on my behalf those summons. How can they be so forgetful? I just blame my bad luck. I’m grateful that we do not have such forgetful police officers back home. That is why our police officers are much more professional than them.

Wasted about one hour in the police station having settled all the summons. It’s nearly noon and we were hungry. We headed to Sentosa town for our lunch. We ordered the famous ‘paper chicken’ at RM18 and few other dishes.



We then headed to The Store which is my mother’s favourite shopping centre. For the past few days, she kept pestering me to bring her there to buy her favourite hair shampoo ‘Tracia’ brand which costs RM12.99 is not available in Sg. The last time I brought her here, she bought a few. She had used up all. This time, she bought a dozen. That’s the main purpose for this shopping trip.


I just left her at The Store and told her I’ll be back after 2 hours. I then went over to the nearby Old Town coffee shop for my white coffee and free wi-fi. I started checking my emails, blogs and Whatsapp to my frens.

When I came back 2 hours later, my mum had bought so much items fully loaded on the trolley. We paid and left the place for home.

I have learnt a valuable lesson from this trip. Never let those friendly police officers pay for your summons on your behalf. Pay your summons yourself. It’s quite easy. Just drive to the nearby police station with the summons issued and pay up. A receipt will be issued to you. Parking inside the police station is free.


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12 Responses to JB shopping trip with RM750 summons

  1. Lohcifer says:

    Most Malaysian cops seem pretty helpful, among other favors they’ll gladly do for you is to take your money and go to the authorities to pay your fines for you. Very personalized, very customer-focused. In reality you’ll be contributing to an informal police welfare fund. At the end of the day what you save in currency exchange/shopping you lose it all. Also, the time spent at the border checkpoints, etc isn’t really worth all the hassles unless you have lots and lots of time to spare. Then, there’s the safety issue as well. There are enough horror stories to scare people off. I only go to JB if I absolutely need stuff I can’t get here in Singapore or when I am desperate to experience a change of scene for a couple of hours.

    • Maybe they need more intensive training to offer such ‘personalized’ services. Most importantly they should not forget about what they promise to do. That’s poor customer service.

  2. CT says:

    next time just take the summons and if you send them even half the compound amount by transfer, they will accept and send you receipt.

  3. agongkia says:

    Is there a possibility of one having committing 8 offences in which 4 of which are settled by the POs ?The rest are those that one have forgotten to pay.
    Still better than me having to pay fine for an allegation of illegal parking here without committing an offence.
    I will never condone such act of offering money as what I do not wish to be done to myself ,I will never do to others.I am also committing an offence for doing that,whether I am a PO,ex PO or just an ordinary citizen.

    I seldom visit JB lately but never had any bad experience when I was there.The sincere smile of the Meimeis and the simple and hard working cousins there can motivated me to work harder.Avoid driving there unless you have something to buy or need to travel long distance.
    Though JB may not be my best choice,it is still worth visiting.

    • I never offer them anything. They merely offer to pay summons on my behalf to save me the trouble. They are friendly and courteous towards Singapore registered cars cuz they always love to stop us for a little chat and reassure us our safety. It’s just that they are forgetful at times. If they remember, they will pay. If not then you blame your luck. To answer your question, it’s possible that 4 out of 8 times they forgot. So just pray hard that they remember. Langgar.

  4. Moe Gan Thai says:

    When I go JB, I’ll drive carefully and within the speed limit, and also buckle up the seatbelt. I won’t let them have a chance to take my money. It is safe to drive there during day time and come back evening time, just be alert, don’t let the robbers / PO have the chance to meet you.

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  6. Send Ah Kong to JB says:

    Many of my friends go to JB every week for petrol and buying groceries.
    Also many good zhi char stalls there at super cheap price especially with the current exchange rate.

    • Yup. You can also send your Ah Gong to JB to retire since you like to go there every weekend. Kill many birds with one stone lah. All in one at JB. Everything also can get in JB. I only pity our shopping centres. Soon they will have close shop.

  7. K says:

    Being robbed in JB is still better than being robbed by pap everyday. I LOVE JB!!! I wanna be malaysian!!! Boleh!!!

    • citizens says:

      How true!

      Got robbed once a while
      definitely better than
      getting fleece

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