25 yr old Masters student molested by crane operator


“A 25 year old Masters student in Biotechnology was conned by a serial molester to ‘examine’ her breasts and vagina as part of a ‘medical examination!’

Former tower crane operator Mohamed Rizuan Rahim was sentenced to 10 years of jail and 16 strokes of cane on Wednesday for molesting six women as part of a scam.”

Read the full story here.

When I read that piece of shocking news last week, I kept thinking of it. It just can’t get off my mind. Other news I just read and move on. But this particular case kept coming back to haunt my subconscious mind. No worry I’m not jealous nor envy that crane operator’s talent in ‘conning’ six innocent victims as reported but questions kept popping up.

It seems that there were few other victims besides that Masters student. Precisely due to that Masters student victim that it generated so much on-line discussion here. Click here to read.

Not much details of the Masters student. We only know that she is a post graduate student doing her Masters degree in a local university – NUS, NTU, SIM or SMU, we are not sure. Whether she is a local or foreign student also not sure.


Anyway, if a person could study in an university Masters class, she definitely must be quite intelligent. To go right through the entire rigorous examination system till Honours degree and to Masters degree course, you must be quite intelligent to survive the whole process.

If that Masters student is intelligent, then how could she be ‘conned’ by a lowly educated crane operator? I’m really at a loss. Why is she such a blur sotong? Really can’t understand why she stripped naked to allow that con man to molest her breast and examine her private parts of all places, at a HDB staircase.

The Masters degree student like the other victims responded to the culprit’s online advertisement and believed that he was a medical doctor offering paid bodily examination. If the other silly girls were gullible I’m not surprised. But that Masters degree student – supposed to the cream of our excellent competitive education system surviving to university seems no different with other gullible Lian, Minah or Tankachi really baffles me?

What’s the use of spending tons of parents’ and taxpayers’ money training her to be a Masters degree recipient or maybe even a PhD graduate? Is there something wrong with our education system where she manages to slip thru the cracks? Is it a case of exam smart with zero EQ or street smart?

Since meritocracy and elitism based on paper qualification is deeply entrenched in our civil service and stat-boards, university graduates with bigger paper, will fill up higher positions if employed in the government service.

In SPF, it’s guaranteed senior officer for a general degree holder and definitely an ASP rank for an Honors or Masters. Imagine if that Masters student were to become my OC, maybe I could con her easily by asking her to strip just like that crane operator? Langgar!

I think the most ideal job for her will be a teacher at MOE since the latter is looking for rare virgin species to impart the correct sexual values to our young. Click here to read what bloggers are talking about MOE’s latest langgar policy. Only zero street smart Masters student spending all her waking hours perfecting on the art of passing exams to become exam smart fits the ideal teacher profile MOE is desperately looking for. Hopefully her students won’t be conned by another cunning crane operator.

I fear that that Masters student is a typical exam smart elite with zero street smart EQ eventually occupying all the top posts in our civil service. I do not care about her naivety or virginity. I only worry that such top elite scholar bureaucrats with iron rice bowl can never empathize with us commoners. They will never understand our bread and butter issues since they are so gullible and easily conned. I hope this case is the exception rather than the norm.

Our destiny is in the hands of those exam aces Mandarins with perfect score but zero street smart EQ. Do we have a choice? I don’t think so. What do you think?


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32 Responses to 25 yr old Masters student molested by crane operator

  1. agongkia says:

    Gintai ah..
    This is voluntarily and common lah ,saleswoman sleep with tua Kow and let them touch here and there ,even 17 year old oso know she can get paid for sleeping with someone …the list goes on.According to report here ,she reported because she does not get what she is promised.
    Me think a charge of Impersonating instead of molest should be more enuf and appropriate.

    Imagine ME,a poor boy and my dream is to be a medical examiner ,sonk leh,can examine here and there but I cannot be one due to low education.
    One fine day,something in my mind tells me that I am a medical examiner.I am not interested of touching here and there and I only love to examine only.
    I then ask those interested to be examine by me by offering them a fees .They come to me and I am willing to pay them a fees and spent my precious time examining them base on my intuition to see whether they are healthy and productive.Buyer and seller agree ,I can fulfil my dream of becoming a medical examiner ,they will get paid for helping me and I never claim I represent any hospital mah.Actually I oso thought I should be paid by them for examining them but I am kind.
    I did not molest them but simply examine only.EXAMINE ONLY.Doctor also touch here and there why no one say they molest?Discrimination?I examine and pay till one day I become pokkai . I cannot afford to pay the master student.She then think I cheated her and accuse me of molest..
    And ex IO like you,your HI…. oso say I molest….what to do?you say what you want mah…..

    I dun agree with you to think that those master,Phd…are really intelligent.You see so many examples unless you are kooning everyday.
    Just that majority are lucky to be born in a rich or well to do family and they can study without worrying on the school fees .
    The only group of really intelligent one to me are those who are from the ordinary family and those on scholarship.Yes there is hope.I notice there are few whom I have met.

    • Agongkia ah,
      You are correct to say that the correct charge of ‘impersonating to cheat’ or cheating by impersonation is more appropriate. But that charge doesn’t carry ‘canning.’ The aggravated molest charge or Outraging of Modesty under Sec 354a Cap 224 has a canning provision. She was in fact molested. You will never under the trauma of getting 16 strokes of the cane. Words can’t describe the pain and effects of such punishment. The reason why I say she is gullible cuz she didn’t ask for payment first. She trusted that con man. Fact is she was conned. If you are street smart, you won’t be conned so easily. Even prostitutes always ask for payment first before let you touch them. Prostitutes also know to guard themselves against con men.

      • agongkia says:

        Dun ask me how I know.Not all prostitutes will ask for payment first .I feel the majority dun.Only the one at Jalan Besar backlane will likely collect in advance especially when they serve our FWs or FTs.
        Maybe the subject just want the thrill of becoming a examiner.I dun see the need to cane him .
        If any char bor ,lau char bor or tai tais want the thrill of examing my body and willing to pay me for that ,whether they claim to be examiner or not and if I have the thrill to be examine by them,how can I say they molest me just because they dun pay me?Even free oso never mind because I also enjoy the thrill of being examine and they also spent their precious time.You cannot say I am gullible lor.

    • Aiyoh agongkia,
      “I did not molest them but simply examine only.”
      By the same logic, I also didn’t steal from my company. I only borrow it. I will pay back every cent lah. I also did not steal the car. It’s an emergency so I just borrowed the car for a while. No intention to steal lah. I can swear to my God that I telling the truth. I’m very honest law abiding citizen. I also pay all my taxes. So pls release me. Don’t arrest me or charge me in court ok?
      How’s my wayang? Are you touched by my sincerity? Langgar!

      • agongkia says:

        Gintai ah.
        I dun have to tell you what is the definition of Theft,Theft as a servant or theft in dwelling house etc..you know well.Paying taxes doesn’t mean one can go against the law.
        Lets say one fine day…..
        If I impersonate as a rich towkaykia,million dollar salary man, date a woman through XXXXline or pen pal above 14…ah.. 18 lah ,go to hotel or anywhere,with her consent,not against her will,or consent given not under threat…,and she know who she is giving her body to …., and we have that….after that she want money from me and I dun have money for her,does that mean that she can make a report that I rape her and I should get charge under 375?

  2. alwi says:

    That is why there are even Columbia Scholar in SMRT.Who are sotong

  3. Taupok says:

    Maybe the farmer knows, he semester to know many things.

    • Yup. I’m still waiting for that intellectual farmer to drop by to share his views. It’s a virtual coffee shop here. Hope he will pass by here for coffee.

  4. Sinking Sinkies says:

    It only shows that this crane operator is smarter than a masters degree holder.
    Paper qualifications is only paper thin, it weighs less than the weight of their brain.

    • In Sg if you do not have paper qualification, there is no future for you. Esp in the civil service, the bigger the paper the higher and further you go. I was in the civil service before. I know what I’m talking about. This is a fact.

      • agongkia says:

        If you do not have paper,go and study,cannot study ,maybe can buy one.Last time they offer me though the net one paper 3 K .Who cares?Maybe I oso can become somebody and boss Sinky around lor.Fake qualification,ai mai?

  5. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    Do not under estimate the power of persuasion and suggestion. Having said that, how can a 25 year old master degree student fall prey to a con man ‘medically’ examining her at the STAIRCASE? What the? !?! Is there more than meets the eye?

    • “Do not under estimate the power of persuasion and suggestion”
      Yes, lots of ppl giving money willing due to that yet they still feel that they are not conned! Sun Tzu’s highest art of war is to win a war without going to war. Here it is to con yet victims still feel not being conned. That is equivalent to Sun Tze highest art of war. Langgar.

  6. Roaring Lion says:

    The crime can be described using the wolf and sheep analogy.

    A bloody and scheming wolf posed as a nurse by deceiving young girls to believe his company is conducting medical examination of breast and vagina that secretly fulfill his lustful fantasies. These naive sheep should inform her friends and parents first and foremost even though they are grown adults. Having good qualification does not equal to good decision making.

    The society is getting very complex and so is the intention of crime.

    • But we are talking about a particular 25 yrs old sheep having gone thru entire educational system emerging as the top few percent who will occupy top position soon. Did she not learn how to handle a big bad wolf? I wonder how is she going to handle even more difficult problems in the real world?
      BTW: It’s reported in TNP that she is a PRC. I was told of this fact. So it’s not so bad in a way. Hopefully she doesn’t take up PR here.

      • Big Broom says:

        I am not sure why you tend to judge a person’s intelligence/EQ or any other things by his/her formal education background is errorenous in the first place. Every single person is different, and I do not think all master students in Singapoer can be categorized in a definite manner.
        I know some people choose to study master because they could not get a job after their bachelor degree. So I would not say all or most master students will occupy top positions.
        Why do you it is ok if that master student is a PRC as reported?

        • If you are a Singaporean – unless you are not, you will know that civil service and stat-boards based on paper qualifications for top jobs. It’s a fact. I was from the civil service.
          If that Masters student is not local then she won’t end up with a top post in our civil service. Do you want such gullible easily ‘conned’ to chart our policy?

    • Darling says:

      Well, a master degree student is so gullible, imagine
      those lower educated ones.
      A decade and a half spent in school to learn what?
      No wonder, some folks have totally lose confidence
      in our learning institution.


      • Yes Darling you are correct! Our education system is in a mess. It’s not training students with initiative. Unlike in the good old days where students had a lot of initiative. Look at the recent JC student from a reputable institution with a proud learning tradition using expletives on a DPM! That is the most unthinkable act of an educated gentleman. Like I say, I may not agree or I may not like the DPM but I will never hurl such abuse on him. Like I used to say and I’ll say it here once again that I don’t love him or support him, but I’ll nvr abuse him cuz he is a senior cabinet minister. It is a matter of principle. It’s against my upbringing in school. This not the way to treat our national leaders no matter what excuse or reasons you can find to justify.
        I may not be in SPF but I still got frens there. I heard of horror stories that POs came in with diplomas and given Sgt rank straightaway but lacking in common sense! One eg is that large expensive machinery left outside the workshop unit was stolen. The highly educated PO insisted that it’s a ‘lost’ property just because it’s not safely secured inside the unit premises. They classified the case as under ‘lost and found’ report. It shld be theft not lost property.
        I then told my PO fren that if your car parked at a public carpark and it’s missing. Is it also a case of ‘lost’ property and NOT stolen? Or is it s case of ‘unlawful loan/borrow’ the car for use? There are even more examples of such nature I heard with shocking revelation.
        You see there must be something wrong with our education system with the kind of students we are producing. Let’s not kid ourselves and be in self- denial mode. Look around carefully to detect them. It’s all around us.

        • SG Girl says:

          Education doesn’t teach one to be street smart. I remember when I was in secondary one, one day at home (alone), I received a phone call. This stranger (a man) asked to speak to my mum, I told him she wasn’t in. So he asked for my grandmother’s phone number. I gave him, the contact number of the mental institute/hospital instead. Common sense told me he didn’t know my mum plus my grandma was already dead.

          Gintai, I also like to share my experience regarding SPF. Years ago I found a wallet with a few hundred dollars cash inside. I waited at the place for the owner to come back but he/she did not. So I left for my appointment. Later, I went to my neighbourhood police post to lodge a report. Three PO attended to me. As the system was down that night, they couldn’t enter my report in the system so they had to do it the manual way (by writing down) which was fine with me. One PO was trying to retrieve a log number/serial number; a second PO was jotting down what I was saying; a third female PO was calculating the amount inside the wallet. When the second PO asked the third PO for the amount, she gave a wrong amount. Second time also wrong. So the second PO helped her to calculate for the third time. All in all, I had three officers to file one ‘lost & found’ report. However this was just one unique case. There were times when the PO were really efficient like when I called to report some teenagers making too much noise at 3.30am nearby, they came within ten minutes to disperse them.

          • Sg girl,
            Thks for sharing your interesting experiences. Most POs are poor at calculating cash esp big amount unlike those working in the banks. I ever raided illegal syndicate gambling esp illegal gambling den it’s such a difficult task to tally all the cash seized. I remember when I raided a big 4-D syndicate with stacks of $50 cash wrapped in wads with rubber band all over the place ie in the kitchen, under the bed, toilet and all over the place like looking for treasure hunt. So many of us yet could not total the exact amt! Headache lah. Maybe we were trained from Day01, that handling cash got to be very careful in case of allegations of corruption or misappropriation, so we became overly cautious to the extent hopelessly pathetic in hard cash accountability. Sometimes, we even fear own shadows or we got a fright if a stranger comes knocking on the door in the middle of the night. At the back of our mind, we are always suspicious and worry about ‘Uncle Sam’. That is the nick for a certain dept. One of the reasons why I left. Now I’m free to mix with pimps, illegal money lenders, bookies etc without any worry of ‘Uncle Sam’ lurking around in the background.

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  8. There is definitely more to it than meets the eye. Some deal probably didn’t go as planned.

    • Toothfully,
      Let’s assume for the sake of discussion that the ‘deal’ went thru. The Masters student got her cash and the crane operator got to role play fantasy doctor by examining her breasts and private parts. Are you saying there was no offence committed? Everyone got what he or she is entitled. No one gets hurt and all celebrate for a successful deal? Is there any difference with prostitution minus the doctor role play of course? Tthat Masters student might as well openly prostitute herself for the cash reward short of sexual intercourse? She got herself a good deal since she’s still a virgin (presume) but got some cash in exchange for the paid examination. Isn’t it a better outcome? An ideal win win scenario? Toothfully, it really langgar dah.

  9. auntielucia says:

    Not sure if this Masters hopeful is dumb or damned cunning. But in a city where supposedly genuine jewellery stores can offer store-wide discounts of 50% (one store, I came across last week-end) and another 80% (second store in the same shopping centre), it must mean there are many dumb people walking around, ready to part with their money or their modesty. 🙄

  10. agongkia says:

    This case cannot prove that some of those Masters degree are not intelligent and are gullible,maybe if she met a lowly educated with below IQ garang guni man like me again she will still do what I want her to do.
    Because being lowly educated and always being look down upon ,I have consider to upgrade myself with special skills, not the WSQ type,but like those on how to hypnotize,black magic,kongTow,witchcraft…..in order to fill the shortfall in me.
    Maybe that so claim accuse knows witchcraft and kongtow,not because that so claim victim is gullible.Please do not doubt her intelligence.

    • Now that’s an interesting angle I fail to see. Witchcraft and black magic or the spiritual realm which is not recognized in secular law. Maybe, the victim was under his spell?

  11. octopi says:

    This is a classic case of Master baiting.

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