The Olde Cuban re-visited


Yesterday (23/6/12) evening, the Fellowship again descended at

The Olde Cuban
2 Trengganu Street
Singapore 508456

There was a professionally catered buffet dinner, free flow of single malts, maotai, shaoxing, cognac as well as free flow of pipe tobacco and premium Cuban cigars. It is exactly four months since the last memorable party where we celebrated the 55th birthday of Dr Mike (also known as Lohcifer at

What a memorable event! The Fellowship will always remember this great party. It was so special because in Dr Mike’s own words, “We occupied the entire 4th floor of Olde Cuban’s private inner sanctum!” Many of the Fellowship took time off to attend this gathering commencing from 7pm to 1:30am. More than 20 members showed up.

The highlight of the evening was the special appearance of our highly respected and beloved Bodo Falkenried from Germany. He was here for business. He is our counterpart from Germany who runs and owns a German Pipe Smokers’ Forum with which our Fellowship of Singapore Pipe & Cigar Smokers is affiliated.

After the dinner and when everybody had settled down, a serious ceremony commenced to the surprise of Bodo Falkenried. Yes, it was the highlight of the evening where we decided to “honor” him. With Mauro Cattana acting as Master of Ceremony a citation was read by Sir Professor Steve before Dr Mike and myself presented the award to Bodo Falkenried.

Here is the citation of the award:

“The Grand Council of the Temple of Langgar has met and deliberated.

It has passed a motion. (Oops.)

It is with extreme pleasure of The Grand Council of the Temple of Langgar to announce that after due diligence and detailed examination of Bodo Falkenried’s impeccable credentials, The Grand Council has voted unanimously to accept you as one of our own and hereby elevate you to the rare status of “elder” in our midst and accordingly bestow you with The Grand Council’s Order of the Copper Latakia, Grand Hall of Fame of the Temple of Langgar’s Inner Sanctum Brotherhood of the Briar, an honor that carries the honorific “UNCLE” (which is the way Singaporeans address their elders, whether blood relatives or not).

From henceforth after the investiture this Saturday, June 23, the year of our Lord, 2012, Bodo will be addressed as “UNCLE Bodo Falkenried.”

To all here and elsewhere, let it be known that all Langgarites the world over rejoice over the elevation and erection (oops again) of “UNCLE Bodo Falkenried” and accord this honorable man of the pipe with the respect commensurate with his elevated and sacred status.

May the eternal blessings of The Intergalactic Tiang Banger in Chief go with Bodo Falkenried always, now and forever more.”

Later, the newly bestowed Uncle Bodo Falkenried made a short acceptance speech. He said he was very touched to be so warmly treated and accorded the highest respect by the Fellowship. He was obviously delighted by the award. He told me that he will have it framed up and will display it prominently in his office in Munich. The best part was that he proclaimed that Singapore is his 2nd home. He said he would never get tired of visiting Singapore with such good company and friendship. After four weeks of stay in Singapore, he said, he shall go back to Germany to submit a report on this event on the German Forum to share with his home audience.

Five of our members also had their birthdays celebrated that evening with a little cake. There were birthday presents presented by Dr Mike, the head, heart and soul of the Fellowship.






Uncle Bodo Falkenried relaxing and enjoying himself after the ceremony.




Click here to watch the video.

Email from Bodo:

“Esteemed Intergalactic Tiang Banger in Chief,

Most honorable Grand Council of the High Temple of Langgar,

Dear Fellowship of the unique Singapore Pipe and Cigar Enthusiasts,

Dear Lady of the Briar,

What a memorable event, what a company, what a joy.

Again, I am speechless lah. In the past 30 years of langgaring Asia, I have never felt as at home as I do today in Singapore. All of you make me feel so welcomed lah. Truly an honor. My utmost thanks goes to The Grand Council of the Temple of Langgar.

Special thanks to the Intergalactic Tiang Banger In Chief Dr. Mike, The master of ceremony Mauro Cattano, The great speaker Professor Steve Ngo and Mr.Langgar himself, Alan Tang.

Alec Ee managed to capture the spirit by his lovely pictures and the video which made my family in Germany laugh too.

Lucky mah, my Singaporean friends are power packed wan.

UNCLE Bodo Falkenried”

All photos taken by Alec Ee.


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