Horrifying Experience on Jetstar Hangzhou (Shanghai) Flight


Hi Gintai,
I have a favour to ask you. Below is an email which I had sent to Jetstar as well as the CEO, Alan Joyce of Qantas. But I still have not received any reply from them.

It’s very frustrating and I wish that I can do as much as I can, to ALERT SINGAPOREANS NOT TO BE CON BY JETSTAR.

Therefore I thought it would be also good if you could help circulate my email through your most popular Blog.

Best regards


Dear Sirs,

When I am writing this email to you, I can honestly tell you that I am still very scared, sick and having a serious nervous breakdown.

I am a Singaporean, currently living in Shanghai together with my husband who is working over here. I went back to Singapore for a two week vacation and booked a flight back to Hangzhou on

5 June ( Tues) Flight No: 3K 831
Arrival Time : 23:35 Hrs

The advertisement on the Jetstar official website stated that there is a shuttle bus service from Hangzhou to Shanghai, and also the headline shows Hangzhou (Shanghai), clearly indicating to passengers that by taking Jetstar Hangzhou flight, it will take you directly into Shanghai. See the advertisement as below, extracted from your website. Previously, there had not been a problem to me whenever I traveled on Jetstar to Hangzhou, and then took the bus service from there to Shanghai, BUT THIS TIME, MY WORSE NIGHTMARE BEGAN …..

I arrived on 5 June (Tues) at about 11.45 pm and after collecting my luggage, it was already past 12 midnight. After custom clearance, I headed towards the shuttle bus service counter. There was a man, smoking at the counter, asked me if I was alone and I replied ‘yes’. He said ‘wait for a while, and see how many people are taking this bus.’ We waited for nearly 1/2 hour, while the man kept asking those passengers on the same flight if anyone were taking the bus, but unfortunately, in the end, I turned out to be THE ONLY PASSENGER! The man turned to me and said ‘sorry, madam, I have to tell you that I am NOT TAKING YOU TO SHANGHAI, because you are the only passenger! It’s not worth the trip at all’. I was shocked and exclaimed ‘But it says Jetstar offers this shuttle bus service from Hangzhou to Shanghai! I wouldn’t have booked this flight or traveled on Jetstar, if this service was not in place!’ The man said ‘Well, you can complain to Jetstar as you wish, we don’t care. Anyway, I can honestly tell you that Jetstar’s contract with us expired in March, therefore, it is entirely our company’s decision whether or not to extend such service to you. So, I am going home to sleep now.’ The man left right away. I was petrified! Oh My God! What a situation I was in now, what could I do now, I thought to myself.

It was already nearly 1 am, and I was lost and wondering what I should do at the airport. I asked around at the airport if I could get a cab to Shanghai, but there WASN’T ANY TAXI at that hour, except 1-2 men who came by and told me that as the journey is rather far from Hangzhou to Shanghai; it would probably take them at least 5 hours to return to Hangzhou, therefore, they would have to charge me very expensive, i.e. approximately RMB2,000 (S$400)! They clearly knew that I was helpless and desperate to get a transportation home. Finally, another man offered me transportation to Hangzhou train station (the journey from the airport to the train station is approximately 1 hour) and charged me RMB400 (S$80), as I was alone.

On the way, alone in a private car, I WAS VERY VERY VERY SCARED. My imagination ran wild in the car. I had read lots of stories about single woman taking a ride in China, got robbed, raped and even worse, in Guangzhou, the Chinese killed the people and robbed their HUMAN ORGANS, such as lungs, kidney, eyes, skin, hair, and sell to the local hospitals! I was praying and constantly on the phone with my husband who was also worried hell a lot for me. The thoughts came flashing in my mind, what if I got killed by this man? I held on tightly to my bag and could hear my heart beat so quickly as though I was about to be attacked by anyone.

Finally, at nearly 2.30 am the man sent me safely to Hangzhou train station. At the train station, I was able to buy a train ticket to Shanghai, but UNFORTUNATELY ONLY THE STANDING TICKET, meaning, NO SEAT AVAILABLE, one has to stand all the way, from Hangzhou to Shanghai, on the 2-hour train ride. But this isn’t scary for me though, it was until I went on board the train, another NIGHTMARE began …… The train was filled with passengers, and indeed, there was no available seat. Majority of the passengers look like workers and mainly men. Most of them KEPT SMOKING INSIDE THE TRAIN, and I felt as though I was IN A GAS ROOM. When the ‘Gong An’ (China policemen) came by, I was pleased and thought that they would come and penalise those smokers as there were signs everywhere ‘NO SMOKING’ on the train. BUT, ironically, the policemen came WITH BOXES FILLED WITH CIGARETTES! THEY WERE SELLING CIGARETTES to the passengers on the train! Can you imagine, what a horrifying journey I had on the train – standing besides the toilet, while there were lots of men coming in and out of the toilet, whole train filled with smoke and sweaty smells from the workers and stinky toilets, I was coughing all the way through and praying that this journey would end as quickly as possible.

Finally, at nearly 5 am, I arrived at Shanghai. I took a cab from Shanghai train station and back to Xu Jia Hui, in the city of Shanghai. My husband was relieved that I made it SAFELY HOME!

When I saw the advertisement in your official website today, I felt so deceitful of your airline to state under ‘Customer Guarantee’ yadda yadda ….

‘Your safety is our highest priority’ – Whereas I was being dumped in a foreign country, without any helping hands. I was considered lucky that I hadn’t being robbed, rapped and got killed!

‘You also have our personal guarantee that your safety is always our highest priority.’ – If it’s your highest priority, you would have ensured that THERE IS A TRANSPORTATION IN THE MIDNIGHT FOR ALL PASSENGERS!

‘We strive to make every part of your experience with us uncomplicated, pleasant and enjoyable.’ – Indeed my experience with you was VERY COMPLICATED, FRIGHTENING AND NERVOUS BREAK DOWN UNTIL TODAY! I wasn’t able to sleep until today, since I returned home.


More comments from AG ….
In fact, this is the 2nd worst part of my experience, the first being, the whole plane was packed with PRCs, and I didn’t see any Singaporean at all. There were PRC Chinese men and women, young and old, children screaming in the plane, throughout the 5 hour journey.

I happened to sit next to a middle age woman, together with her son, around 18 years old. For the entire 5 hour, she went on and on, bragging to me how lucky her husband was, they became ‘rich’ after migrated to Singapore. Her husband first moved to Singapore in 2000, and set up a building contractor firm. The business became prosperous after he undertook the Sentosa Casino project, subsequently, railways, etc. He then speculated in property and bought at least 5 condos. After which, he applied for his whole family, including his wife, son, daughter, grandmum and granddad, etc… to migrate to Singapore and they become PR. She wish that ALL her relatives (she was from Hangzhou) could come to Singapore, talking as though how nice if the ‘entire Hangzhou’ could move to Singapore! She kept bragging to me how her ‘Foreign Talent’ husband was so easily accepted by the Singapore government because it seems her husband was so skillful and talented in his field, hence Singapore had got to take him on to become PR. As she was talking, I thought in my mind ‘that’s how FT influx into Singapore, because THERE WASN’T SINGAPORE TALENT, Singaporeans’ can’t build the Sentosa Casino, except the FTs. I looked around, her relatives were in the plane as well, talking loudly inside the cabin. Given that I was ‘stuck’ in my seat, otherwise I would have just open the door and leave; I can’t unless I open the aeroplane door and jump down the plane!

Also during my visit in Singapore, one day as I was on the public bus, I approached the driver who was in his mid 50s. I asked him, in Mandarin ‘Uncle, could you tell me where is the nearest MRT for this bus?’ The man blinked at me, kept quiet and pretended that he didn’t understand Mandarin. Immediately, I changed ‘channel’. This time, I spoke to him IN ENGLISH. Guess what, this man, 360 degrees changed, he smiled at me and said ‘two more stops from here’. What a drastic change, I thought. This has exhibited to me, a woman who has been living out of Singapore for 22 years, how local Singaporeans actually despise PRC Chinese. Well, I must say not all PRC Chinese are bad, but the sudden influx of huge number of FTs, it’s indeed hard for us to ‘love them instantly’. It takes time and patience for us to learn to compromise with them. Our Minister advised us to cook curry only when they ARE NOT AROUND, but in China Town, where there are a lot of stalls selling Sichuan flat white noodles, duck neck, frog legs, etc. heavy cooking in the public, how could the government justify this situation? I had had no choice but to stand next to the stall because there was a long queue at the money changer.


More than 100 Jetstar pax stranded in Guangzhou for over 40 hours.

palmuser_alan’s Profile on Ping.sg ;

Dear Gintai

Thank you so much for all you have done for me.

Re: Jetstar, their representative from OZ called me last week. He apologised to me, however, still was adamant that what they are advertising on their official website is right. They proposed to compensate me a S$200 voucher which I am pleased with it. However, I insisted and reiterated they should amend their website so as not to mislead customers.

Once again thank you.

Best regards
Dated: 24/6/12


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40 Responses to Horrifying Experience on Jetstar Hangzhou (Shanghai) Flight

  1. agongkia says:

    JS can argue that you did not call their 24 hr help desk when you face this problem with the driver at the airport.They can now argue that should you have done so,they will send a limousine to pick you up and take action against their shuttle service supplier later.
    At very most,they will just write you a letter of apology or maybe another complimentary ticket for you to close the case.

    The 2nd point is that you should get adapted to the Chinese after so many years.Smoking is common there and you cannot expect them not to smoke in the train just because your country ban smoking in train.Forget that you are a SINgaporean when you are oversea.
    When you see the plane is full of PRC,its nothing unusual for them to talk loudly.This also apply to SINgaporean.
    JS is a budget airline.Most travel because its cheaper and we should be fair and not expect too much from them.Its the poor attitude of the shuttle service driver if your allegation is true.

    One thing I like about you is that you did not trouble your hubby to fetch you at the airport .Thats very considerate of you.At least it shows that you are being reasonable to some extend.

  2. kuaychap_kia says:

    Gintai, I am disappointed that you allow yourself to be a conduit to publicise such flagrantly baseless and silly piece.

    AG deserves all these and there is no basis to complain. When taking budget airline one need to be wary that it’s just taking one from Point A to Point B. Nothing special to be expected, meanwhile also to expect nothing more can be demanded. Period. Who is this idiot who arrive in a foreign country close to midnight to take an onward journey for another 2 hours at least (by a limo!) to Shanghai, the final destination? So poor cannot take direct flight meh? For the life of me, I wouldn’t even attempt a transfer at such unearthly hour even in England so don’t blame China for being dangerous.

    As for the “Second experience”, is the complainant not of Chinese descent? Who ask her to be busy body have small chat with other passengers? If they boast about how successful they are, so be it, take it with a pinch of salt. Maybe indeed they made it big in Singapore unlike someone who had to take budget airline? From my reading, the complainant is NOT a Singaporean (“a woman living in Singapore for 22 years”)? If so, please mind her own business and stop making remarks about “FT” – is she not considered a foreigner too? Besides, WE the CITIZENS of SINGAPORE will handle our own talent challenge and it’s not for another foreigner to comment on it, just like a pot calling the kettle black.

    Finally, I don’t think the complainant should be worried about ORGAN being HARVESTED because there is not much value with her brain? By the way, it’s “RAPED” not “RAPPED”.

    • kuaychap_kia says:

      OK my bad; the complainant is a Singaporean but perhaps not born here. But origin indeterminate – maybe a new Citizen? Anyway, the complaint gets a FAIL from me. Like trying to read a rojak.

      • Hello Kuaychap_kia,
        You seem pissed off lah! AG is my fren lah. She is 100% Sporean but married to a Hong Konger. She got family in Sg. Used to come back often.
        I agree with some of your points. At least JS shld reply her when she complt abt the bus service.
        Is good to discuss here and seek diff opinions. Your views are quite valid I must say. Langgar!

        • kuaychap_kia says:

          First of all, thanks Alan for your openness. No, I am not pissed. Just that it would be unfortunate if your blog is infiltrated by baseless and brainless complaints, especially unfair criticism aiming at taking potshots at the government. Don’t forget, your blog is widely read by even the ministers and MPs and in order to retain credibility of a new media channeling constructive feedback, it is also imperative to demonstrate that you are non-partisan, not supporting any political cause.

    • Anne M says:

      I cannot help but agree with kuaychap_kia. Gintai is probably drunk with high hit rates and is one of those who now just crave high traffic and is quite happy to be made used of by stupid people like AG as a conduit. Very sad state of affairs. Next he’ll be like some celebrity bloggers, wearing false eye-lashes and blond wigs and churning out total garbage just to get readership. Dear Gintai, return to some sense and sensibility, for your own sake. Don’t auction off your soul. We love the original Gintai. Please stay true to yourself and don’t sell out.

      • Anne M,
        Alamak! “Next he’ll be like some celebrity bloggers, wearing false eye-lashes and blond wigs…” That sounds very familiar. I wonder if you are referring to the same person I thinking of?
        No worry, it won’t happen even you give me a million for it! I still got my principles. Notice, I did not add or subtract from what my fren wrote? I specified clearly it’s entirely from her. I merely re-produced it. Thks for your advise. I will take note.

  3. auntielucia says:

    Gintai, your friend seems to have left her brain in SG. While she did have good reason to be miffed with JS, her chosen solution cld have led her to her grave, if those guys she took ride frm to get to the station turned out to be baddies. What she shld have done was stayed put in Hangzhou airport and waited till day-break. SGreans shld learn to be more self sufficient n safety conscious in an unpleasant situation.

    • Aunt Lucia,
      Good advise. AG is a regular reader of this blog. I hope she will take note of what you say here.
      That is the purpose of this post. To generate discussion on her true and real predicament. No point in blaming anybody if something bad happened. Better to be safe than sorry. Thks.

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  5. Francis says:

    Hi Gintai, nice of you not to delete comments from kuaychap. Some other bloggers would Just delete it. Anyway good for traveler to know problem like this especially when travel via budget airline

    • “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it” Is it spoken by the brilliant French scholar Voltaire? I’m not sure.

      I love opposing view so long it’s not inflammatory, racist or insulting. All comments will go thru based on the above principles. Let a hundred flowers bloom and a hundred ideas flourish! Thks.

      • kuaychap_kia says:


        What is there to delete my post? Cannot stand the truth meh?

        I copied this from Jetstar website. The coach service is not actually owned by Jestar and there is no promise whatsoever by Jestar to shuttle passengers from Hangzhou to Shanghai:

        “^Bus schedule subject to changes and service may be affected by weather conditions. Bus journey takes approximately 3 hours, subject to traffic conditions.

        For more enquiries, please contact:

        Hangzhou Comfort Air Service Co., Ltd.
        Hotline: +86-571-86665416”

        I am shocked that your friend didn’t even have the common sense to call the company “Hangzhou Comfort Air Service” before starting the journey to confirm. By the way, using Starhub 018, calling China cost nothing, charged as local call.

        So what have become of us Singaporeans? Always blame others for our own ignorance? Taking things for granted? Well some adults in Singapore need to be spoon fed, being accustomed to how things are in Singapore, then trully indeed, the Singapore Government have done a great job in looking after Singaporeans. The moment leave the country, behaves like little kid. Langgar deh!

        • Kuaychap,

          Points taken. I will have to agree with you. BTW, are you selling kuaychap? You certainly make a good salesman lah. Langgar.

        • Hi kuaychap kia,
          AG is in Shanghai now. According to her, there are web sites kena blocked. I believe “WordPress” is blocked in China cuz she can’t access to this blog to read comments. I told her to answer to some of the comments abt her but she can’t access. I then email her your comments.

          Here is her reply.
          “This man is a freak! Thanks, Alan, anyway, for forwarding this to me.

          As a matter of fact, although I did not call, I did ask the counter staff PERSONALLY before I checked in Re: The shuttle bus service and he confirmed with me ‘no problem, madam, when you reach Hangzhou, definitely there will be a bus to fetch you from Hangzhou to Shanghai’. If there isn’t a bus service, then they should at least have the courtesy to inform the passengers in advance, isn’t it?

          And when you see the advertisement in Jetstar website, it indicates clearly Hangzhou (Shanghai)”

  6. Free ride to Shanghai from Hangzhou? Sounds too good to be true – especially for a budget airline. Anyway, I think many people experienced the same thing in China, Indonesia, Vietnam or even Malaysia. That’s why when flights land at unearthly hours, they are usually dirt cheap. Budget travellers normally just wait at the airport till the next morning. No reason to suffer a nervous breakdown.

    • Toothfully,
      This is the best option. Just stay till morning and then take a bus. As simple as that. Maybe, as auntielucie says “she left her brains in Sg!” Lol! Really what a way to describe? Langgar!

  7. agongkia says:

    Though I feel AG should have call JS at the time of incident when she was rejected by the driver to have a stronger case against JS,I also feel that some of us had been too harsh on her.
    My last posting says Ho Shim Bor Hor Por.This is one example.
    How can we hurt the feeling of an innocent lady who is acting in good faith by requesting Gintai to share her bad experience in Shanghai with us?

    Every time when I see someone saying she left her brain in Singapore or her spare parts got no value,I just feel like there is a needle poking into my heart.Ouch.Ouch.. Ouch…
    AG just want those who wish to be there to be a bit careful .She mean no harm.We can give suggestion and brainstorm on how to deal with such cases.Please do not hurt her.
    I don’t see anything wrong for Gintai to post such cases for discussion.

    • g says:

      agreed with agonkia.. lets not be so harsh to her lah… sometimes when ppl panic, esp in situations when they nvr experienced before, suddenly the brain will malfunction… its true. i’ve seen it during my NS stint millions of times and when i go diving (some ppl uncomfortable with being underwater and then start to panic.. etcc..) then they start to do stupid things…

      of cos its easy to say do this do that on hindsight and behind keyboard when we have time to think and digest the situation but if you are the one experiencing, its totally different… lets have more compassion and always be humble.. dont be too smart.. smart can already…

    • Hi Agongkia,
      Since AG can’t access my blog from Shanghai, I email her your comment. I guess she wanna hug you! Lol!

      PS: No wonder when I look at my wordpress dashboard, there are ppl from all over the world visiting my blog except China. Some of the countries nvr heard before. There is nvr a visitor from China. I find it rather strange since China is a huge country. Now I know the reason. Mind you I have my blog link on my weibo account also. Really langgar!

      • l says:

        yeah… china internet is restricted… dats y they dont have facebook, twitter etc… instead they have their “own” versions of those like weibo, tudou, youku etc…

        if AG and singaporeans in china really want to access these sites they need to access via VPN…. there are many free vpn sites but becoz they are free, the traffic is usually very slow… most of my china frens usually pay for a small fee like USD5 or 10 per month to subscribe to “private” VPNs which will guarantee them greater surf speeds..

  8. george says:

    I have heard a lot of stories about our forefathers’ motherland enough to put me off for yet another decade before I would consider a trip to PRC for whatever reasons. It reminds me of Steven Spielberg’s Jurassic Park -what happened when the pre-historic animals escaped.

    For a country that boasted 5,000 years of civilization and culture, it is sad to note how far communism has set back the social clock for its people. I am not being biased or discriminatory, just being more discriminating about the places I would like to visit. Of course, we don’t have to go far to experience some of the PRC people ‘type’ for they have been literally brought to our doorsteps and those of many other countries. But I would bet my last dollar that PRCs who visit angmoh countries would think more than three times about bringing or exhibiting their native ill manners there for they would be quicker than the blink of an eye be put in their proper places by the locals there. That is what I often admired about the average angmohs – they are truly assertive by being nurtured by their home country to guard their way of life from presumptuous outsiders. More than I can say about local kiasu and kiasee Singaporeans on the street.

    Of course, behaving as they do in their own country is to be expected, but we have a choice not to be affronted by such poor behaviour and attitude by simply voting with our feet! This is purely my own opinion.

    I am aware that my points would attract responses. Please let’s here them as i believe it is all part of the Singaporeans’ growing up process.

  9. agongkia says:


    I am Goh Ah Gong.My great great great grandfather is from Hokkien Zhao An Xitan.PRC.
    If your forefather’s motherland is PRC ,I would like to share with you that our ancestor mainland is something that we should be proud of.Go and take a look and dun imagine.
    Sorry I dun admire the Angmo though I dun look down on them.I declare that I will die as Goh Ah Gong,not Tony or Robert.Pardon me if I appear to be rude .And I never regret not being to speak proper English because I am a Chinese.
    Please dun look down on yourself if you claim that your forefather’s motherland is PRC.Otherwise ,just dun mention it.I would understand.
    Shh….dun tell people,the Geylang meimeis was heard saying they do not need angmo to influence them.Pu Xi Han…
    Nice to meet you here.Bye Bye.I no angry hor.Share with you only.You no angry ok?

  10. Civil Serpent says:

    “Guess what, this man, 360 degrees changed..”

    Unless she was talking about temperature, I think the correct expression is “180 degrees change”.

    • Oh I didn’t know about this. I thought 360 degree refers to a complete about turn. If 180 degree only half of the turn as in a circle? I think Chinese easier to master in that sense. If I were to spend equal amount of time and effort in learning Chinese, my mastery and fluency shld be much better than my English. I may take a lifetime yet will never learn all the intricacies of English. Sigh …

  11. george says:

    Hi gong kia,
    Sure I am not angry.But share share only hor – do you honestly believe your ggggrand’s birth place accept you as one of them?

    It is an accident of history that brought our ancestors to this part of the world and to this island which we all now call home. But don’t mistake for one freaking second that you are one of them. In fact, if you understand what I wrote about what the communists have done – namely decultured the Chinese population – you wouldn’t be so quick or eager to claim kinship with them anymore than the present US angmohs and others whose forefathers hailed from Italy, UK, Germany, Russia, Japan, China, Timbuktu, etc etc would with their respective grand chokongs’ COO (country of origin).

    You, I and the rest are MERELY descendents of people who came from these places long long ago. Some may even still have relatives tracing from their gck’s generations BUT you are no more a China Chinese or India Indian or Malaya Malay etc than the present generations of these countries are Singapore Chinese/Indian/Malay.

    And get this: It has always been a phenomenon among the descendents of the diaspora that they hold on to dearly the culture, practices and heritage dating from the time of their forefathers who naturally brought them along to the ‘new land’ (e.g. Singapore) centuries ago. This is their sense of identity in a foreign land that would help them survive in a new, unfamiliar and strange environment. But oftentime, over time what their descendents still hold on to and practise may already have lapsed in the original country. China being a very good example. China today bears only an external shell resemblance to the China that our forefathers left centuries ago. It’s largely no longer the same, ‘inside’. Of course, in our own way we also have changed, shaped by our immediate local environment and milieu, are also no longer the same ‘inside’ as compared to our forebears who came here.

    Maybe, my main point is WE ethnic Chinese are NO LONGER linked in any meaningful or deep way to the China Chinese society of today. So why keep up the pretense? And to my mind, as I have said at the very beginning, it is all very one-sided (and foolish) to still identify yourself with another actually foreign place which was in another time close to your forefathers, and whose inhabitants would not bat an eye if ordered to shoot you between the eyes if there would ever be a violent confrontation between this and that country.

    Furthermore, have you ever considered the irony of our political leaders harbouring doubts about our fellow (Malay) citizens’ loyalty for precisely the reason that you are claiming as an ethnic Chinese towards China? Without making too fine a point, the reasons and rationale is the same. Are you able to grasp this?

    • Hi George,
      You know my son’s name is also George! But I call him Georgie. I totally agree with you. I would prefer to identify with pre-communist PRC than the present generation of PRCs. They are different from us. We are different from them. Our future is here. We will live and die here. We better think of how to survive here on this tiny rock for ourselves and children.

      Talking about Timbuktu. Why not read a post on that here https://gintai.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/the-australian-poetry-competition/

      • george says:


        Why the censorship above when it is a fact that even the senior Lee himself and the current PM admitted as much publicly. It can only be healthy to face an issue squarely. Surely, political correctness on this is misplaced? And I choose to believe that as a society we have move forward from that position, esp. in the past several years. Do you agree?

    • agongkia says:

      Hello Good morning Dear Mr George^^
      I do not wish to side track from the original topic on JS customer service and talk about anything sensitive here..If the angmo airline does not meet customer satisfaction,these feed back is good for them to learn how to improve.Painting a poor image on the Chinese there may divert attention but dun help.Uness JS can declare that they dun need that piece of Chinese cake.
      But I enjoy your views which is entertaining.
      Put it simply,its Ying Swee Sze Yen,not whether I am a China Chinese or not.
      Till the day when you have your passport chop with the Chinese Immigration,any hearsay is just a hearsay.
      I think you are having the wrong impression on our political leaders on this.
      Just to answer your curiosity,should there be a conflict between China and here,SINgapore is still the land that I will protect,even if I will have to jump out of my grave,whether I am of Chinese origin or not.

      • george says:

        Hi Gong Kia,
        Your: ” Ying Swee Sze Yen ”
        What you mean to say is:
        lit. when you drink water, think of its source (idiom); gratitude for blessings and their well-spring / Don’t forget where your happiness come from. / Be grateful for all your blessings!
        ( http://www.mdbg.net/chindict/chindict.php?page=worddict&wdrst=0&wdqb=drink)

        Based on this definition, your expression of gratitude to PRC China is misplaced and misguided as ethnic Chinese Singaporeans owes nothing more to China than the biological origin of their forefathers most of whom actually left their birthplace to escape the poverty, repression for a better life ELSEWHERE. This is probably true of all migrants but there you are the truth is they left because of the hardship. As the 3rd, 4th or even 5th generation of migrants for you to express your ‘gratitude’ is truly a joke. How much of you is really ‘made in China’?

        As for impression of our local leaders, let’s call a spade a spade! In any case they have in their own words acknowledged how they have felt about the issue – and this only after years of sweeping it all under the carpet although it has always been a well known fact all along. By not acknowledging it until relatively recently, the behaviour is like ostriches hiding their heads in the sand.

        As for the behaviour of some of the Chinese. There can be no denying their atrocious behaviour and conduct. Just a couple of simple example, remember the huge case of contaminated milk with industrial chemical and in China and internationally? Remember, the use of lead in toys? Remember the driver who ran over a toddler? etc etc. Remember the high speed rail crash in a system that was newly opened? Finally, remember the Ferrari that ploughed into a Singapore taxi like a rocket at Bugis killing innocent people? Maybe we can also call them as the work of the wild men of Borneo (which would be an insult to the Borneo natives really)? LOL.

        Have you forgotten that the Singapore govt went out of the way to invite the US Navy to station its man of war at our Changi Naval Base? Because we are happy with the growing presence of the Chinese Navy? Kai wan seow.

        • Talking about that Chinese proverb 饮水思源, I did a blog post here. Take a look. https://gintai.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/never-forget-your-roots/

        • agongkia says:

          Hi George
          Without our great grandfather marrying our great grandmother and produce our grandfather and grandmother,they cannot produce our father and mother and without our father and mother ,you and I will not be around here to interact.So be grateful to our ancestor and be humble instead of telling the world how lousy your cousin brother in China is just because of hearsay or just because you think you are doing better than them.
          Crimes happen everywhere and crime rate compare to its population in China is still consider low to me .
          Again your imagination on the purpose of having US Navy to station at CNB is different from me.I think differently.This one cannot Kai Wan Seow.Nothing to do with JS customer service topic,so I leave it to you to continue and imagine .
          Thanks for the great time you had spent with me.

          • Agongkia,
            I don’t know if I shld mention this here. But it is a known historical fact.
            I’ll just be brief. Do you know why Indonesian coffee is grown in Hainan island? Hainan island is nearly 50 times bigger than us. It has same climate as us.
            China under Chairman Mao accepted tens of thousands of ethnic Chinese from Indonesia and resettled them there. Huge swathes of virgin lands were given to them to grow coffee crop. That is history and it’s very sensitive which I won’t elaborate further.
            One day, maybe 50 yes from now we may have to beg for help from China or anywhere willing to take pity on us! Hopefully, it won’t happen in our life time. Langgar!

    • l says:

      agreed. maybe our great great grandparents already tak boleh tahan prc dats y they took the brave decision to come here in the first place? who is to know? who can refute that?

      and mind you its no ordinary decision to come here…

      consider this: u squeeze in a rocky chinese junk for more than a month with hundreds of other ppl, with hunger in your tummy, risking water-borne diseases like scurvy and even risking loss of your life to go to a relatively unknown place to start your life anew and often all alone… surely there must have been an extremely STRONG push factor for one to make that life-threatening gamble and decision to come here.

  12. fish 'n' chips says:

    what do you really hope to expect from an airline run by an ah lian for 6 years and especially an appointee ceo until her departure in 01 feb 2012, before the shit hits the fan senario, to another appointee ceo position at singbridge holdings pte ltd. please don’t ask me what is she doing there with chairman wong kan seng. go figure it out yourself. if you find the answer, do not forget to update me. let me be openly honest with you before everyone including the victim misses the forest for the trees. jetstar asia is not an end, it is only the beginning and there are more coming your way.

    history is repeating itself and like all dynasties, no empress has stayed away from the power play. she made her moves when she mobilised her yáng jiā nǚ jiàng stealthily into the game but with a pair of trained eyes, you can spot them light years away. gintai should have known better when the whole organisation smrt, run by another appointee ah hwa for 9 years, was on the brink of collapse. the only difference between ah lian and ah hwa is that ah hwa did not get away in time before the shit literally hits the fan.

    warning: there are still alot out there, go and seek them out.

  13. Anonymous says:

    The HDB servants or its contractors are fast in issuing summonses for illegal parking at HDB flats to Singaporeans.
    But at the Woodlands Central {Next to Woodlands CIQ} hundreds of Malaysians’ motorbikes sneaked in at Sing Shiong or minor roads to avoid paying the gantries.
    They then group together at the coffee shops leaving their motorbikes in the hundreds at the five foot ways.This occurred as early as 0500hrs. Guess the parking officers don’t have the gut to enforce it onto foreigners
    Complaints have been made to HDB or even Mr.Khaw Boon Wan but until today NATO. So do we expect Singaporean to be happy. So you think Spore is so good.Not everything is bad about China or Jetstar

  14. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    The title appears misleading as there was nothing horrifying about the flight with Jetstar Asia.
    What I’d like to share with readers is about advertisement base on my rudimentary knowledge about contract law or what we know as purchases.

    Advertisement are called Invitations To Treat in legal terms. They are not binding and cannot be used to make any claims you have against the seller. At best, you can only say their advertising sucks but that’s all. What is actually legally binding is stated in your invoice and boarding pass. Typically, for airlines, it’s getting you from one airport to another. Transfer from airport to say hotel or in this case, another city has to be provided if the invoice stated ‘inclusive of transfer from airport to Shanghai’… terms and conditions apply if one cares to read all the fine prints. No airlines guarantee best seats, ideal travelling companion or on time.

    I don’t know exactly what’s in AG ‘s purchase but my guess is that JA has fulfilled their legal obligations. Whatever happens after she chose to get another service to take her to Shanghai cannot be held against JA . One commentor is right in that she should have tried to contact JA for advise.

    Always remember, all flyers, brochures, pamphlets, web adverts are just invitations and not binding. Don’t be afraid to ask and enquire and ensure the advertised goods and services and clearly stated in your invoice.

    FYI, I used to read all the fine prints in the boarding pass while waiting or in flight… just to pass time. The disclaimers almost made me stop taking any flights but then I realised almost all airlines do the same , budget or otherwise. If you think about it, those disclaimer are there to avoid unnecessary frivolous court case from unreasonable passengers. Most reputable airlines will have something in store to assist genuine distraught passengers… on goodwill basis.

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