PC show at Suntec and dinner at Burlington Sq

The PC show is here again. It started on 7/6 and will end on 10/6 (Thu to Sun) at Suntec city. The event which is usually a crowd puller occupies the 3rd, 4th and 6th floors.

I was there yesterday after work. I reported off at 3.33pm. Together with SM Chia, we headed for the event from TNM via trains. We transferred to another train to the Circle Line at Paya Lebar station. It was fast and convenient. Within 30 mins, we arrived at the Esplanade station and headed to the 6th floor of Suntec city.

I usually go on weekdays to avoid the massive crowd on weekends. I bought myself a Dell laptop at a bargain price the last PC show.

This time round SM Chia and myself planned our shopping lists. I intended to get ibattz for iPhone, backup battery to charge my iPad and a-Jays Number 4 earpiece for use when watching movies on my iPad. SM Chia just wanted to buy a 64GB SD card and 64GB Thumb Drive to store his tons of online movies.

Maybe it’s due to a weekday and the Euro cup season is in progress, the crowd seemed not that much compared to previous year. There were lots of barricades leading to the venue with lots of extra security staff to control an expected large turn out.

There are three levels for the event – 6th, 4th and 3th levels. Surprisingly, the podium was empty with no activity. Previously that area was occupied with PC, laptop and printer vendors.

The two big Telcos; Singtel and M1 occupy a major part of the central area of the 6th level. The small booths hawking accessories are all scatter about. Here, it’s mainly smaller vendors selling PC and electronic accessories including those cheap PRC tabs. One sexy PRC lady trying to convince me to buy from her Ainol Tornado 7″ Tab 16GB Androids OS ver 4.0 platform complete set at $199. I told her I bought the same last week at 4th level Sim Lim Sq in front of escalator at only $180! She didn’t leave me alone and kept saying she could give me discounts etc. No thanks.

Talking about sexy babes in the PC show, this year only a handful are around. It used to display a bevy of hot young sexy babes in short hot pants with much exposure parading around in high heel boots with vendor’s products.

I managed get my battery backup charger Milli Rover 8,000 mAh from the Milli booth on the 6th level. There are many types of backup battery charger for all kinds of devices -mobile phone, mp3, iPad, Tab and even notebook. I paid $89 for it. It usually retails at $99 or $109. SM Chia managed to get his SD and Thumb Drive.


We decided just to look around at the 4th level. Wow, it's all almost occupied by PC and notebook vendors. They were all screaming and shouting out prices and offers like fishmongers in a wet market! The HP Pavilion was selling at only $699 when it was $999 last year. For as little as $599, you could get an entry level i3 notebook. Prices certainly drop but I didn't see many takers.

I was trying to look for my ibattz when we bummed into two other colleagues from OCC and Jurong Crew station. They were so glad to meet us here that they kept shouting "langgar, langgar!" when they saw me. We started to catch up when suddenly a retard just shove in. "Sorry to interrupt Sir, I'm from this langgar tiang credit card bla bla …!"

We declined politely but this young punk kept interrupting our conversation until SM Chia remarked that we ought to give him a tight slap on that fucker's irritating face!

There are like vultures looking for prey to entrap. Lots of them roaming around on the 4th level all promoting banking and credit card products. They never gave up. They would pester you with freebies and offers. At one point when I told them I was not keen on the freebies, one of them demanded as to why I didn't like freebies? I just told him nothing is free in this world! This year seems to have many more vultures than last year. Really langgar!

Next, we ran to the 3rd floor cuz it's getting late. It's around 7pm already. I bought my a-Jays Four earpiece and could not resist the little powerful X-mini speaker for my iPhone or iPad use cuz the built-in speaker is soft. According to SM Chia his son used an a-Jays earpiece for about 7 years! It's lasting he says. SM Chia also bought himself a portable speaker.



Before I left for home, SM Chia told me he is meeting his wife at Burlington Sq next to Sim Lim Sq for dinner. I was invited to join them. His wife owns a posh hair saloon at Burlington Sq. It closes at 8pm. She was expecting us there.

I met SM Chia’s wife few times. I heard from him that when hair guru Vidal Sassoon died at age 84 recently,she was taken to depression. Many years ago, she was trained directly by him in London. The hair guru not only imparted invaluable skills but most importantly his passion of the hair trade to her.

When I met SM Chia’s wife later at dinner, I was amazed that after a long hard day at half past 8pm, she still maintained that sangfroid of poise and immense elegance. Though coming to 50 yrs of age with three grown up kids, she could put women half her age to embarrassment!

We had a simple three course dinner of groupa fish, sambal chilli stir fried sweet potato leaves and clay pot of pig livers half cooked with ginger, shallots and wine. It’s a Chinese restaurant called “Fatty” adjacent to her hair saloon at Burlington Sq directly opposite the basement foodcourt of Sim Lim Sq. The dish of pig livers was the best I ever tried.




One of the owners came over to our table to rant about their priceless traditions of using quality cooking oil, fresh supplies and ingredients to prepare their cooked food etc. She is the current 3rd generation of this restaurant always keeping their time honoured family tradition of reasonable priced affordable dishes with the ultimate motto of customer satisfaction yadda yadda etc…

She even refuses to sell the waste oil pumped out of the kitchen gutter once a month. It’s against moral ethics she says even though we heard of such scandals in China where gutter oil is recycled for use as normal household cooking oil. Really langgar!

SM Chia later told me whilst walking to Bugis station to catch a train back that the restaurant’s owners live together in an old pre-war five storey house at Sophia Rd. Property developers offer them millions for their property but they refuse to sell. They inherited it from their grandparents.

I note they are not really into maximizing profits but it’s just passion and a family traditional business they enjoy doing. I got a shock when the restaurant proprietor mentioned that the electricity, water and gas monthly bills amounted to more than $18,000! What about rental of the premises? Staff salary and other overheads? How to make a decent profit? It’s not easy doing business. Wonder no more why end products are so expensive here. Really langgar!

Do drop by at the ‘Fatty Restaurant’ if you are around the vicinity. The restaurant owners just love to chat with customers and are willing to listen to feedback.





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10 Responses to PC show at Suntec and dinner at Burlington Sq

  1. RichDad says:

    Hi Gintai, did you come across any HDMI cables at the PC show? I just bought a set at a Courts store a couple of days ago, just hoping I did not pay too much. (I don’t like going to crowded places unless I have little choice.)

    • Oh yes. They do have. Courts also got a booth there. It shld be cheaper there. Try dropping there on Sun. Go straight to 6th floor. Take a train there. Don’t drive there. Drop at Esplanade just in front only. Cheers.

  2. patriot says:

    It s damn good to hear that there are rich folks with good principle
    in living a meaningful existence.
    However, got to say that these folks OUGHT to live life this way, for
    if they become GREEDY, the society will be dirty and ugly.


    • Hi Patriot,
      Long time didn’t hear from you. U are correct to say that greed and avarice is the root cause of so many ills in a society. Think “occupy wall street” to understand why ppl are so pissed off with those wall street fat cats! In fact, they are parasites living on ppl’s hard earned life savings to enrich themselves. They sit in posh air con offices, dressed in designer suits and use all kinds of laws or rules to justify their fat bonuses even though they are playing with ppl’s life savings treating them as chips in stock market casinos. No morals or ethics at all. Not only at Wall street. It’s everywhere. The rot of the top echelons of a capitalist society. This is a sad truth.

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  4. It’s not easy to run a business in Singapore. There is much hope in the food business as everyone needs to eat and few would take the trouble to do their own cooking. Many other businesses are not so lucky. Most consumers have no idea how difficult it is for private, “unconnected” individuals to run their businesses here. Imagine how hard people need to work just to cover the $18,000. Many of us are already going at full steam.

    • Toothfully,
      This “Fatty” restaurant at Burlington Sq is currently run by 3rd generation of the original founder. They have already established themselves in the restaurant business. For those new starters even setting up a hawker stall is difficult. Will the govt offer cheap loan to those Singaporeans trying to start a stall where the initial outlay is high with no guarantee of good returns? I think the govt shld help all these ppl to start a business on their with the impending opening of 10 new hawker centres. Huge capital outlay has put many off even though it’s a food business where ppl still need to eat irrespective of high costs or prices. Langgar.

  5. auntielucia says:

    Altho I go to BurlingtonSq often (2 friends live there and 1 runs a shop there), I’ve never heard them mention Fatty’s or the high class hairdresser. Perhaps it’s because we go straight to Geisha Coffee which faces La Salle n Sim Lim Sq. u shld try Geisha’s gr8 coffee at half of Starbucks prices! Run by a PRC couple who are very nice

    • The Chinese restaurant named “Fatty” is very prominent. You can never miss it. It is exactly behind the corner electronic shop where it sells those toy racing cars. The same restaurant is also exactly opposite the basement Foodcourt of Sim Lim Sq. The saloon is just directly opposite the restaurant inside the same Burlington building. There are 2 entrances to this restaurant. One is facing the basement Foodcourt of Sim Lim Sq. The other entrance which is inside the Burlington Building is facing directly the hair saloon which belongs to my fren’s wife. Next to this saloon is a spectacle shop.
      The other way is to enter Burlington Sq’s Main Entrance just next to a POSB ATM. After you enter the main entrance of Burlington Sq, turn to your right and walk a few steps. You will notice that Fatty restaurant’s entrance is on your right and the saloon is on your left. The Chinese name is not Fatty. It’s called “Yong Sheng” or something. Aunt Lucia, pls check it out. You shld be able to find it. I’ll try the coffee mentioned by you. I love to drink coffee but only the kopitiam type. Thks.

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