Common traits in successful people


The reason some people don’t recognize opportunity is because it often comes disguised as hard work.

Surveys indicate that certain traits are common to most successful people.

These people …

Have a purpose in life.
Take risks and exercise control.
Solve problems rather than place blame.
Care about quality.
Share their expertise and knowledge.


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2 Responses to Common traits in successful people

  1. dotseng says:

    Share their expertise and knowledge? To a point. I agree. However at some point beyond that govts would have to get used to paying out consultancy fees. In my exerience it never pays to give free solutions. All you are really doing is cheapening yourself if you give keep giving out all the time with knowing how to ask for what you rightly deserve.

    Darkness 2012

    Never ever give free consultancy beyond casual sharing. If it is free all the time, it is probably common and useless. Knowledge is power. It is the skeleton key that opens many doors – it should always be regarded as something very rare and never free. Never.

  2. Plus
    Practicing nonlinear thinking.

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