Beware of polls and pollsters


A professor in Switzerland warned her class to beware of polls and pollsters. “They can get any answer they want with loaded questions,” she warned. She cited the case of Swiss voters who replied “no” when asked if they approved of smoking while praying. “The vote turned to “yes” when the same people were asked if they approved of praying while smoking,” she told the class.


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4 Responses to Beware of polls and pollsters

  1. agongkia says:

    Same same.If you ask one whether its ok to sleep with hookers if he has a wife,many will say no.
    If you ask one whether he can have a wife if he use to sleep with hookers many will say yes.I oso blur like sotong.

    • To add to your reasoning. If one marries a hooker turned good (housewife) is OK but if the other way round – i.e. one’s wife turned out to be a hooker, then it’s a big NO!
      This is in line with the saying that it’s better to marry a hooker than having a wife subsequently turned hooker. In the first instance, she deserves to be given a second chance while in the second instance, it’s a No! No!
      If you look at it, it’s actually similar situation but on different sides of the coin. Langgar!

  2. SG Girl says:

    Unbelievable… You guys could link the article to sleeping with prostitutes. 🙂

    • Lol! Guys are always guys lah. All guys are the same but some know how to tame their carnal desires whilst some can’t. That is the difference amongst guys my dear lady.

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