Angry JC student scolds DPM Teo for dodging questions at Pre-U seminar



Below is a true first hand account written by a Singaporean living in Hong Kong. I advise her not to come back. Forget about coming back to your country of birth only to be treated as second class citizen. If given a choice, I would rather leave this country. The foreigners are so well treated to the indignation of local citizens.

I have two colleagues whose wives applied unsuccessfully for any job in NTUC yet they go to China to mass recruit cheaper, younger and fasterer FTs as cashiers, sales assistants and warehouse storekeepers. These are jobs where locals could do but they got rejected without even given a chance to try it out.

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Even those 17 years old students could feel it. Let alone people like us working class adults really experiencing the worst of this FT madness i.e. mass import of foreigners to inundate this country! This little country is in a mess really! Sigh …!

“I am a Singaporean, married to a HK husband 22 years ago. My daughter was born and brought up in HK. She studied in an International school, undergoing British system. She scored 4 A*, 1 B, 1 C for her O level, however, results not too good in her Pre U, under IB system. She managed to obtained only 33 points, ie. only 1 distinction for her Economics which she had scored 7/7, the rest B or C. She applied for NUS, NTU, SMU but couldn’t get in, despite the fact that Singapore government has been stressing to Singaporeans who live and work aboard, the importance of sustaining returnees.

Despite our appeals, we were told that her grades did not meet the University requirements (In fact, when you look at the prospectus, she DOES MEET the requirements, except she did not score all straight As). So, there is no where for her to go, except flying to Australia or studying in a private U, which we were told, at the end of the day, in Singapore, for Civil Service, they will only hire, or rather priority will only be given to those who graduate from elite universities such as NUS, NTU, SMU. SIM – even though a government subsidized University, it is still deemed as ‘students who bouy ta zhe’ (can’t study type of university).

When I asked my three nieces who are currently studying in NUS, they all gave me exactly the same reply ‘Auntie, what do you expect us to KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR OUR FUTURE, when in my faculty or class, there are so many Foreign Talents around us. They work very hard and they will eventually be our ‘competitors’ in Singapore. The reason why your daughter can’t get into any of the universities, because we are fully aware that nearly 1/2 of the seats have been taken up by these Foreign Trash! who eventually will use Singapore as a springboard because after graduation, they will definitely either be returning to China or going to USA for further study. ‘For us, we see no hope of Singapore’s future for the younger generations.’

Are we entitled to have our own opinions in Singapore? Can the students say, please do not take in more and more FTs to occupy our precious University places?

Why the government support and subsidize SIM, but yet, they are not hiring them for civil service government jobs?

Why then we are not allowed to cook curry at home, unless we are sure that our Chinese neighbours are not at home, but when I went to China yesterday, I saw that there are so many bloody ‘smelly stores’ selling DISGUSTING DUCKS NECKS, SICHUAN NOODLES, PIG BLOODS, ETC. all are so bloody stink, and makes my hair smells stink after walking pass! I thought OMG, this is the REAL CHINA TOWN!”

Dear Mummy ….


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