Business’ greatest assets are in human assets


I believe that a business’ greatest assets are in human assets, and the improvement of their value is both a matter of material advantage and moral obligation.

I believe that the employees must be treated as honourable individuals, justly rewarded, encouraged in their progres, fully informed, and properly assigned, and that their lives and work must be given meaning and dignity, on and off the job.

If I have the supervision of so much as one other person, I will strive to honor these principles in practice.

Clarence Francis
Ex-CEO of General Foods

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2 Responses to Business’ greatest assets are in human assets

  1. ape@kinjioleaf says:

    In spite of Singapore being a natural resource scarce country where our most important asset is human resource, there are so few CEOs like Clarence Francis

    • Au contraire. Remember the late Dr Goh KS – modern architect of Singapore? The story goes like this. When he converted large swathes of swampland in Jurong into a huge Industrial Estate, he noted that there there was no barber shop. What if those workers need a hair cut where to go? Go to town for a hair cut?
      But then to run a barber shop at the rental rates charged to a business enterprise is beyond the affordability of a simple barber shop. Dr Goh then decided to set aside an unit in JTC (Jurong Town Corp) exclusively for a barber shop at great rental discount. This is to cater to the needs of workers there.
      It’s sad that we no longer have great visionary like Dr Goh and the company during our early years as we struggled to build up our little Singapore.
      Fast forward to today, it’s all profits and bottom line. Greed for money is all that matters. When a new boss or CEO takes over he must produce figures to justify his millions of salary. It keeps repeating with every CEO until we are in this mess. Next they resort to even cheaper, betterer and fasterer abundance of cheap labour around the region to boost up their bottom line higher in the name of ‘globalisation!’ It all boils down to excessive avarice where individuals and citizenship do not factor in their bottom line.
      This is a sad fact we are facing here. Great pioneer nation builders like Dr Goh are relics of a bygone golden era only written on our history books. Langgar!

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