Here is a youngster who is destined to succeed


The ten-year-old visited a farm one day and wanted to buy a buy a large watermelon.

“That’s three dollars,” said the farmer.

“I’ve only got 30 cents,” said the girl.

The farmer pointed to a very small watermelon in the field and said,”How about that one?”

“Okay, I’ll take it,” she said. “But leave it on the vine. I’ll be back for it in a month.”



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7 Responses to Here is a youngster who is destined to succeed

  1. agongkia says:

    Paiseh…I see her as intelligent but a bit arrogant. I will be more impress if she says, “Uncle, can you please allow me to leave it at the vine and allow me to collect it one month later?

    But we are shortage of intelligent leader who can see far ahead. Recommend her to Parliament .

    • Steven says:

      If the farmer is PAP-man, he says , “Sure, will charge you 25 cents per day for storage cost, and it is compounding charge. But because I’m from PAP that is full of love and compassion, I will subsidised $2 if you collect it at the end of the month. Bear in mind, I am not earning any profit but instead losing $2.”.

      • Lol! I would prefer to say that at the end of the month, it’s no more 30 cents cuz of so many charges incurred i.e. storage, rental of space, fertilizer, water, labour etc etc to make a baby watermelon grow so big into a big watermelon! Add all these extra charges based on ‘market rates’, it would amount to $6.00! Double the original price of $3.00 if only you had paid a month ago.
        BUT because I’m from PAP having ruled you lesser mortals for 50 yrs, we are very compassionate and we care for you commoners, we will ‘subsidise’ the market price of $6.00 by 40% (which shows how magnanimous we are), and now you pay only $3.50 instead of $6.00!
        You daft plebeians better be grateful and don’t complain any more. Don’t forget that we are the highest paid farmers earning millions in the world taking care of your watermelons.
        You have no choice cuz I set the rules and you jolly well follow my rules here. I will decide the market price and not you. Got it?

    • Intelligent or smart leaders but no compassion or ‘arrogant’ as you put it? No way. It serves no purpose and make no difference to our life to have such leaders. Leaders such as these will sell you out wholesale for a few extra cents or GDP growth only. Greed and avarice are always on their minds without thinking of your suffering or welfare when you are suddenly inundated with all kinds of aliens. Do you want to have such ‘arrogant” leaders? You still have 4 yrs to consider before you decide.

  2. patriot says:

    Talented indeed! And born (naturally) cunning. Not wholesome.


    • If the farmer is a gentleman and abide by the rules of the game, this smart or cunning young lady will gain from this transaction. What if the farmer is even more treacherous and ruthless than she would have imagined? Think deeply and you will get the answer.

  3. dotseng says:

    This young lady will not go very far in life – infact if she uploads this bad software in her head and uses it to power her life, she can only end up driving full speed over a cliff. The reason is very simple cunningness and deviousness are definitely life skills that successful people should cultivate, it is after all part of the philosophy we all know as the art of war – and without knowledge of warcraft, it is very difficult for a man or woman to win in life. But ALWAYS remember cunningness and deviousness as Sun Tzu RIGHTLY once paraphrased under the maxim, “all warfare is based on deception,” should only be used when one is confronted with REAL challenges in life i.e if someone is out to destroy you or members of your family or imperil your friends – or to further a noble goal that serves the common good where failure is not an option. In those extraordinary cases of WAR, then it is permissible to use cunningness and deviousness to carve a competitive advantage against your enemy.

    But in this case this confused young girl has been schooled by her misguided parents to believe that she should use the art of war for even trivial pursuits like shopping for fruits. That can only mean, when this girl grows up, she will use and abuse anyone that is unfortunate to come into her life. She will also inflict untold misery on others and since her parents NEVER schooled her in the proper conduct and ethics of WHEN it only ONLY justified to use the art of war – she will even feel righteous and justified every time she gains an unfair advantage over others. She will be worse than Adolf Hitler and Stalin put together – as she is really like a silly girl that is playing with live hand grenade.

    Even for me. I do not use cunningness and deviousness lightly. I will only resort very RELUCTANTLY to the art of war when all diplomatic avenues have been exhausted and when detente is not even possible. And even then it is used in a measured way and once the job is done, this terrible knowledge is put back into its cage and locked up in a high security safe somewhere in my mind. I am not even proud of it when I use it. And it is not usual for me to be torn at times with my own conscience. I say nothing of this to even my family. They know nothing. As I never ever want them to see me as that kind of man who uses the tool of cunningness and deviousness.

    But you see Gintai, this young girl is so screwed up in her head, she even delights in using an art of war very much in the way a fool juggles live hand grenades to impress others and come across a clever – her values Gintai are all messed up. There is no balance in her way of life. No harmony with the laws of heaven and earth even.

    Now you all realize why in the olden days, secret knowledge of the art of war is NEVER simply shared by to anyone. Usually the master will train the apprentice in the ethics and morality of warcraft first – the student is always told, a good sword (the art of cunningness and deviousness) should NEVER be waved around like a hatchet that is used to chop firewood. It is always keep well oiled and pomaded in the sheath – neither should warcraft be used in everyday social interaction or even color your relationship with your family or friends. Gintai if this girl does not learn the wisdom of WHEN to use a NOT use this thing – she will not have a happy life. Neither will she be successful for very long either. This I can guarantee you 100%.

    As bad teaching Gintai is not so different from bad tending of trees in an orchard, it can only produce bitter and never sweet fruit. Never.

    Darkness 2012

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